Episode 5 - Recap

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At the manor, Grant and Ian try to sleep while Letts sits tied to a chair. Grant watches over a sleeping Alice, while Becky goes outside and meets with her contact: Donaldson. He gives her the Thoraxin medication and watches as she injects it. Becky describes her tremors and Donaldson warns that Deal's could be activating. He warns that the drug he gave her is experimental but that the alternative is death. When Becky is finished, Donaldson tells her that Jessica kept a few pages of the manuscript back. She wonders how he knows and Donaldson assures Becky that he knows people and that she needs to stick with him. Becky wonders where the rest of the medication is and Donaldson tells her that she'll get it when she gets him the missing pages.

Ian examines the case of the vaccine as Becky comes in, claiming she went for supplies. Alice is awake and sitting with Grant, chatting as if she hadn't killed a man. Ian finally closes the box and takes it with him, and Becky tells Grant that they need to chat later. Alice says that she's fine and doesn't need to talk.

Wilson, Ian, and Becky go to talk to Letts, who asks if Alicia killed Monroe. They confirm that she did and ask why Letts came to see the CEO. Letts explains that he liked Monroe and was going to warn him, and tells them that he was taking the vaccine to a laboratory for testing. Becky tells him that they know about Janus and the protein and they're talking to him because they want to know what races he plans to murder. Letts laughs and Wilson, furious grabs him and demands to know why they tortured him and killed his father. When Ian tries to pull him away, Wilson snaps at him, asking who he's lost when everyone else there has lost someone close to them. Letts realizes who they are and tells them that the phone Milner gave Ian has a tracking device and they've always known where they were. Shocked, the scientist realizes that his people aren't coming for him.

Michael wakes up on the couch when Jen storms into the living room. His wife asks him if Anya wants the child and he says that the people who employ the prostitute don't care. Jen yells at him and then asks if the sample he's holding over The Network will make them safe. Michael assures her that it will and Jen asks if the child is a boy or a girl. He tells her that it's a boy and Jen says that the child will need a home and then walks off.

At the manor, Wilson takes apart the phone and finds the tracking unit. Ian doesn't believe that Milner would betray them, while Becky fumbles and drops the phone near Letts. Whispering, he asks if she's had tremors yet, explaining that he worked hard on Deal's. Becky refuses to answer and asks why he did it, and Letts say that they were interested in what Deal's was an experiment to see if it could be passed on from parent to child. Letts admits that he's done many terrible things but insists that what they're doing is right. He explains that Carvel was misunderstood and that he was talking about survival. The population has gone from 2 billion to 7 billion and the world doesn't have the resources to support them all. In 20 years the resources will run out and the answer is Janus. It contains a protein and an amino acid that act a genetic trigger, sterilizing the subject.

Geoff meets with the Assistant, who tells him that the group has Letts. He advises him not to do anything rash now that they're close to getting Carvel's pages, but worries that Michael has the capacity to expose them. The Assistant suggests that they kill Michael but Geoff figures that he's taken precautions and warns the Assistant not to give him orders. When he wonders how to deal with Letts, Geoff tells him to get the man back. Surprised, the Assistant says that they don't want him back.

Letts tells the group that Janus leaves only one in twenty people fertile, causing the population to plateau at 500,000,000 in just over a hundred years. Normal breeding rates will then resume on a relatively empty planet. When Ian says that he's insane, Letts insists that letting humanity continue is genocide, and that a third of world's farmland is now useless due to soil degradation. He says that Genghis Khan saved the planet by massacring 40 million people, and Janus massacres no one. Janus will stop humanity from turning the planet into a desert.

Becky asks why Letts is being truthful with them, he explains that they don't have Carvel and it will take three months to confirm if Janus works. If they have the manuscript then they can know for sure, and Letts asks them to help humanity by giving the pages to him. As Ian works out how to contact Milner, Wilson speaks up and says that Letts is right. Ian disagrees and walks out, Wilson goes after him and points out that if The Network is right and they stop them, then they will be responsible. Ian reminds his friend that The Network killed Milton and tortured him.

Jessica is sleeping at another house and dreams of faceless men tying her guardian, Kristof, to a tree and then killing him. She wakes up screaming and looks at a fossilized rock that she's holding in her hand. Jessica then glances over at Arby, handcuffed to the fireplace grill. Later, Arby directs her to a roadside café and says that she'll have to free his hands so he can get the manuscript. Jessica warns him that she'll shoot him in the kneecaps if he doesn't deliver the manuscript.

They go inside and Arby says they have to talk to the man at the counter. He places an order and then sits down to eat. When Jessica wonders if he's toying with her, Arby warns her that The Network will be after them and the two of them need to eat. As he eats, Arby explains that it's his local and the people know him there. He tells Jessica that he's a fan of hers and has read the manuscript. He asks if Kristof loved her and says that a child needs love. As he introduces himself by his real name, Piotyr, Jessica jams a fork into his food, says that it's slop and points out that it's not a local and no one there knows him. Arby asks if she gets the dreams a lot and she tells him to finish. Arby says that he needs to use the toilet and Jessica takes him in to a stall.

At the manor, Grant comes in to check on Becky, who is watching over Letts. Once the boy leaves, Letts says that the hard thing for her must be not knowing when Deal's will kill her. She grabs him and Letts asks if the Thoraxin is working. He knows that Donaldson has been supplying her with the drug and explains that Donaldson wants to sell them the manuscript. Letts tells Becky that he'd rather she benefit and promises to take care of her if she gets the manuscript to them. Wilson comes in to tell Becky that Ian has a plan and she leaves with him. Ian explains that he wants to leave the vaccine outside while he and Becky go inside, talk to Milner, find out what side she's on, and then bring her the vaccine if they have to. When Becky wonders why Wilson can't go, he says that he plans to persuade Letts to give them the real name of Mr. Rabbit. When Becky wonders why it has to be Wilson, he says that he knows what it feels like to be tortured and tells them to take Alice and Grant.

Ian and the others drive to Milner's and Becky gives the vaccine to Grant and Alice to watch over while she and Ian go to see Milner. They slip inside, startling her, and Milner tells them that they're onto her. Ian realizes that she's working with The Network but Milner explains that she is but she's not on their side. She gave Ian the tapped phone because she knew The Network wouldn't do anything because they want the manuscript. Milner was under orders to hand them over once they got the manuscript from Jessica, but Ian asks for one reason why they should trust her.

The MI5 agent takes them into her son Jake's bedroom. Jake is on life support, suffering from Deal's, and Milner explains that her husband went undercover at Corvadt and they gave him the disease. Her son triggered 18 months ago and he only has a few weeks left. Becky suggests giving her the vaccine but Ian and Milner both warn her that The Network knows and will be coming for her that night. She plans to kill herself and Jake before they get to her. Milner gives them Michael's name and says that he is probably on their side. Becky tells her to run but Milner points out that her son can't run and she won't leave him. As Milner sits with her son, Ian and Becky quietly leave. Outside, Ian tells Becky to get back to Wilson while he takes Grant. As she goes, Ian tries to reassure Becky that she may never trigger but she just walks away.

Later, Geoff meets with Michael, who refuses to give him what he has because then The Network will kill him. He tells Geoff that he's keeping the sample and demands 300,000 pounds a year. Geoff says that it might be acceptable, and Michael tells him to get Anya out of prison. He says that he and Jen want to meet with her and Geoff immediately agrees, saying that things might turn out well after all.

Arby takes Jessica into the forest and talks about how it's not easy growing up without a childhood. As he leads her to a barren tree, Arby says that he's like he is because of an early childhood trauma that caused him to disconnect. Jessica recognizes the tree from her dreams and Arby explains that he was the one who killed Kristof, tying him to the tree. Even after he ripped out Kristof's stomach, the man didn't say anything about Jessica's location. Arby tells Jessica that he wanted her to know that she was loved because he never was. He then tells Jessica that she can either kill him, or he can take her to the manuscript. However, Arby refuses to do it at gunpoint and tells her to throw it away. Jessica immediately throws the gun away but warns Arby that she doesn't need a gun to kill him as soon as she has the manuscript.

Wilson picks up a bag and goes to Letts' room. Sobbing, Letts promises him anything... and Wilson cuts him loose. He tells Letts that The Network's plan is better than genocide, gives him directions to get to the motorway, and says that he'll make it look like Letts escaped on his own. Letts gives Wilson the Assistant's email and says to contact him when he gets the manuscript. Once he's alone, Wilson knocks over Letts' chair and stabs himself in the stomach.

Jen and Michael meet with Anya, and Jen tells Anya that new evidence will be coming to light proving Anya's innocence. As Michael looks on, Jen explains that they want Anya to come with them so that they can set her up in a flat and make sure she has the best care possible. When Anya has the baby, she'll turn it over to them in return for 250,000 pounds. Disgusted, Jen tells Anya that Michael is weak but he'll make a good father, and Anya will never see her baby again. Anya breaks into tears.

Arby drives Jessica to a building that he used to use, an abandoned research base. There's a car parked in front and Arby asks if Jessica has her seatbelt on, and then rams the car. He gets out and shoots the two men with a gun, telling Jessica that he had it hidden in the bathroom stall back at the café. As they go inside, Arby tells Jessica that The Network just moved in and they have a little time.

Inside, he sets a series of pre-planned firepots to block the way behind them. Arby then takes Jessica to the cell where he grew up and takes out a rock that Carvel gave him, the oldest rock in the world. Jessica shows him her rock and Arby explains that Carvel chose him as his first experiment because he was Carvel's son. His experiments went wrong, changing Arby into what he is now. As Jessica insists that it isn't possible, they hear explosions in the distance. Arby tells her that the manuscript is there, but warns her not to take it because she'll regret learning the truth that he learned about their father. Jessica points a gun that she took from one of the dead Network agents and orders Arby to give her the manuscript. He shoves aside the bed, revealing an air vent, and Jessica takes the manuscript out and then runs out.

Becky goes back to the field to meet Donaldson and immediately starts hitting him. He admits that he plans to sell the manuscript to The Network for enough money to survive in the future that's coming when there are no more young people to pay for the old. Donaldson assures Becky that The Network is right to do what they're doing. When she refuses to bring the pages, Donaldson tells her that he'll be there tomorrow at noon with his entire supply of Thoraxin. If she's not there, he'll throw it all into the lake.

Ian goes to Michael's home and asks to talk to him about the Russian flu vaccine. He explains that there's something in the vaccine and then calls Grant forward. Michael recognizes him from the newscasts about the school massacre and Ian explains that he was set up. After a moment, Michael ushers them into the parlor and then tells Jen that he needs to sort things out. Once he closes the door, Alicia reluctantly hands over the vaccine and Ian explains what it does. He tells Michael what The Network has done, and Michael tells them to stay there while he calls Donaldson. Once he's in the hallway, Michael looks at Jen, hesitates, and then makes a call.

Grant wonders if they can trust Michael, and Michael comes back in and says that he's going to trade the vaccine for information on someone who can help them. Ian says that they have to leave and Michael tells them to return the same time tomorrow for the information. However, when they go out, they find the police waiting for them. Ian, Grant, and Alice run out the back. A police officer tackles Grant and Ian manages to escape with Alice.

Becky returns to the manor and finds Wilson, bleeding on the floor.

Jessica reads through the manuscript.

Letts returns to his office and finds Geoff and the Assistant waiting for him. Geoff asks Letts what he told the group and closes the office door, and Letts insist that he didn't tell them anything. The Assistant says that Letts is now a liability, gives Geoff a bundle of rope, and tells him to end it. Geoff hesitates, saying he can't do it, but the Assistant assures him that they've altered the records to show Letts' history of depression. He then orders Geoff to do it and walks out. After a moment, Geoff lunges at Letts.