Chapter 7 - Recap

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The high winds from Cervantes’ Windmill finally tear Myka free of the shelves that she is holding onto. Pete grabs her and explains that he’s using Charles Atlas’ workout trunks to increase his density and remain in place. He then walks slowly against the winds, carrying Myka. However, he soon discovers that he’s too heavy to walk. Myka points out that they increase strength as well as density and tells Pete to throw her into the windmill, between the giant blades as they spin. Timing it perfectly, Pete throws her in and Myka finds Don Quixote’s Lance mounted on the wall inside. She uses it to jam the gears, shutting down the windmill. When she comes out, she discovers that Pete has been flattened to the ground by the artifact trunks, and he asks her to help remove them.

Once Myka has freed her partner, they prepare to call Artie but notice flames creeping up through the vents. Artie, Claudia, Leena, and Trailer arrive in Claudia’s Prius. As they drive to the Lehmann Fornax, Artie tells them that if they don’t put out the fire then they’ll lose the current version of the warehouse as well.