Undergrads is about 4 high school friends, Nitz, Cal, Rocko and Gimpy who are all going to different colleges. They usually go to Nitz's room and talk.

Nitz is a typical high school person. Cal is a ladies man. Rocko is a alcoholic bully who lives in a frat house where nobody likes him. Gimpy is a shut-in who never leaves his dorm.

Undergrads currently airs on Teletoon in Canada, but they are all reruns. Pete Williams is trying to revive the show, but so far to no success. You can add him to your myspace (check in the links section).

Undergrads also aired on Comedy Central and MTV, but both had times that were not popular, which probably added up to the reasons why it got canceled.

Every episode of Undergrads featured a different credits song that somewhat matches the theme of the episode. This did not count for the opening theme though. The opening theme was sung by Good Charlotte. The opening theme was a mix of one of their songs and original lyrics. The first part of the song is from The Clique. I will post up the lyrics to the song in a bit.

Pete William's did almost everything on the show from Writer for all the episodes to Director to some eps, not to mention a lot of the voices. He also has a myspace, which he asks for you to add him to help save the show. Although the show probably wont come back, but it's worth a try. Help save undergrads!

This show was Pete William's first show, which he (ironically) dropped out of college to do. The show was unique and funny, but often risque. Issues inside include relationships, friendships and forgiveness. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is in a bad mood or just whenever.

Teletoon and Decode have tried numerous times to revive the show, but MTV does not want to completely sell the rights to the show. That is the same exact reason why Clone High was not revived by TeleToon either. Damn MTV.

Since mid-July 2006, Pete Williams has urged people to send suggestions to Comedy Central and Adult Swim to get them to partnet up with Teletoon to help produce a second season. Premade suggestions or on the blog on his myspace and includes a link to send it to them.

Other names/spelling for the show are as followed:
MTV's Undergrads
La Clique (the french title in canada). (Source: removed eroneus)

Episode Info

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Jene YeoJene Yeo
voiced Jessie
Jene YeoJene Yeo
voiced Jessie
Josh A. CaganJosh A. Cagan
voiced Rob Brody / Nerd 1
Katie GriffinKatie Griffin
voiced Charity
Yannick BissonYannick Bisson
voiced Crougar
Richie FavalaroRichie Favalaro
voiced Mark the Drama Guy
Richie FavalaroRichie Favalaro
voiced Mark the Drama Guy
Susan DaltonSusan Dalton
voiced Kimmy Burton
Pete WilliamsPete Williams
voiced Parker "Nitz" Walsh, Justin "Gimpy" Taylor, Cal Evans, Rocko Gambiani


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