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Tears On A Red Sweater - Recap

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Clips are shown from the previous episode. Namino while posing a rebel herself is actually a Mazone spy. She has managed to implant a bomb in the Arcadia and do damage. She has even formed a brief fling with Harlock. The episode begins with Namino sending a transmission to the Mazones Namino thinks no one has suspected her real intentions, but we see Harlock and the crew listening to a transmission that she has sent to the Mazones. However, they do not apprehend her. Instead, they let things play out. Namino walks the bridge as if nothing is happening. The Arcadia is attacked by the Mazones but the threat is eliminated. Meanwhile, Namino contacts Queen Lafreisa who much to her shock tells her that Harlock already knows that she’s a spy. Queen Lafresia then cuts of the communication essentially leaving Namino by herself to face the consequences of her actions

Namino confronts Harlock, but Harlock ignores her. Namino crazed runs to the bridges and starts shooting the crew and turns the wheel of the Arcadia upside down. Tadashi tries to stop her, but is nearly shot. Harlock comes in, but Namino has him outgunned. Namino for whatever reason does not shoot the unarmed Harlock.

Harlock then tells her that she is leave the ship. Namino leaves in shame but is then attacked by the Mazones. It seems the Mazones want to kill Namino for her failure in her missions. Just when she is about to be killed, Harlock and Arcadia save her. Namino is back on the Arcadia but is confined to quarters essentially being under house arrest. She spends most of her time knitting. She finishes knitting and we see that it’s a red sweater. Doctor Zero makes fun of her knitting and punches him in the stomach. Zero tells Harlock she’s escaped.

Later, Namino is seen in the engineering room of the Arcadia (where Tochiro’s presence is). She says she has a bomb. Tadashi shoots her arm , but when he tries to shoot again Harlock stops him. Namino pleads with Harlock to shoot her. Harlock, saddened, does so and Namino dies in his arms.

As Yattaran and others come on the scene, he reads a note she left. Namino knitted that sweater for Harlock out of love. Kei Yiku doesn’t understand why Namino steal used a fake bomb. Mime/Mimay explains the rationale behind this: Namino wanted to die under the hands of Harlock rather than die by the Mazones as a traitor.

In the final shot, Harlock in his space suit, takes Namino’s body and lifts her up to space in other words spreading her ashes to space. He wraps in the red sweater she