Very Bad Men

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 24/Sep/2006 Pilot: The Don Juan of Con
02 01x02 01/Oct/2006 Masters of Greed
03 01x03 08/Oct/2006 The Deadly Messiah
04 01x04 15/Oct/2006 The Sweetheart Swindler
05 01x05 22/Oct/2006 The Man Who Married Too Much
06 01x06 29/Oct/2006 The High Rolling Reverend

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
08 02x01 15/Oct/2007 Natural Born Killer
09 02x02 07/Nov/2007 Baseline Killer
10 02x03 14/Nov/2007 Pyscho Sailor
11 02x04 21/Nov/2007 B.T.K
12 02x05 28/Nov/2007 The Schoolboy Shooter
13 02x06 05/Dec/2007 The Center City Stalker
14 02x07 30/Jan/2008 Sins of the Father
15 02x08 09/Feb/2008 The Inhuman Trafficker
16 02x09 16/Feb/2008 The Cold Blooded Charmer
17 02x10 27/Feb/2008 Man Without a Conscience
18 02x11 05/Mar/2008 Center City Rapist

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
20 03x02 13/Sep/2012 The Steel Town Slayer
21 03x03 20/Sep/2012 Corridor Killer
22 03x04 27/Sep/2012 The Toy Box Torturer
23 03x05 04/Oct/2012 Like a Hurricane
24 03x06 11/Oct/2012 A Wolf Among the Sheep
25 03x07 18/Oct/2012 Hunting Humans
26 03x08 25/Oct/2012 Trained to Kill
27 03x09 01/Nov/2012 The Bayou Strangler
28 03x10 08/Nov/2012 A Deadly Burning Passion
29 03x11 15/Nov/2012 Captured Alive
31 03x13 06/Dec/2012 To Kill and Kill Again
32 03x14 20/Dec/2012 Last Call Killer
33 03x15 27/Dec/2012 Hell on Wheels
34 03x16 03/Jan/2013 911 to Murder

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
35 04x01 01/Apr/2014 The Devil's Disciple
36 04x02 01/Apr/2014 Bachelor Number One
37 04x03 08/Apr/2014 Muse to Murder
38 04x04 08/Apr/2014 Lethal Lover
39 04x05 15/Apr/2014 Thrill Killer
40 04x06 22/Apr/2014 Intimate Sacrifice
41 04x07 29/Apr/2014 An Eye for an Eye
42 04x08 06/May/2014 Spin Doctor
43 04x09 13/May/2014 Conman Casanova
44 04x10 20/May/2014 Badge of Terror

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