Vengeance Unlimited

Vengeance Unlimited

When the law fails you and you need vengeance against someone who has done you wrong, there's only one person you can turn to: the mysterious Mr. Chapel (Michael Madsen). Do you need your oppressor conned, rob, or terrorized? Mr. Chapel will do it all, and promises satisfaction guaranteed. He won't kill, but that's okay: his targets will wish they were dead by the time he's through with them.

Mr. Chapel's salary for services rendered? One million dollars. Or... you owe him one favor. You do anything he asks, when he asks. If you don't do what he asks... well, you don't want to know what happens next.

Helping Mr. Chapel is a former client, KC Griffin (Kathleen York). She's as close to Mr. Chapel as he allows anyone to get, and curious to know where he's been and why he's dedicated to anonymous vengeance. He's not talking, but she keeps trying. Meanwhile, she's learning the business... the business of Vengeance Unlimited.

Episode Info

Final: 1x16 -- Friends (Feb/25/1999)

Michael MadsenMichael Madsen
As Mr. Chapel
Kathleen YorkKathleen York
As KC Griffin

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1x1: Cruel and Unusual recap: Secretary Lucy Hargess is working late at her law firm. She calls home and her daughter Caroline answers. Caroline asks to speak to William and when he takes the phone, she tells her husband that she pulled the wrong files for her boss, investment banker Edward Pike. The files show offshore bank accounts for millions of dollars, and figures that Edward has been laundering money. As Daniel tells her to come home, Edward cuts off the phone and strangles Lucy, slamming her face down on a photocopier that goes off... read more.
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Scott Patterson as Detective Tom Swain (2 eps)

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