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Series 2

14 :02x01 - Sandman

People compete on a game show called "Snooze You Lose", but as sleep deprivation sets in, the players fall prey to an evil being called The Sandman.
Guest Stars: Alicia Eyo as Amber | Gavin Ahern as Johnny | Amber Batty as Liza | Alex Walkinshaw as Stevo | Damon Andrews as Jez | Billy Hill (1) as Boy | Simon Green as Host | Simon Leadbetter as Bob
Director: Otto Bathurst

15 :02x02 - Membrane

A team is sent in to find out why contact has been lost with a top-secret research facility, and finds evidence of horrifying genetic experiments.
Guest Stars: David Crow as Bendix | Liz May Brice as Stamp | Danny Seward as Griffin | Martin Cole as Lake | Fraser Ayres as Loki | Joe Grossi as Test Patient
Director: Ian Knox
Writer: Tom De Ville

16 :02x03 - Necromance

A teenage outcast casts a spell to turn herself into her crush's ideal woman, but discovers too late that he is a necrophiliac, turning herself into a zombie.
Guest Stars: Alastair Bruce as Corum | Clare Buckfield as Caitlin | Catherine Bailey (1) as Leigh | Eliza Hunt as Principal | Susan Burnett as Poppy
Director: Ian Knox

17 :02x04 - Eater

A shape-shifting cannibal serial killer escapes custody while in a police station, and begins hunting the officers working there down one-by-one.
Guest Stars: Andrew Gillies as Mellor | Andrew Lancel as Enderscott | Breffni McKenna as Gershwin | Glyn Morgan as Boyo | Derek Riddell as Billings | Alex Ratcliffe as Francis
Director: Otto Bathurst

18 :02x05 - Serotonin Wild

Three students are forced to undergo a psychological test by their sinister guidance counselor, with life-and-death consequences in store if they fail.
Guest Stars: Ania Sowinski as Kali Cunningham | Anthony Daniels as Mr Tidyman | Rupert Hill as Noah | Tim Murphy (1) as Shuggy | Terrence Hardiman as Beverin | Cinnamon Bone as Sadie | Nick Staverson as Kali's Dad | Stephen Rashbrook as Administrator | Marod Hardiman as Kali's Mum
Director: Tom De Ville
Writer: Tom De Ville

19 :02x06 - Ritual Slaughter

An obsessive-compulsive mental patient believes her rituals prevent her violent thoughts from harming others, but her psychiatrist refuses to believe her story.
Guest Stars: Sarah Smart as Claire | John McAndrew as Dr Chandler
Director: Ian Knox
Writer: Frank Tallis

20 :02x07 - The End

The scheduled episode of Urban Gothic is interrupted by a pirate feed, as two police officers and a journalist are trapped in a building, during the outbreak of a deadly virus.
Guest Stars: Alison King (1) as Stella Macdonald | Karl Haynes as Rob Singleton | Jacqueline Defferary as Lucy Morgan | Blake Ritson as Dave Matthews | Kate Fleetwood as Woman | Sian Jones (2) as Newsreader
Director: Otto Bathurst
Writer: Andrew Cull

21 :02x08 - Dollhouse Burns (1)

Characters from past stories return, as two government agents try to get to the bottom of the mystery behind a secret society known simply as The Institute.
Guest Stars: Ania Sowinski as Kali Cunningham | Adam Robertson as Thomas Cole | Kelle Spry as Rachel Winter | Terrence Hardiman as Severin | Tyber O'Neill as Jude Redfield | David Crow as Sean Bendix
Director: Chris Bould
Writer: Tom De Ville

22 :02x09 - Dollhouse Burns (2)

Jude, Kari, and Milton try to stop The Institute's plan to resurrect and unleash an ancient evil on the streets of London, thus dooming the entire city.
Guest Stars: Fraser Ayres as Loki Brown | William Mannering as Milton | Tyber O'Neill as Jude Redfield | Kelle Spry as Rachel Winter | Ania Sowinski as Kali Cunningham | Terrence Hardiman as Severin | Fiona Southworth as Cora/The White Queen
Director: Chris Bould
Writer: Tom De Ville
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Channel 5 ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: May, 2000
Ended: December, 2001
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