Episode 4 - Recap

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As the group drives away, Alice screams in grief and they try to quiet her down. Wilson finally tells Alice to stop screaming or he'll drive into a wall.

Later, Wilson pulls over in the countryside and he talks with Ian and Becky. Wilson wants to leave Alice with her relatives because they can't take care of her, but Becky points out that The Network will be watching all of her family members. When Ian wonders if they can leave her at a hospital or police center, Wilson figures that Alice is as good as dead. They can't contact Milner until midnight, the next scheduled call, and Ian says they have to take Alice with them. Becky agrees with him and tells Wilson that he can leave if he disagrees. Disgusted, Wilson turns and walks away from them, and Ian goes after him.

As Becky comes back to the van, Grant hides the manuscript pages beneath his jacket. Meanwhile, Wilson figures that Milner isn't taking their calls because she figures they lost the manuscript, but Ian figures all Alice has is them. He sits down with Becky, who figures that Alice is scared of them with good reason: they're just like The Network.

Donaldson is eating at the laboratory mess room when Michael comes in and tells him that he has a sample from one of the bodies. They go to Donaldson's lab and the scientist explains that he was once a high-profile scientist. When SARS broke out in Hong Kong, Donaldson went in and found out that it didn't exist. After he filed his report, he was discredited in a sex & drugs scandal and subsequently fired. When Michael insists that the SARS pandemic existed, Donaldson explains that only 8,000 people supposedly died of it. He then tells Michael to come back tomorrow, but Michael refuses to leave the sample there. Donaldson reluctantly tells him to come back that day at 1.

Michael waits in the mess room until after 1. When Donaldson doesn't show, Michael goes to the lab and Donaldson claims that it was nothing but Russian flu. He refuses to give the sample back, claiming it's infected, and is carrying a file. Michael tries to stop him from leaving and Donaldson attacks him. After a struggle, Michael gets the file and discovers that it was chemical poisoning. Donaldson warns him that The Network is too powerful to fight and he plans to use the file for extortion, but Michael takes the file and leaves.

That night, the group finds an abandoned manor. They break in and Ian lays the sleeping Alice on the couch. As Wilson unpacks, he finds a deactivated cell phone beneath the seat and pockets it. They settle in and wait until midnight, and Ian calls Milner. All he gets is voice mail.

The next morning, Arby eats at a diner and looks at the comic book pages he got from Jessica, filled with drawings of hollow-eyed children.

Letts' assistant informs him that Arby got the manuscript but believes Jessica removed some of the pages. The assistant also expresses his suspicion that Arby had Jessica but let her go.

Once he's sure he's alone, Grant hides the remaining manuscript pages in an old chair. Alice wakes up and points out that he's gone Goth, and Grant tells her that they have to hide. He tries to talk about what happened to her mother, but Alice panics and starts looking for her overdue essay assignment. Grant promises that he'll find a way for her to hand it in.

Wilson argues with Ian and Becky, saying it's stupid to stay in one place. He figures that they've already decided what they're going to do and walks off. Becky then goes outside and takes her pills, and realizes that she's down to just one more bag. When it rains, she goes back inside and Ian tells her to come with him. He leads her to the dining room where he's set up a makeshift dinner for their interrupted date on a table tennis table. They're unaware that Jessica is watching them from outside. She puts her hand to the window for a moment and then goes inside and asks Grant if he still has the pages. Grant hugs her in relief and she confirms that he hasn't told anyone about the pages. Jessica tells him not to tell anyone else and promises that she'll keep an eye on him. When he wonders why she's leaving, Jessica tells him to keep the Goth makeup on or he'll die, and then walks out.

Grant goes back to where he hid the pages. As he starts to take them out, Wilson comes in and Grant hastily moves away. Wilson asks if he remembers Mr. Rabbit's name and all Grant can say is that it began with an L. When Wilson asks what he was hiding, Grant hands him his notebook which contains the drawings he copied from the manuscript.

That night, Alice continues working on her essay and has another panic attack. Grant tries to reassure her but she breaks into tears, and then gets hold of herself and goes back to writing. He goes to get her some more paper from his notebook and asks Wilson for pages from the back of the notebook. Wilson hands them over and goes back to studying Grant's copies.

Ian talks about his brother Roy and how he always thought Ian was squandering his talent. Becky wonders how he plans to shag her when she's not drunk or angry, and Ian tells her how beautiful she is. She says that will probably do and then spills her pop. Ian assures her that it's okay and they start to kiss, but Wilson barges in and tells them that the copies are significant. In them a scientist feeds a ghost cell to a buffalo, a man eats the buffalo, and the man rots from within. The scientist creates the ghost cell by creating a being with two faces and placing it inside the cell. The Network gets Seal's Syndrome in via the food chain, and Wilson figures that given Carvel's views on racial purity, it might target specific races. Becky suggests that it's the cure that is targeted. She tells the others that the Network is spreading the flu, and then creating a vaccine that only affects certain races. Wilson looks through the pages and finds a recurring symbol that matches the logo of Pergus Holdings, which manufactures all kinds of food.

The next morning, Ian goes back to the dining room and looks at the food packages that he and Becky were eating. He then slips out past the sleeping Becky and Jessica calls to him from hiding. She asks if he and Becky are an item, and then tells Ian to call Milner on the phone she gave them. When Ian argues, Jessica aims her gun at him and repeats her order. When he gets Milner's voice mail, Jessica tells him to leave a message that he's with her. Once he does, he warns Jessica that they've just killed Milner if her line is tapped. Jessica tells him that he thinks too small, puts the gun to his head, and kisses him. She then turns and walks away.

Inside, Becky finds a note from Ian saying that he's going to get supplies. Wilson shows her the phone that he found earlier and suggests that he call to download information on Pergus. When he starts to explain that he can scramble the connection, Becky agrees and suggests they take a walk away from the manor to be on the safe side. As they go, Wilson wonders if Alice will be okay. Once they get to an empty field, Becky tells Wilson to check one way while she goes another. Once he's out of sight, Becky calls on the phone and tells her people that they lost the manuscript. She demands to know what if they're infecting people. Becky demands to see the person at the other end at 6:15 the next morning and warns that she's in trouble. Wilson comes back and Becky gives him the phone.

Wilson downloads the information on Pergus and confirms that they were a small-time processed food company until 1993. They then bought subsidiaries all over the world when a new CEO, Lane Monroe, took over. Wilson points out that Lane starts with L, making him a potential Mr. Rabbit. Becky stares at the photo of the man in surprise and Wilson gets Monroe's address. When Wilson suggests that he look for his dad, unaware that he's dead, Becky grabs the phone and throws it in the nearby pond, insisting that they can't risk it.

Michael comes to see Geoff and shows him Donaldson's report. He admits he kept a sample and demands that they release Anya in return for his promise not to release the copies of the report that he gave to lawyers. Geoff warns him that he's wrecking his life and refuses to release Anya. He then brings up video of Jen at a café and explains that the man sitting next to her, Alexei, has photos of Michael and Anya together and a scan of the baby. Geoff tells Michael to hand everything over by 8 that night or they'll give everything to Jen.

Ian sneaks into London posing as a homeless man and follows his brother Roy from a distance. He spots men secretly following Roy and digs into a garbage can to keep his face hidden. A man walks by and dumps a bag in the garbage, and the cell phone inside rings. It's Milner, who tells Ian that she's sending someone to create a distraction so he can escape. A thief grabs a woman's purse and runs, and Ian slips away and goes to a nearby parking garage. Milner is waiting for him and slaps him, saying it's not a game. She explains that Ian was picked up three times on facial recognition but she intercepted the warnings. Milner then asks why he left the message about Jessica and Ian explains that she forced him to leave it. After a moment, Milner tells him that she knows they don't have the manuscript, but also knows that the person who took it still has it. When Ian warns her that the others aren't up to it, Milner tells him that they have to be. She explains that Carvel wrote Janus into the manuscript before he died, and Ian tells her what they figured out.

At Corvadt, Letts returns to his office and finds his assistant reading the manuscript. Arby steps up behind Letts and puts a gun to the man's head. He tells Letts that there was a boy that they tortured, and that chocolate raisins were his only comfort. Letts insists that the boy is long gone and they took everything from Arby, even his name. He tells Arby that his "name" are just initials: R.B. for "Raisin Boy." Letts insists that he's all that Arby has, and Arby lowers the gun... and then grabs his face and asks "Where is Jessica Hyde?" The assistant writes down an address and gives it to Letts, who gives it to Arby. As he takes the manuscript, Arby tells them that if he sees anyone else there, he'll kill them and destroy the pages. Arby then asks Letts what his real name is, and Letts tells him that he was Piotyr. Satisfied, Arby walks out.

Milner admits that Ian may be right and explains that Monroe ran CIA nerve gas research before 1993 and is definitely Network. She figures that Jessica will find the manuscript and come back to Ian and the others because she has nowhere else to go. Milner tells Ian to go back but to not tell them what happened so that they will continue believing in him. Ian gets out and Milner drives away.

At the manor, Alice is readying her essay to Grant when Ian returns. Wilson is cutting the barrel off a shotgun and plans to confront Monroe and find out if he has a Chinese "rabbit" symbol on his chest. Becky points out that they have no idea what to do next, but Ian and Grant both agree with Wilson. As they go to the van, Ian tells Becky about his confrontation with Jessica and insists that he didn't kiss her back. Grant brings Alice out and she hesitantly introduces herself to Becky. They get in the van and drive off, and Arby steps out onto the driveway behind them. Jessica comes up behind him, a gun to his head, and tells him to take her to the manuscript. He agrees and says that's why he's there.

Michael comes home that night and finds Jen watching a DVD of Michael and Anya having sex. She has the scans of the baby and turns to stare at Michael in horror.

Letts' assistant hands him a box of the vaccine and points out that they agreed Letts would do the testing. There's a car waiting to take Letts to the lab.

Wilson parks the van outside of Monroe's home and says that one of them should force their way in and go upstairs. When he wonders which one of them Monroe will be more scared of, Ian points out that Wilson looks like a psycho pirate. In the back, Alice asks where they're going and Grant tells her they're going after the prick that did everything to them.

Ian watches as Wilson rolls a dumpster over to the entrance to the parking garage. Wilson hides behind it until a car pulls in, and then crouches down and walks in behind it as it goes in. He then makes his way to Monroe's apartment and puts the shotgun to his head, and tells the CEO to let his friends in so they can talk. Monroe tells Wilson that he's done everything that he asked but Wilson repeats his orders and Monroe buzzes them in. Wilson plays along and tells him that he hasn't done what they asked, and Monroe insists that he's distributed the GCSN1 protein everywhere.

The others arrive and Wilson lets them into the apartment. Monroe realizes that they're not The Network and Wilson and Ian shove him in a chair while Becky has Grant and Alice wait in the next room. They confirm that Monroe doesn't have the ideogram on his chest and Becky suggests that they leave. Wilson figures that Monroe knows something.

Grant listens from the next room, while Alice asks to read her essay again. She finally realizes that her mother is dead and asks if Monroe is the one who killed her.

Wilson asks for information on the GCSN1 protein and hits Monroe once. The CEO explains that they bred a corn with a softer husk, saving farmers millions. He admits that they use an amino acid but it's absorbed harmlessly into the body. As they talk, Wilson notices a newspaper with an article about his father's death. He realizes that The Network killed him and then prepares to kill Monroe while accusing Becky of lying to him.

Before Wilson can shoot, the doorbell rings. Monroe says that the concierge knows he's there and will check things out if he doesn't answer the door. Becky and Ian convince Wilson to let Monroe live, and Ian takes Monroe to the loudspeaker and tells him to get rid of the caller. Monroe tells the desk to send the caller up and Becky gives the shotgun to Grant and tells him to shoot Monroe in the legs if he moves. However, when they hear Letts knocking at the door, Grant gives the shotgun to Alice and checks on the others. Alice glares at Monroe and then shoots him in the chest.

As the others check on Alice, Ian yanks Letts in and holds a kitchen knife to his throat. Meanwhile, Becky takes the shotgun out of Alice's hands as the girl mutters that Monroe killed her mother. They go to the van with Letts, leaving Monroe's body behind.