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Dale "Barbie" Barbara, played by Mike Vogel

A former Iraqi vet, Dale (nicknamed "Barbie") finds himself trapped in Chester's Mills after completing a dark errand... an errand that may bring him into conflict with the town's newspaper editor, Julia Shumway.
Deputy Linda Esquivel, played by Natalie Martinez

Young and ambitious, Linda is forced to take command of the police force when her superior is killed. She's unaware of Chester Mill's dark secrets, which threaten to tear the trapped town apart from within. Linda eventually learns that her boss, Duke, conspired with Big Jim and Lester Coggins to supply a drug lord with propane in return for her keeping drugs out of Chester's Mills. Since then, Linda has worked with Big Jim, going along with his declaration of a state of emergency. She has her doubts about Big Jim's innocence, however.
Angie McAlister, played by Britt Robertson

A college-aged candy striper and part-time waitress at Rose's Diner, Angie runs afoul of Junior, her childhood sweetheart. When she tries to break off with him, Junior goes berserk and imprisons her in Big Jim's fallout shelter. Big Jim eventually finds and releases her, and offers her his protection in return for her silence.
Junior Rennie [as Alexander Koch], played by Alex Koch

Son of the town's head councilman, Junior's mother died nine years ago and he has been troubled ever since. He suffered from seizures through his high school years, indicating that his destiny was linked to the Dome from an early age. Junior cares deeply for Angie McAlister, to the point of obsession, and only wants what's best for her... no matter what it takes.
Sam Verdreaux [Season 2+], played by Eddie Cahill

Sam is the brother of Pauline Verdreaux, Big Jim's wife. He believes that Pauline killed herself nine years ago and turned to drink. His alcoholism got him fired from his job as an EMT in Chester's Mill, and he has spent his time alone in a cabin outside of the town.
Joe McAlister, played by Colin Ford

Younger brother of Angie McAlister, Joe has a high IQ and is knowledgeable in science. He has had several ideas, such as computing the center of the Dome, which have proved invaluable in deciphering its cryptic messages.
Eva Sinclair [Season 3+], played by Kylie Bunbury

Phil Bushey, played by Nicholas Strong

Chester's Mill's hip black DJ. Phil has a gambling habit and owes money to Maxine Seagraves. He met Barbie when Maxine sent the ex-soldier to collect on Phil's debt.
Dodee Weaver, played by Jolene Purdy

A electronics expert who works at WYBS Radio in Chester's Mill. Dodee knows more about technology than anyone else trapped beneath the Dome. She eventually learns of the egg and Big Jim shoots her dead to keep his secrets.
Carolyn Hill, played by Aisha Hinds

An LA attorney, Carolyn is trapped in Chester's Mill while passing through on the way to take her daughter Norrie to a camp for troubled teens. Her wife Alice is stranded with them and suffers from diabetes, and is low on insulin. Alice eventually dies and Carolyn spends several days in mourning before going to help Norrie, who has run afoul of Big Him after hiding the mini-Dome from him.
James "Big Jim" Rennie, played by Dean Norris

Head councilman of Chester's Mill. Outwardly friendly and helpful with everyone, Big Jim stands at the heart of many of the dark secrets of Chester's Mill. He had a deal with Maxine Seagraves to provide propane to her to manufacture drugs, in return for a share of the profits and a promise that she would keep drugs out of Chester's Mill. Initially sociable, Big Jim proves more than willing to kill when the Dome comes down and he realizes that he is the ultimate authority in town, answerable to no one. He kills Maxine and her henchman, Otto Aquilar, frames Barbie for their deaths, and later turns the town against Barbie while using his "emergency powers" to arrest Norrie and Joe when they refuse to turn the Egg over to him.

Big Jim has learned that the military knows that he killed his partner, Lester Coggins, and that he will go to jail if the Dome comes down. He intends to get the Egg and make sure that no one can bring down the Dome, and then rule his little fiefdom.
Network: CBS ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Status: Canceled
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 24, 2013
Ended: September 10, 2015
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