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Wanted: Dead or Alive

John Robinson (2)     Producer (1958-1960)68 Eps
Ed Adamson     Producer (1960-1961)26 Eps
Frank Sullivan     Editor6 Eps
Jerry Young (2)     Editor3 Eps
Lyle Boyer     Editor10 Eps
Fred MacDowell     Editor2 Eps
J. Frank O'Neill     Editor5 Eps
Harry Marker     Editor3 Eps
Milton Shifman     Editor2 Eps
Robert B. Hoover     Editor2 Eps
Edward A. Biery     Editor5 Eps
Elbert K. Hollingsworth     Editor4 Eps
Marsh Hendry     Editor1 Eps
Folmar Blangsted     Editor1 Eps
Chandler House     Editor5 Eps
Thomas Neff     Editor1 Eps
Robert Belcher     Editor1 Eps
Lester Orlebeck     Editor9 Eps
Jack Wheeler     Editor2 Eps
Bud S. Isaacs     Editor1 Eps
Sherman Todd     Editor5 Eps
Ellsworth Hoagland     Editor4 Eps
Joseph Silver     Editor3 Eps
Desmond Marquette     Editor8 Eps
Arthur Hilton     Editor6 Eps
Samuel E. Beetley     Editor3 Eps
Marvin Schnall     Casting3 Eps
Harvey Clermont     Casting3 Eps
Marjory McKay     Casting89 Eps
Rudy Schrager     Music 
Aubrey Lind     Music Editor52 Eps
Harry King (2)     Music Supervisor (1958-1959)36 Eps
Herschel Burke Gilbert     Music Supervisor (1959-1961)58 Eps
Paul Malcolm     Make-up1 Eps
Al Bonner     Make-up1 Eps
Carlie Taylor     Make-up83 Eps
Nick Marcellino     Make-up1 Eps
Karl Herlinger (1)     Make-up5 Eps
Webster Philips     Make-up1 Eps
Glen Daniels     Set Decorator2 Eps
John Sturtevant     Set Decorator1 Eps
John Burton (2)     Set Decorator8 Eps
Bruce MacDonald     Set Decorator1 Eps
Frank Wade     Set Decorator11 Eps
Ted Driscoll     Set Decorator1 Eps
Robert C. Bradfield     Set Decorator15 Eps
Mac Mulcahy     Set Decorator1 Eps
Alfred Kegerris     Set Decorator3 Eps
Anthony D. Nealis     Set Decorator6 Eps
Patrick Delany     Set Decorator7 Eps
Budd S. Friend     Set Decorator31 Eps
Carl Biddiscombe     Set Decorator1 Eps
Chester L. Bayhi     Set Decorator72 Eps
Harold W. Johnson     Property Master4 Eps
Kenneth Peach     Director of Photography1 Eps
Floyd Crosby     Director of Photography1 Eps
Glen MacWilliams     Director of Photography4 Eps
Howard Schwartz     Director of Photography4 Eps
George E. Diskant     Director of Photography4 Eps
Gordon Avil     Director of Photography6 Eps
Charles E. Burke     Director of Photography10 Eps
Harry J. Wild     Director of Photography12 Eps
Stanley Cortez     Director of Photography2 Eps
Lester Shorr     Director of Photography1 Eps
Carl E. Guthrie     Director of Photography3 Eps
Buddy Harris     Director of Photography (1958)2 Eps
Guy Roe     Director of Photography (1958-1959)29 Eps
Frank G. Carson     Director of Photography (1960-1961)13 Eps
Jack Sonntag     Production Supervisor58 Eps
Russell C. Forrest     Art Director4 Eps
Jack De Shields     Art Director1 Eps
Edward Ilou     Art Director3 Eps
Jan Van Tamelen     Art Director33 Eps
Bill Ross     Art Director22 Eps
William Glasgow     Art Director9 Eps
Ed Jewell     Art Director17 Eps
Louis Siegel     Art Director1 Eps
Frank T. Smith     Art Director3 Eps
Jack Sonntag     Production Manager13 Eps
Norman S. Powell     Production Manager22 Eps
Don Torpin     Production Manager3 Eps
Lloyd Allen     Production Manager (1960-1961)24 Eps
Rudy Schrager     Score58 Eps
Samuel E. Beetley     Film Editor 
Joseph Silver     Film Editor 
Jerry Young (2)     Film Editor 
Milton Shifman     Film Editor 
Fred MacDowell     Film Editor 
Robert B. Hoover     Film Editor2 Eps
Jack Wheeler     Film Editor 
Harry Marker     Film Editor 
Elbert K. Hollingsworth     Film Editor1 Eps
Edward A. Biery     Film Editor 
J. Frank O'Neill     Film Editor 
Arthur Hilton     Film Editor 
Desmond Marquette     Film Editor1 Eps
Ellsworth Hoagland     Film Editor 
Lester Orlebeck     Film Editor (1958-1959) 
Sherman Todd     Film Editor (1958-1959) 
Chandler House     Film Editor (1959-1960) 
Lyle Boyer     Film Editor (1959-1961) 
Frank Sullivan     Film Editor (1959-1961) 
Woodruff H. Clarke     Sound20 Eps
Jim Brock     Sound1 Eps
Earl Snyder     Sound4 Eps
Francis Sarver     Sound1 Eps
Tommy N. Thompson     Sound2 Eps
Don Rush     Sound16 Eps
W. Donald Flick     Sound2 Eps
Alfred Bruzlin     Sound2 Eps
Jack Wiler     Sound1 Eps
Earl Gille     Sound7 Eps
Bernard Freericks     Sound15 Eps
Clarence Peterson     Sound2 Eps
Stephen J. Bass     Sound (1959-1961)23 Eps
Robert L. Wolfe     Wardrobe2 Eps
Robert B. Harris     Wardrobe69 Eps
Bruce Fowler, Jr.     Assistant Director3 Eps
Howard Joslin     Assistant Director5 Eps
James W. Lane     Assistant Director1 Eps
Lloyd Allen     Assistant Director5 Eps
William A. Calihan, Jr.     Assistant Director2 Eps
John C. Chulay     Assistant Director4 Eps
Ray Taylor, Jr.     Assistant Director2 Eps
Marty Moss     Assistant Director3 Eps
Mike Moder     Assistant Director4 Eps
Edward Haldeman     Assistant Director1 Eps
Barry Crane     Assistant Director16 Eps
Harry R. Sherman     Assistant Director2 Eps
Richard Evans (2)     Assistant Director1 Eps
Don Torpin     Assistant Director3 Eps
Cy Brooskin     Assistant Director4 Eps
Norman S. Powell     Assistant Director1 Eps
William Dario Faralla     Assistant Director2 Eps
Grayson Rogers     Assistant Director11 Eps
Edward O. Denault     Assistant Director4 Eps
Robert Vreeland     Assistant Director3 Eps
Mike Salamunovich     Assistant Director11 Eps
Gene Anderson, Jr.     Assistant Director1 Eps
Robert White (2)     Assistant Director (1960-1961)2 Eps
Nathan Barragar     Assistant Director (1960-1961)3 Eps
Frank Baur     Production Executive36 Eps
Norman S. Powell     Unit Manager2 Eps
James Graham     Sound Effects Editor 
Bill Ross     Supervising Art Director72 Eps
Samuel E. Beetley     Editorial Supervisor22 Eps
Bernard W. Burton     Editorial Supervisor (1958-1960)72 Eps
Norval Crutcher     Sound Effects4 Eps
James Graham     Sound Effects22 Eps
Al Kennedy     Sound Effects27 Eps
Milton C. Burrow     Sound Effects1 Eps
Verna Fields     Sound Effects24 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 06, 1958
Ended: March 29, 1961
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