Episode 2 - Recap

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A tramp makes his way across the country and ends up outside a home. A man, Jack Tate, walks past the tramp, looks nervously at him for a moment, and then continues into the house. He removes a book of Utopia graphic novel sketches from a compartment and then then sends them off in a post box. Jack man then calmly walks out onto the motorway and a truck runs him over.

Jessica tells Ian and Becky to come with her or they'll die. She addresses Ian by name, much to his surprise, and Wilson comes out when he hears her name. Jessica realizes that Arby and Lee tortured him and Ian demands to know what's going on before he goes anywhere. She easily disarms him but then gives him the gun back and says that they have to go.

Jessica gets Wilson ready to travel and says that she knows where his father works and is sending someone to get him. She then takes the three of them out the back to avoid the CCTVs and then through a neighbor's house. As they go through the house, avoiding the mother and her toddler, Jessica takes the woman's keys and steals her car. As they drive away, Jessica explains that the Russians set up a germ warfare program in the 1970s to weaponize a variety of fatal diseases. The U.S. panicked and created a deniable organization known as The Network to deal with it. The Network answered to no one and went out of control, and now they're after Ian and the others.

Arby walks to the motorway near the post box. He receives a call on his cellphone, says he'll come there, turns around, and walks away.

A hungry, limping Grant goes to the window of a restaurant and looks inside.

Jessica parks the car near a clothing store and tells Ian to give her the gun. She explains that their accounts are useless and they need clothes, and informs everyone that they have to abandon everything they know if they want to live. They need new clothes and drugs for Wilson, and Ian starts to hand Jessica the gun. He hesitates when Becky objects and Jessica tells him that it's adjust or die. Ian gives her the gun and Jessica goes into the clothing store.

Later, Jessica parks the car off the street and meets with a man while Ian and Becky change clothes. Jessica comes back with morphine and compliments Ian on his clothing. They drive out of the city and transfer to a van, and Jessica blows up the original car. As they drive, Jessica asks for the second part of "Utopia Manuscript" and he admits that they don't have it. Jessica tells him that she has no one picking up Wilson's father and that she's going to have to do things they don't like.

At the Ministry of Health, Michael approaches Geoff and shows him an Internet news article about the Russian flu virus and Greg's resignation. The reporter names Michael and Geoff points out that he did buy it, but figures they're tied into the contract. Michael tells him that he found a clause that can be enacted if they buy too much from one supplier: Corvadt. Geoff tells Michael to send him the contract and make sure that no one else sees it, and Michael begs him to stop before they get caught. After a moment, Geoff says that he can understand Michael going to a prostitute, but he doesn't understand why he let her get pregnant. He asks Michael if Jen will understand and then tells him again to get the contract to him.

Jessica parks the van and tells Wilson and Becky that she and Ian are going up ahead. As night falls, Jessica finds a home where the family is on holiday. The four of them break in and Jessica rigs a makeshift alarm on the door and tells everyone to be ready to move out on sixty seconds notice. Once Becky and Ian are alone, she complains about how he's attracted to Jessica. Ian has no idea what she's talking about and points out that Becky was the one who got them into the situation. He tells Becky that Jessica didn't rescue Wilson's father as Jessica comes in, and Becky demands the whole truth. Jessica explains that two men created The Network: geneticist Phillip Carville and someone only known by their codename as Mr. Rabbit. When the Cold War ran down, the government involved backed away from their germ warfare programs, but Rabbit and Carville kept The Network going. Carville finally wanted out so they tortured him to keep him working. He eventually went insane but someone smuggled him out and hid him in a psychiatric institute under the name Mark Dane. While he was there, Carville drew "Utopia Experiment" and everything in it is real. Jessica explains that she knows all about it because she's Carville's daughter, smuggled out when she was 4 and on the run ever since.

Grant hides in a boiler room and copies pages from the missing "Utopia Experiment" pages.

Wilson comes in to ask Ian if they gave him heroin. Ian explains that they had to for the pain and Wilson complains about Afghani contamination of heroin. Later, Ian dozes off on the couch and Jessica wakes him up and tells him that they need to find "Utopia." She tells him that she left a note. Becky finds the note before they can leave and complains that Jessica is trying to divide them, and Jessica says that Becky isn't strong enough. When Becky says that she knows more about what's going on with Corvadt, Jessica dismisses them as inconsequential. When Ian agrees to leave Becky behind, she tells him to fuck off.

Michael is asleep with his wife when Anya calls to ask him to call her back. He goes to a phone booth and Anya complains that someone is watching her. She asks Michael to help her and as he leaves, a journalist named William Kaye approaches him. He asks about the Russian flu vaccine and then warns Michael that his life is in danger. William knows about Anya and gives Michael his card, warning Michael that he'll need the report when things go mad.

Jessica takes Ian to Jack's home and explains that he was the man who published "Utopia." Posing as police, they ring the bell and ask to talk to Jack's wife about her husband. She invites them into her husband's study and explains how Jack died. The wife offers them Jack's papers and goes to get them. When she comes back in with her purse, Jessica clubs her over her the head with a lamp and tells Ian that she didn't find their presence suspicious, meaning she's with The Network. After searching the woman's purse, Jessica finds a gun and confirms that it's CIA issue. Jessica figures that the agent is a drone that knows nothing

Ian and Jessica tie the CIA woman up to a chair sitting in a puddle of water and then wake her up. Jessica threatens to electrocute her if she doesn't tell them the truth. The agent says that the CIA got a tipoff that Jack, a wanted terrorist for 25 years, was there. By the time they got there, Jack had already killed himself. They interrogated Jack's wife and she said that Jack was rambling about the tramp that visited him. Jessica confirms that he was talking about "the" tramp.

Michael goes to Geoff and warns him that the select committee is looking into all aspects of the acquisition process. Geoff tells Michael to do nothing and assures him that he'll be a hero in 24 hours.

Jessica and Ian leave the CIA woman tied up and go. Sometime later, Arby comes in, walks past her, and checks the inside of the house. He then comes back and says they were worried when she didn't call in. The CIA woman wonders who Arby is and he says that he's a specialist, and asks what she told them. She says she told them everything and that Jessica was the one asking the questions. Arby confirms that Wilson wasn't there and then shoots her in the head.

At the house, Becky gets Wilson an eye patch and he confirms that his eyesight is starting to recover. He thanks her for looking after him and asks about his father Milton, and Becky tells him that Jessica lied about rescuing him. Wilson wants to check using a rerouted Internet line and she reluctantly agrees. First Becky does an Internet search and discovers that Milton was killed, supposed in a burglary. She lies and tells Wilson that his father is fine, and Wilson tells her that he overheard Lee and Arby say that Grant has the manuscript.

Grant goes to a school and sits outside, reading through the manuscript. A girl, Alice, comes up and asks who he is. She asks to read the manuscript and Grant reluctantly lets her. The bell rings and Alice runs off, but promises Grant to be there the same time tomorrow.

Wilson has Becky put a personal ad on a comic book forum for Grant to read. It contains a coded message indicating to a building that only Grant would recognize.

That night, Alice is at home with her mother. Grant has followed her home and hides outside, watching. Later, he sneaks in and steals food, and then goes up to Alice's room and wakes her up. Grant asks if he can sleep on the floor and she agrees as long as he lets her read the manuscript. While she does, Grant checks the forum and sees Becky's ad. He goes to sleep but gets up before Alice and starts to bend over to kiss her. She jerks awake and Grant backs up. As he leaves, Alice thanks him for letting her read "Utopia." He gives her the manuscript and asks her to look after it until he comes back for it.

Wilson wakes up and Becky tells him that Jessica and Ian didn't come back. He wonders what they're going to do and Becky decides to take a bath.

Michael is having breakfast when he hears a broadcast about an outbreak of Russian Flu in the Shetland Islands with a current death toll of 11. When Michael goes to work, Bev tells him that almost half of the population is infected out of 86 people. She congratulates him on getting the vaccine and tells Michael that he's a hero.

Later, Michael goes to the newspaper to meet with William, who is packing. The reporter thinks he's being followed and tells Michael to request a sample of the vaccine from Corvadt and get it to a scientist named Donaldson. When Michael wonders what William is going to do, the reporter walks out without a word.

Becky is taking a bath when she hears something in the house break. She goes downstairs and sees a broken vase in the foyer. As Wilson stumbles in, Becky hears someone at the door and grabs a gun. When the family comes in, Becky screams at them to do what she says.

Jessica and Ian park near a phone booth and Jessica explains that the tramp, Danny, used to be a scientist with The Network who got out and now monitors their activities. Danny approaches the phone booth and Ian and Jessica approach him. He punches Ian in the face and runs into a nearby public restroom. Jessica and Ian corner him and Jessica takes out a strangle cord and asks him how long he's known that "Utopia" had a part 2. When Ian wonders if Danny is on their side, Jessica tells him that there are no sides.

Danny explains that he went to Jack once he learned that part 2 existed. Jack never told him what was in it, but Danny has learned that Carville was working on Project Janus before he died. The Network has replicated his research and is going to test it. Danny doesn't know what Janus does but he does know that Carville's last work was on disease vectors that attack the human genome. When Jack learned what Janus was, he said they were all finished and then killed himself. Danny insists that they need to work together, but Jessica wonders what Danny was going to do with it. He says that he has a woman who can help them if he can get her the manuscript, but refuses to give Jessica the name. Jessica prepares to strangle him and Danny tells her the woman's name is Milner. Satisfied, Jessica tells Ian to get them a vehicle. Once he's gone, Jessica asks Danny why Jack didn't give him the manuscript. Danny insists that he's on her side but Jessica kicks him to the floor and chokes him to death.

When Jessica gets into the car, Ian notices the rope marks on her hands. She insists that she had to kill Danny before The Network got to him and extracted the same information. When Ian complains, Jessica asks why he's being so hot and he storms out of the car.

When Ian and Jessica get back to the house, they find Becky and Wilson tearing up the place to make it look like a burglary. They've tied up the owners and left them in the garage, and Jessica tells Becky that she did the right thing. She then gives them an address and tells them to meet her there at 10 p.m. the next day.

Michael goes to Corvadt and asks Letts and his assistant for a sample of the vaccine. The assistant asks why he wants it but Michael avoids the question and points out that they're contractually obliged to provide the sample. Letts turns up the news where the anchorwoman is talking about how Anya murdered William Kaye in a gangland-style execution. Once he turns off the TV, Letts asks Michael how Jen is doing. The assistant tells Michael to forget the vaccine and quit being a spy.

Ian, Becky, and Wilson go to the water tower from the personal ad. Becky waits alone outside and Grant finally comes over. They introduce themselves and Grant hugs her, sobbing. They go back to the van and Grant gets in the back with Wilson. Becky tells Ian that she's going to get some water, but then goes to a phone booth, makes a call, and tells the person at the other end that the manuscript exists and Grant knows where it is.

Arby finds the house where the group was hiding, removes the father's blindfold, and asks him where Jessica Hyde. When he gets no answer, he takes out the gas cylinder and closes the garage door.