Episode 3 - Recap

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At Corvadt, Letts' assistant tells him that he has to decide. He hands Letts a cell phone and reminds his employer that he's the only one who can give the order.

Arby is in a toilet stall at Grant's school when his phone rings. He goes to his yellow bag, puts on a pair of rubber gloves with fingerprints printed on them, and takes out a gun. Arby then goes to the gymnasium where the head teacher, still believing he's a policeman, walks over. The head teacher says that he talked to Grant's mother and confirmed that he's gone missing. Arby asks how many people are in the school and the head teacher confirms that there are only few. At that, Arby shoots him in the head then shoots at another teacher as she comes to investigate. When she runs off, Arby goes after her and more shots ring out. When a boy enters the gym, Arby comes back and shoots him, and then goes into the adjoining gym where a boy is serving detention. He covers his face and Arby hesitates... and then shoots him dead.

Becky, Ian, Wilson, and Grant go to a cottage in the country and break in. They make sandwiches and Becky checks Grant's injured leg, and the boy thanks her for finding him. Grant tells her that he does have a girlfriend named Alice, and Becky asks him where the manuscript is. He tells her that he left it somewhere but doesn't tell her, and Becky says that he should tell her when he's ready.

Becky asks what it's like and Grant explains that it's more of the same, yet different. It mentions The Rabbit and Grant thinks his name began with an L. Ian comes in and hears them talking. Becky talks to him and Wilson and tells her what Grant told her, and they wonder what to do when they have the manuscript. No one fully trusts Jessica and Ian suggests that they take it to Milner with MI5 and then get out of the whole thing. Jessica comes in with Grant and asks if Grant has it. Becky explains the situation and insists that they're not going to search Grant for it. As Jessica prepares to go through her, they see Grant on the news. The police believe that he killed the eight students and two teachers at the school and have video confirming his presence there.

Arby is at his apartment eating raisins and considering what he did.

Once Becky gets Grant to sleep on a couch, she comes back and wonders how The Network could frame an eleven-year-old. Wilson figures that they faked the CCTV and the fingerprints and just want to start a manhunt so that they can get hold of Grant. Jessica tells them that ten lives mean nothing to The Network as long as it lets them get hold of Grant and ultimately the manuscript. She tells them to get used to death and walks out.

Becky and Ian check on Grant and then Ian tries to kiss her. Still jealous about his treatment of Jessica, Becky refuses at first but they're soon having sex in the next room. Grant wakes up and hears them.

The next morning, Jessica comes in to see Grant and explains that she never really knew her father. She talks about how she grew up on the run and learned not to trust people because they always let you down. Grant stares at her and Jessica tells him that she can't treat him like a kid because she was never had a childhood. She tells Grant that she won't force him to show her the manuscript, but she wants him to come with her and promises to keep him safe.

Later, Ian gets up for the morning and realizes that Grant is gone.

Jessica drives away and explains to Grant how they got her out when she was 4. A man named Kristos looked after her and taught her how to survive on her own. Grant wonders what happened to Kristos and Jessica explains that he sacrificed himself to stop Network agents trying to capture her. She watches the entire thing... at the age of 10.

Wilson tries to hack the MI5 firewall but Ian would prefer to send them an email to Milner. Becky comes in and suggests that they just call Milner. The two men snicker at the idea but can't come up with a good idea why not. Ian prepares to dial and Wilson tells him that they can trace the call after 42 seconds. The operator at MI5 puts him right through to Milner and Ian says that they're friends of Jessica Hyde. Milner has no idea who Jessica is and Ian quickly says it's a wrong number and hangs up. As he puts the phone down, it rings and Milner tells them that she's now on an unmonitored line and tells them to get out of the house. She gives them an address to meet her at later, repeats her warning, and hangs up. They drive off in the van, unaware that a shaven haired man is following them.

Michael is at home in the bathroom, crying as he reads an Internet article about Anya killing William Kaye. Jen notices that the door is locked and asks if her husband is okay, and he says that he has the shits and asks her to call in sick for her. She agrees and leaves for work, and Michael goes to see Professor Donaldson. Donaldson denies knowing any reporters, says that he just tests pet food, and runs off into his company building. Michael flashes his Department of Health badge at the guard and runs after Donaldson. The professor goes into his lab and grabs a knife, threatening Michael. Donaldson finally realizes who his visitor is and Michael admits that he wasn't able to get a sample of the vaccine. Now Shetland Island is shut down and Michael insists that he needs something on the conspiracy.

The three friends park at an abandoned church and Ian talks privately to Becky. She doesn't see that there's anything to talk about and he snaps at her, and Becky sarcastically suggests that they get married. Ian tells her that he likes her but Becky isn't impressed. The shaven haired man marches in, points a gun at them, and asks where Wilson is. Wilson comes up behind him with a shotgun and tells the intruder to drop the gun. The shaven haired man dares him to shoot because if Wilson doesn't, then he will. Wilson begs him not to make him shoot, but the man counts to three... and Milner kills the shaven haired man from the door.

The MI5 agent asks if the bullet came out of the front of her victim's head and they finally tell her that it didn't. Milner pulls the bullet out of the dead man's skull and introduces herself, and then tells Wilson to fire both barrels of the shotgun into the corpse's head. When he wonders why, Milner explains that she shot the intruder with a standard firearm and needs to cover her tracks. After a moment's hesitation, Wilson does it and Milner gently takes the gun from him. She then points her gun at Wilson and asks how she can know it's not a trap. Ian points out that they don't know if she's set a trap for them.

The group goes out in the forest and tells Milner what they know. Ian says that they want to come in but Milner warns them that she can't protect them. They need to figure out why The Network wants the manuscript, and Becky says that it has the identity of Mr. Rabbit. Milner confirms that Mr. Rabbit has kept his true identity secret for 30 years and Becky gives them Alice's name. When the agent says that she'll check on the girl, Ian says that it's got nothing to do with them. Milner explains that Jessica's father Phillip advocated racial purity and human culling to improve the species. Wilson says that they need to go, but as they walk away, Milner warns them that she can't do it on her own. She gives Becky a cell phone with her number on it and nothing else.

Jessica takes Grant to a rental room and sets down the gun. As she works, Grant starts to reach for the gun and Jessica invites him to hold it if he likes. He doesn't and asks if Jessica can teach him to be like her. She wonders if that's what he really wants and then tells Grant that they need to change the way he looks. As Jessica dyes his hair black, she asks if she's close to the manuscript. When she takes off the towel, Grant is discussed to see that he looks like a Goth and Jessica gets out some eyeliner. Afterward, Grant watches his mother on the TV, appealing to him to come home. Jessica turns off the TV and warns Grant that he can't contact his mother. Smiling, she suggests that they shoot some booze.

Arby reports to Letts, who shows him a photo of Alice. The killer takes it and starts to go, and then asks what he was like as a child. The first thing he remembers was killing animals at a slaughterhouse as Letts watched. Arby admits that he had trouble killing the boy at the school and asks who his parents are, and Letts tells him that he doesn't have parents. He explains that Arby was part of a consignment from Bulgaria, and Carville experimented on him. Arby asks if Carville did things to Jessica like he did to Arby, and Letts insists that the scientist was not a man of compassion. The killer wonders why it doesn't bother him that Carville is dead and Letts tells him that he's not like other people. Arby considers that and says that he doesn't feel special.

Grant gets drunk after drinking a half dozen mini-bottles from the wet bar. Jessica asks him what the manuscript is like and what it said about her father. When he doesn't answer, Jessica promises that she can make him tell her. Before he can respond, Grant runs to the bathroom to throw up. Sobbing, Grant says that he wants his mom and then passes out. Jessica puts him on the bed, lies down next to him, and awkwardly holds him.

Ian, Becky, and Wilson meet Milner, who tells them that the girl is Alice Ward and that her mother took her to the police station. Milner tells them to go to Alice's house while she sends an agent, and Ian wonders why they should bother. The agent explains that Mr. Rabbit got his name by playing the Russians, the gangs, and the CIA off against each other. The CIA gave Mr. Rabbit away to a Chinese crime boss, who carved his name in Chinese pictograms into Rabbit's stomach. Mr. Rabbit got free and killed everyone in the room, and everyone who saw him captured. By the time he was done, 265 people on three continents were dead.

Michael goes to the docks for Shetland Island and presents his credentials to the soldiers. When the corporal hesitates, Michael tells him to call the Minister. The soldier gives in and Michael takes a boat across to Shetland Island. From there he approaches the medical tents and realizes that he'll have to climb a hill to get there unseen. Once up top, he sees men in isolation suits take a corpse into a tent. Michael sneaks in and finds over a dozen other corpses there. Before he can take cell samples, Michael hears someone coming and hides.

Detective Richmond talks to Alice and tells her that some of the children at school saw her with Grant. When she doesn't say anything, Richmond brings in a new officer to talk to her: Arby. He asks if Grant gave her the manuscript and, when she refuses to answer, tells her that they're going for a drive.

Jessica and Grant break into Alice's house and Grant finds the manuscript under Alice's bed. She asks for it but Grant clutches it to his chest. Downstairs, Alice, her mother, and a school nurse come in with Arby following them. He asks for the manuscript again and Alice's mother asks what he's talking about. After a moment, Alice goes to get it... and then comes back and says that it's gone.

Grant and Jessica hide in the bathroom and listen. They hear Arby shoot the school nurse and then tell Alice that if she doesn't give him the manuscript then her mother is next. Jessica holds Grant back but he finally yells and says that he has it. Jessica fires a shot, yells her name, and tells Arby that he knows what she's capable of. When they don't give him the manuscript, Arby kills Alice's mother, picks Alice up, and yells that she's next. Grant begs Jessica to let him give Arby the manuscript, and Jessica finally says she'll throw her gun out. She then tells Arby that Grant has the manuscript and they'll make the exchange, it for Alice.

Jessica tosses her gun out, takes the pages out of the manuscript, and gives them to Grant to hide beneath his jacket. He stands just outside the window while Arby walks down the hall, carrying Alice. When Arby rounds the corner, Jessica tells Grant to drop the manuscript portfolio on the floor. Alice goes out the window with Grant and Arby tells Jessica to pick up the portfolio. He yanks it away and then asks what her father was like. Jessica admits that she doesn't know and that's why she wanted the manuscript. Arby stares at her for a moment, lowers his gun, says, "Where is Jessica Hyde," and walks away.

Outside, Becky, Ian, and Wilson pull up in a stolen van, get the children in, and drive off.

Michael stops at a public restroom and goes into a stall. He cuts something, dripping blood, and leaves. When he returns home, Michael discovers Geoff is chatting with Jen. Geoff explains that he and his wife went through the same hormone treatments as Michael and Jen, and now they have boys. The Minister asks to talk to Michael privately and Jen leaves the room. Once she's gone, Geoff threatens to rape her if Michael doesn't turn the sample over. Michael hands him a severed finger in a bag and Geoff points out that he used his own ID. He intervened, stopping The Network from taking extreme measures, and tells Michael that if they work together than Michael can have a wonderful life. If not, then Michael will die. Michael nods in agreement and Geoff leaves. Once he's gone, Michael takes out another bag with a piece he cut off the first sample and hides it under the cushions.