Warehouse 13: Grand Designs Webseries

Warehouse 13: Grand Designs Webseries

In this spinoff of Warehouse 13, Pete Lattimer is bored on a rainy day and starts playing around in the warehouse with the dog, Trailer. However, when he activates an artifact, the warehouse and its contents become two-dimensional as Warehouse 13 reverts to its original unstable form.

Episode Info

Final: 1x10 -- Chapter 10 (Jul/24/2012)

With the diorama warehouse folding in on itself, the Warehouse team races to shut down Edison's machine before it's too late.
Eddie McClintockEddie McClintock
As Pete Lattimer
Joanne KellyJoanne Kelly
As Myka Bering
Saul RubinekSaul Rubinek
As Artie Nielsen
Allison ScagliottiAllison Scagliotti
As Claudia Donovan

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1x10: Chapter 10 recap: The warehouse folds itself up and Artie orders everyone into the car. They get into the Prius and drive for the aisle, avoiding the floors as they go. They’re forced to back up only to have another floor cut off their retreat. Claudia backs up and then drives up one of the folding walls, using it as a ramp to propel the car up and out... read more.

1x9: Chapter 9 recap: The warehouse team enters the Fornax chamber and Artie informs them they have to stabilize the temperature. Myka suggests that they hook the Fornax back up so that they can control the thermostat. Artie agrees and Leena and Trailer go to contain the flames while Artie and Claudia prep the coolant system. Pete and Myka need to cross a catwalk over the blazing lava to reestablish the connection... read more.

1x8: Chapter 8 recap: As the flames spread throughout the warehouse, Claudia drives the team to the Lehmann Fornax only to come to a dead-end wall. Artie realizes that Lehmann’s Fornax was built after the diorama was created, so there’s no doorway leading to the Fornax, which is used to power the warehouse employing geothermal energy. Since the vent to the center of the earth is still open, it’s causing the flames. Artie tells the agents to find an artifact pepper mill while he and Leena fight the fires... read more.

1x7: Chapter 7 recap: The high winds from Cervantes’ Windmill finally tear Myka free of the shelves that she is holding onto. Pete grabs her and explains that he’s using Charles Atlas’ workout trunks to increase his density and remain in place. He then walks slowly against the winds, carrying Myka. However, he soon discovers that he’s too heavy to walk. Myka points out that they increase strength as well as density and tells Pete to throw her into the windmill, between the giant blades as they spin. Timing it perfectly, Pete throws her in and Myka finds Don Quixote’s Lance mounted on the wall inside. She uses it to jam the gears, shutting down the windmill. When she comes out, she discovers that Pete has been flattened to the ground by the artifact trunks, and he asks her to help remove them... read more.

1x6: Chapter 6 recap: Claudia and Artie leave the neutralizer processing center and Artie realizes that something is raising the temperature. Leena calls to tell them that a fire has started and is blocking her way to the diorama machine, and Artie tells her that they’re on their way... read more.