Season 2

8 :02x01 - Natural Born Killer

A daughter moves to a small town in Oregon to be closer to her mother and partner, only to lose them to a brutal killer. As the investigation intensifies, a state-wide manhunt finally brings down this natural born killer.

Source: Investigation Discovery

9 :02x02 - Baseline Killer

A brazen serial rapist and killer terrorize the women of Phoenix, Arizona over a few short months. He eludes capture, his assaults growing bolder, but does not count on sophisticated police technology to foil his plans.

Source: Investigation Discovery

10 :02x03 - Pyscho Sailor

A sister and mother are found dead in the Rouge River in Dearborn Heights, MI. As police amp up their search for the killer, he strikes again, this time in Detroit. A task force is formed, but will they realize the killer is right under their nose?

Source: Investigation Discovery

11 :02x04 - B.T.K

A killer remains at large for decades after murdering a family.

Source: Investigation Discovery

12 :02x05 - The Schoolboy Shooter

Sam Christie has been plagued by a horrible secret since he was a boy. After seeing ghosts of the past and suffering terrible nightmares, he starts realizing the truth. He witnessed a brutal torture and murder of a young woman. But who did the killing?

Source: Investigation Discovery

13 :02x06 - The Center City Stalker

A woman makes a horrifying discovery of human remains in the driveway of a suburban Hamilton, ON home. When the homeowner is arrested, he refuses to talk but what police uncover will expose a dark history of violence and murder.

Source: Investigation Discovery

14 :02x07 - Sins of the Father

A serial rapist uses the cover of gangland violence to cover his killing spree in South Central, LA during the 1980s. When a homeless woman survives his latest assault, police finally have the key to ending a 15 years of terror.

Source: Investigation Discovery

15 :02x08 - The Inhuman Trafficker

Recalling the case of a New Mexico man who allegedly kidnapped and tortured women.

Source: Investigation Discovery

18 :02x11 - Center City Rapist

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