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Episode 1 - Recap

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A comic book store, Doomsday Comics, closes for the night and the two customers preparing to leave are listening to a newscast about food prices. Two men, Arby and Lee, come in. Arby goes over and talks to the clerk, asking him if he's seen the "Utopia Manuscript." As they talk, Lee casually takes a pipe out of his bag and beats one of the two customers to death. As he takes out a portable gas canister, the clerk tells Arby that he sold it and gives the man the customer's address. Once Arby has it, Lee advances on the other customer, says the gas will just put him to sleep, and applies to his face. While the customer collapses, Arby asks the clerk where Jessica Hyde is. The clerk has no idea who he's talking about but when Lee comes over, he insists that he doesn't know who she is. Lee then applies the gas to the clerk. As the clerk collapses, he sees that the second customer is dead.

Once the clerk is dead, Lee loosens a gas pipe and goes outside to have a smoke. Arby looks around and sees a small boy hiding beneath a table. He offers him some raisins and when the boy reaches for it, Arby tells Lee not to put the gas away yet.

Becky meets with two website owners and tries to convince them to put out a graphic novel, "The Utopia Experiments." She explains that it's about a scientist who makes a deal with the Devil for knowledge They're not interested and Becky tells them that it was written by Mark Dane, a paranoid-schizophrenic who was institutionalized for two years before he killed himself. They're not interested in conspiracy theories and wonder why Becky has changed when she was once studying medicine. Becky explains that her father died of a degenerative illness and asks if they will fund the graphic novel's publication. Later, Becky goes home and takes some medicine.

Ian is working in his office and checks on a fan website dedicated to the Utopia Experiment. As he goes into the live chat, his co-worker Joe comes over and ask for Ian's work. He knows that Ian is messing on the forums and tells him to get the work done. As he walks away, Ian insults him and Joe points out that he's still single and living at home with his mother.

Bejan Chevro is at home looking at pages from "The Utopia Experiment." He then goes to the computer, logs onto the UE website, and checks to see who else is online. Wilson Wilson and Grant Leetham are both there. Ian logs in, saying that he's new, and Becky logs on as well. Bejan tells them that they are the chosen and that he has something he wants them to see. Grant points out that they never meet face-to-face but Bejan says that he has the unpublished Part 2 of "The Utopia Experiment." They agree to meet at the Black Horse Pub at 8 p.m. and wear blue so that they recognize each other.

Grant, an 11-year-old boy, backtracks Bejan's IP address and gets his real-world address and then check on his mother. She's passed out on the couch and Grant cover her over and takes a sip of her beer. He then makes himself a sandwich and starts sketching pages from "The Utopia Experiment."

Department of Health worker Michael Dugdale sits in a cheap motel room with a letter saying that his mistress is pregnant. He prepares to OD on pills and alcohol when the phone rings. It's his wife Jen, who asks where he is. Michael lies, says that he's at work, and warns Jen that he'll be late. He tells her that he's fine with the visit to the clinic they have planned the next day. After he hangs up, the man who sent him the medical report asks Michael if he wants his wife to know about his affair. Michael insists that he's no one but the caller say that he has a mission for him and if he doesn't do it, the information will go public. Once the caller hangs up, Michael takes a sip of the alcohol and then pours the rest down the sink.

At the office, Michael sits in at a conference and stares out the window. The others discuss a meeting with Sir Conrad Letts of Corvadt Pharmaceuticals, who is offering them a Russian flu vaccine. Michael's boss, Public Health Minister Greg Ashby, finally asks Michael for his input but he just stares off into space.

Ian comes in to tell Joe that he's leaving early and then walks out.

Michael and Greg meet with Letz, who insists that they'll need the Russian flu vaccine they've prepared. When Greg points out that the last flu they predicted never manifested and the WHO sees no cause for concern, Letz's assistant warns that the flu will mutate. Greg takes a call outside and the assistant advises Michael to convince Greg to buy the vaccine. He emphasizes that Michael should make it his "mission" and Sir Conrad speaks for the first time, saying the same thing, and asks if he understands his mission.

Grant is busy breaking into a car when the owner runs up. The boy advances on him, screaming at the man to fight, and then apologizes and walks away. The man wonders why Grant is challenging a man twice his size and Grant breaks into tears. He shakes the man's hand, revealing he has shit on it from the gutter, and then runs off laughing. He goes to Bejan's address, a high-rise apartment, and breaks in through the roof.

Michael talks to Greg and tries to convince him to buy the flu vaccine. The man refuses and walks off.

Ian gets to the pub first, wearing a blue suit, and sits in another corner. A man in a denim jacket is sitting at the next booth and looking at him. Becky comes in and the other man, Wilson, gets up to greet her at the same time Ian does.

Grant looks around Bejan's apartment until he hears someone coming. He hides as Arby and Lee come in, holding Bejan at gunpoint. Lee finds the book with the pages from part of "Utopia" and Bejan says that he only told a few forum friends that he had it.

Ian and Becky look at each other and wait with Wilson, and wonder if they got the right place. Wilson is surprised that Becky is pretty and Ian is black. They talk about what they do and Ian admits that he works in IT and lives with his mother.

Grant watches from hiding as Arby asks Bejan where they can find Jessica Hyde. Bejan says that he has no idea who she is and the two killers take him out onto the balcony. While Arby repeats the question, Grant steals the portfolio from Arby's bag. He watches as they shove Bejan over the railing to his death and gasps in surprise. The killers hear him and run in, and Grant escapes out the window and down the balconies. Lee notices that the boy scraped his arm on the doorway and takes a sample, while Arby realizes that Grant took the portfolio.

Michael is in his office trying to work out how to get Greg's signature on the order form for the Russian flu vaccine without his realizing it. He then hands it over to him to sign and Greg wonders if everything is okay with Michael's home life. Michael talks about his attempts to impregnate his wife to keep Greg distracted from. He signs the papers without noticing the header that Michael has covered over and Michael quickly leaves.

Ian, Wilson, and Becky are drinking and discussing conspiracy theories. Wilson insists that they're real, Ian doesn't, and Becky is somewhere in-between. Wilson wonders why Ian is a member of the group and he says that he appreciates the artwork. It's last order and Wilson suggests that they go back to his place and drink some more. They go past Wilson's father, who asks who the "bitch" is, and go upstairs. Wilson explains that he has wiped all trace of him from the world and masks all of his IP addresses, and learned how to survive when the world goes to hell.

Wilson takes them Ian and Becky down to his nuclear fallout shelter and they drink until he passes out. Becky starts coming onto Ian, who immediately kisses her. They bump and scrape each other and then undress and collapse onto the bed. Ian finally laughs and admits that his penis isn't working, and Becky laughs with him.

Grant spends the night hiding under a railway embankment.

Ian wakes up the next morning and discovers that Becky is gone. He finds a message from Wilson saying that he's going to find Bejan.

Wilson goes to Bejan's apartment and finds the police investigating his friend's death. He talks to the detective in charge, Joshua Reynolds, and confirms that there was no note. Reynolds explains that Bejan had a history of depression according to the medical records, but Wilson insists that Bejan wasn't depressed.

Grant goes back to his apartment and sees Arby and Lee parked outside. The neighbor grabs him and they struggle, and Grant stabs him in the leg with his pocketknife and runs off.

Greg's assistant Bev comes into Michael's office and points out that Greg signed for Russian flu. Michael tells her to put it in and she walks off.

Grant goes to his school when he has nowhere else to go. They take him to the headteacher, who asks about his attack on the neighbor. Grant refuses to talk and the headteacher escorts Arby and Lee in. They've identified themselves as policemen and Arby offers Grant some raisins. Grant slaps them away and leaps out the second-story window into the bushes below, spraining his ankle in the fall.

Ian arrives at work and finds Leeman and DI Keeley at his desk. They arrest him on suspicion of rape of a child under the age of 13. At the station, his lawyer advises him to take a guilty plea and warns that they have irrefutable DNA evidence against him.

Wilson hacks Bejan's medical records and discovers that someone tampered with the files.

Ian's brother manages to clear him when he confirms that he was at a wedding during the time of the alleged rape. Despite that, Leeman warns Ian that he's still a suspect. When Ian goes home and calls Becky, she says that she was arrested for child pornography. She asks him to come over because Wilson sent her a message that Bejan is dead.

Wilson approaches Reynolds and tells him that the medical records show that Bejan was using a drug for 20 years that just came out two weeks ago. Reynolds figures that Wilson's upset and refuses to delay the report. Back at his office, Reynolds files a report on Wilson.

Ian visits Becky and she tells him about "The Utopia Experiment" and Mark Dane. She's talked to the nurse at the sanitarium and confirmed that the only time Dane was psychotic was when he was given drugs manufactured by Corvadt Pharmaceutical. In 2008, a researcher named Norton wrote a paper on a new disease, Deal's Syndrome, that is similar to Huntington's. Norton discovered that it had no genetic history and just existed since 1989. Norton figured that it was a man-made disease and confirmed that all of the victims worked for Corvadt. When Ian wonders how she knows it, Becky shows him images of the genetic mutation... and they resemble the images in "The Utopia Experiment." The graphic novel was published in 1985, four years before the disease manifested. Ian isn't interested and wonders why she's interested, and Becky explains that her father died of Deal's.

That night, Ian prepares to bed down in the chair despite Becky's invitation to join him in bed.

Grant hides in an abandoned building and eats stolen cookies. He then reads the manuscript pages.

Reynolds is walking home when Arby comes up to him in the street. The killer walks up to him, stabs him in the throat, and then breaks his neck.

The next morning, Ian wakes up Becky and tells her that Bejan got "The Utopia Experiment" from Doomsday Comics.

Arby and Lee go to Wilson's house and capture him at gunpoint.

As Michael comes to work, he discovers everyone watching a newscast about the controversial decision to spend 86 million pounds on Russian flu vaccine. Bev orders everyone back to work and Michael insists that Greg signed off on the vaccine. She tells Michael that Greg is resigning and storms off.

Arby and Lee take Wilson to his fallout shelter and he readily tells them that Grant has the portfolio. They've confirmed that Wilson has wiped all traces of himself and figures that he has something to hide. Lee fastens his head in place with a harness and then pours out chili peppers, sand, and bleach. He puts a spoon on the table and explains to Wilson that he's going to rub each substance into his eyes and then go to work with the spoon. Arby asks where Jessica Hyde is and Wilson says that he doesn't now who she is. Lee begins with the chili peppers and Wilson moans in pain but says nothing. They continue with the sand and bleach, and then Lee gets the spoon. Arby asks again and Wilson tells them that Jessica Hyde died in a accident. Arby nods to Lee, who uses the spoon to remove Wilson's right eye. They figure that Wilson doesn't know anything and Arby tells Lee to clean up while he leaves.

At the Department of Health, Geoff comes in and announces that he's taking over for Greg. He assures the workers that there will be no shake-up and they give him a round of applause. Afterward, Geoff calls Michael into his new office and explains that Greg said that he thought he signed a different contract. Michael denies everything and Geoff asks how Michael's wife Jen is doing. The new minister then says that he needs somebody smart to work with him and leaves after saying, "Mission accomplished."

At the bunker, Wilson recovers conscious and manages to free himself from the handcuffs by dislocating his thumbs.

Ian and Becky go to Doomsday Comics and discover that it's closed.

Lee climbs back down to the bunker and finds Wilson waiting for him with a gun. The killer realizes that Wilson is blind and tries to get close to him. Despite his blindness, Wilson manages to shoot Lee in the chest.

Ian checks the store next door and confirms that four people were killed in a gas leak. Wilson calls Becky to ask for help. They drive there and get Wilson into the car. He insists that they avoid the hospitals and they drive away. As they go, Wilson tells them that they asked about Jessica Hyde and worries that they got to his father.

Michael goes back to the motel room and meets with his mistress Anya. Crying, she apologizes.

Becky and Ian take Wilson back to her house and she does what she can for Wilson's eye. She warns Ian that their friend really needs a doctor. Before they can decide, there's a knock at the door. Wilson staggers out with the gun and tells them not to answer the door. Becky takes the gun away from him, gives it to Ian, and opens the door. It's a woman and she introduces herself as Jessica Hyde.