Season 4

35 :04x01 - The Devil's Disciple

A conman posing as a preacher entices victims to a bogus farm with the promise of good jobs and then hunts them down like wild animals.

Source: Investigation Discovery

36 :04x02 - Bachelor Number One

A handsome serial killer becomes infamous when he is chosen as the successful dating contestant on a popular game show.

Source: Investigation Discovery

37 :04x03 - Muse to Murder

A troubled young man becomes enraged when he is rejected by the love of his life. Craving her long brown hair, he rapes and murders women that remind him of her.

Source: Investigation Discovery

38 :04x04 - Lethal Lover

A playboy cruises the bars of Texas, seducing successful women with big bank accounts, while concealing his sinister intentions and a deadly weapon.

Source: Investigation Discovery

39 :04x05 - Thrill Killer

A look at a man who imitated the Charles Manson killings with his henchmen as they staged home invasions and plotted a Valentines Day massacre.

40 :04x06 - Intimate Sacrifice

A twisted blackmailer extorts sexual bribes by duping women into believing those they love are in jeopardy. The victims are shocked when they discover they were misled. The rapist continues his cruel con until a police officer vows to bring him to justice.

Source: Investigation Discovery

41 :04x07 - An Eye for an Eye

A predator with a depraved obsession stalks a small Texan town on a hunt for bodily trophies. When the bodies of prostitutes turn up on the streets with their eyeballs surgically removed, the police know they are on the hunt for a disturbed serial killer.

Source: Investigation Discovery

42 :04x08 - Spin Doctor

A sexual predator uses his talent to disarm women on dating websites. He poses as doctor, meets his unsuspecting dates, then drugs and rapes them. It is a case of ‘he said versus she said’ until he chooses a victim whose testimony is beyond dispute.

Source: Investigation Discovery

43 :04x09 - Conman Casanova

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44 :04x10 - Badge of Terror

A Miami-Dade police officer descends into depravity when he conducts voodoo sex and has sex with prostitutes. It leads to the abduction, torture, and murder of two women.

Source: Investigation Discovery