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Season 3

69 :03x01 - The Trial

Josh goes after Daniel Trenner, a man being court martialed.
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (1) as Daniel Trenner | James Coburn as Howard Caflett | John Pickard (2) as Carl Langley | Edwin Mills as Sam Atkins | Tom Vize as Harvey Griffith | Bob January as Frank Nelson
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: Ed Adamson

70 :03x02 - The Cure

A woman hires Josh to keep her husband from drinking himself to death.
Guest Stars: Claudia Bryar as Emily Kendrick | Charles P. Thompson as Dr. Williams | Thomas Browne Henry as Alfred Simmons (as Thomas B. Henry) | Chuck Hayward as A Rider | Harold Stone as Harry Simmons (as Harold J. Stone) |
Uncredited: Rex Andrews as Townsman | Rod McGaughy as Townsman | Cap Somers as Townsman
Director: Gene Reynolds
Writer: Ed Adamson

71 :03x03 - Journey for Josh

Josh falls for a female prisoner he's escorting to another prison.
Guest Stars: Lisa Gaye as Susan Marno | Jason Wingreen as Nick Peters | Orville Sherman as Sheriff Owens | Charles Bail as Larry Thayer | Russ Bender as Sheriff Tom Brice
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: Ed Adamson

72 :03x04 - The Looters

Josh heads to River City, but is shocked when a tornado destroys the jail and kills the sheriff.
Guest Stars: Gloria Blondell as Lucy | Dennis Patrick as Eli | Tom Gilson as Frank | John Alderman as Chum (as John L. Alderman) | Pat McCaffrie as Leonard (as Patric F. McCaffrie) | Dave Willock as Judge | John Eldredge as Bartender (Phineos Porter) | Gaines Kincaid as Sheriff
Director: Harry Harris

73 :03x05 - The Twain Shall Meet

A reporter follows Josh on his latest manhunt.
Guest Stars: Michael Lipton as Arthur Pierce Madison | Mary Tyler Moore as Sophie Anderson | Howard Ledig as Jack Torrance | Allen Jaffe as Sid Gonda | Rodney Bell as First Man | Jim Hayward as Second Man | Joseph J. Greene as Jim Arnold (as Joseph Greene) |
Uncredited: Rex Andrews as Barfly | Cap Somers as Tom The Bartender | Jack Stoney as Barfly
Director: Richard Donner

74 :03x06 - The Showdown

Josh's childhood friend escapes from prison and Josh is sent to retrieve him.
Guest Stars: Tom Drake as Johnny Haywood | June Dayton as Gloria Haywood | Jackie Loughery as Kitty Connors | Walter Sande as Sheriff Walt Spence | Mark Allen (1) as Charlie Evans (Deputy) | William Vaughn as Carl Silvers (as William Vaughan) | Leake Bevil as Howie | Robert Williams (1) as Phil (as Bob Williams)
Director: Murray Golden
Writer: Ed Adamson

75 :03x07 - Surprise Witness

When Josh captures a deadly man, no one comes forward to testify against him out of fear for their own lives.
Guest Stars: Sari Price as Evelyn Martinson | Argentina Brunetti as Juanita Domingo | Bill Quinn (1) as Sheriff George Mason | Sam Hearn as Leon Faber | Robert Kenneally as Marty (as Robert W. Kenneally) | Lee Bergere as Carlos Domingo |
Uncredited: Nick Borgani as Townsman
Director: Murray Golden
Writer: Ed Adamson

76 :03x08 - To the Victor

A town hires Josh to convince their female residents to return to town.
Guest Stars: Frank Albertson as Mike Strata | George Ramsey as Walt Pierson | Nacho Galindo as Howard Wiley | Olan Soule as Simon Denton | Hal K. Dawson as Henry Foster | Jan Stine as Kenneth Adams | Diana Crawford as Millie | Susan Crane as Alice Adams | Richard Farnsworth as Hal (as Dick Farnsworth) | Vince Deadrick, Sr. as Norman (as Vince Deadrick) | Suzanne Storrs as Liz Strata
Director: Murray Golden
Writer: Ed Adamson

77 :03x09 - Criss-Cross

Josh accidentally captures the wrong man.
Guest Stars: Mark Rydell as Tom Adams | Vaughn Taylor as Doc Adams | Patricia King as Nora Dawson | John Craven (1) as Zach Dawson | Robert Nash as Sheriff Hal Martenson | Guy Wilkerson as Prospector
Director: Murray Golden

78 :03x10 - The Medicine Man

Josh and a man posing as a medicine man help a man framed for robbery.
Guest Stars: Cloris Leachman as Ann Barchester | J. Pat O'Malley as Doc (Doctor Farnsworth F. Farnsworth) | John Baer as Jim Lansing | Ted de Corsia as Arthur Barchester (as Ted Decorsia) | Richard Bartell as Man | Ben Morris as Sheriff | Ric Applewhite as 2nd Man | James Parnell as Bartender |
Uncredited: Joe Ploski as Townsman | Cap Somers as Townsman | Jack Stoney as Townsman
Director: Richard Donner

79 :03x11 - One Mother Too Many

A widow hires Josh to find her runaway son.
Guest Stars: Joyce Meadows as Beth Morrison | Bryan Russell as Davey Morrison | Betty Lou Gerson as Irene Goodhue Morrison | Raymond Greenleaf as Judge Timothy Banning | Lewis Charles as Malcolm | Robert F. Hoy as James (as Robert Hoy) | Richard Adams (1) as Rancher |
Uncredited: Bill Hart as Buggy Driver
Director: Harry Harris

80 :03x12 - The Choice

A woman asks Josh to help her husband who is also a bounty hunter.
Guest Stars: Dick Foran as Frank Koster | Maxine Stuart as Jane Koster | Burt Douglas as Stacy Lenz | Barbara Hines as Martha Towers | Chuck Hayward as Bob Bradley
Director: Harry Harris

81 :03x13 - Three for One

Josh, while bringing a prisoner to justice, stops in a town where its residents are plotting to free Josh's prisoner.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Tom (Tom Fellow) | Gloria Talbott as Jennifer Clay (as Gloria Talbot) | Terry Becker as Deputy Fred Kimball (as Adam Becker) | Leonard Bell as Sheriff Ken Turner | Sydney Smith as Ben Farrell (as Sidney Smith) | Dee Pollock as Ben Jr. | Harry Landers as Lafe (Lafe Martin) | Kasey Rogers as Kate | Fred Krone as Walt |
Uncredited: Nick Borgani as Townsman | Robert Robinson (1) as Townsman
Director: Murray Golden

82 :03x14 - Witch Woman

Josh tries to stop a man from killing anyone that looks at his girlfriend.
Guest Stars: Jeanette Nolan as La Curandera | Victor Millan as Rafael Guerra | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Don Emilio Flores (as Rodolfo Hoyos) | Julia Montoya as Esperanza | Tom Hernández as Carlos | Ruben Moreno as Juan |
Uncredited: Nick Borgani as Townsman
Director: Harry Harris

83 :03x15 - Baa-Baa

Josh is hired to find Mrs. Goode's beloved pet.
Guest Stars: Hollis Irving as Helen Goode | Dave Willock as George Goode | Stuart Randall (1) as Watkins | Gerald Milton as Moose | Robert Easton as Jeff | Wally Brown (1) as Bartender | Judith Rawlins as Hazel | Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez as Pedro Hernandez (as Gonzales Gonzales) | Frank Gerstle as Foreman | Joe Devlin as Larry | Sailor Vincent as Man (as Sailor Billy Vincent) |
Uncredited: Nick Borgani as Barfly | Jack Stoney as Barfly
Director: Harry Harris

84 :03x16 - The Last Retreat

When a man escapes from prison, Josh must protect the woman whose testimony put him away.
Guest Stars: Constance Ford as Sarah Lawton | Ross Elliott as Jim Lawton | Warren Oates as Clem Robinson (as Warren M. Oates) | John Cliff as Tom Jenks | William Hudson (2) as Sheriff
Director: Richard Donner

85 :03x17 - Bounty on Josh

Josh must find the man behind the fatal shooting of a man at a hotel.
Guest Stars: Jean Allison as Carol Frazer | Rhys Williams as Doctor | Michael Greene (1) as Sheriff Willis (as Michael Green) | Jay Adler as Ferris | Ric Applewhite as Bartender | Jerry Lawrence as Drunk (as Jerry C. Lawrence)
Director: Richard Donner
Writer: Ed Adamson

86 :03x18 - Hero in the Dust

Josh is hired by a man to find his twin brother.
Guest Stars: Ralph Bell as Phil Richards (as Ralph S. Bell) | Audrey Clark Caire as Polly | Nick Bon Tempi as Harry Weaver (and introducing) | Paul Bon Tempi as Pete Weaver (and introducing) |
Uncredited: Jimmie Booth as Barfly | Milan Smith as Barfly
Director: Harry Harris

87 :03x19 - Epitaph

Josh helps out an old friend, but things take a turn when another bounty hunter gets involved.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Jim Kramer |
Guest Stars: Enid Jaynes as Martha Boyd (as Enid Janes) | Lewis Charles as Hoyt Larson | James Drake (1) as Larry Simons (as James R. Drake) | Bart Burns as Sheriff Walt Sommers | Richard Keene as Karl (as Dick Keene)
Director: Harry Harris

88 :03x20 - The Voice of Silence

Josh is hired to protect a man's half-deaf daughter while he is out of town on business. During his time at the farm, Josh has an encounter with a bank robber.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Kearney as Carol Hagen | Roy Barcroft as Frank Hagen | Dick Rich as Harry Brice | Herman Rudin as Drifter | Vince Deadrick, Sr. as Ken (Ken Brice, as Vince Deadrick) | Charles Bail as Wally (Wally Brice, as Chuck Bail)
Director: Richard Donner
Writer: Ed Adamson

89 :03x21 - El Gato

A photographer, Archie Warner, heads west in hopes of taking the first picture of El Gato, a famous bandit from Mexico. Josh, an old friend of El Gato, is hired by Archie to help him meet the bandit.
Guest Stars: Noah Beery, Jr. as El Gato (as Noah Beery) | Olan Soule as Archie Warner | Steven Marlo as Coyote | Jason Johnson as Hotel Clerk | Roberto Contreras as Jimanez | Don Carlos as Pedro | Linda Cordova as Maria | Bernie Gozier as Butera |
Uncredited: Kermit Maynard as Townsman
Director: Murray Golden
Writer: Ed Adamson

90 :03x22 - Detour

A nervous suitor hires Josh to help him elope with the daughter of a man who wants her to stay for her cooking.
Special Guest Stars: Howard Smith as Martin Fairweather |
Guest Stars: Melinda Plowman as Patience Fairweather | Jan Brooks as Jane Fairweather | Byron Foulger as Reverend | Jacqueline Park as Waitress (as Jacquelyne Park) | Howard Morris as Clayton Armstrong
Director: Murray Golden

91 :03x23 - Monday Morning

After stealing a large amount of money, Charlie Glover hires Josh to help him return it after having a change of heart.
Guest Stars: Richard Carlyle as Charlie Glover | Ralph Bell as Sam Vickers (as Ralph S. Bell) | Bill Quinn (1) as Porter Fairchild | David Manley as Joseph Richards | Craig Duncan as Sheriff |
Uncredited: Frank Ellis as Sweeping Storekeeper
Director: Murray Golden
Writer: Ed Adamson

92 :03x24 - The Long Search

Yoshika Nakamura hires Josh to help her find Bill Timmons, a man who promised he would marry her during a visit to Japan.
Guest Stars: Linda Wong as Yoshika Nakamura | Lynette Bernay as Kitty (as Lynn Bernay) | Dale Ishimoto as Taro Yamamoto | Robert Kenneally as Bill Timmons | William Eben Stephens as Frank | Stanley Clements as Krebs | Olan Soule as Clerk |
Uncredited: Rex Andrews as Townsman | Jimmy Noel as Barfly | William H. O'Brien as Bartender
Director: Murray Golden

93 :03x25 - Dead Reckoning

When Paul Decker is wanted for murder, his wife hires Josh to find her husband and bring him back alive before the vigilantes catch him first.
Guest Stars: James Lydon as Paul Decker | John Alderman as Wade Taggert (as John L. Alderman) | Chuck Hayward as Burt Taggert | Jan Brooks as Barbara Decker | Leonard Bell as Ollie Prescott | Roy Engel as Sheriff Art Hampton
Director: Murray Golden
Writer: Ed Adamson

94 :03x26 - Barney's Bounty

Josh tries to get an old friend and son to reconcile their differences.
Special Guest Stars: Noah Beery, Jr. as Barney Durant (as Noah Beery) |
Guest Stars: John Bolt as David Durant (as Jonathan Bolt) | Alan Austin as Rake Barton (as Al Austin) | Vince Deadrick, Sr. as Sy Benton (as Vince Deadrick) | Bill Hart as Frank Garth (as William Hart) | Bill Quinn (1) as Bartender |
Uncredited: Jan Arvan as Pedro | Richard Alexander (1) as Nels Svenson
Director: Richard Donner
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 06, 1958
Ended: March 29, 1961
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