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Chapter 9 - Recap

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The warehouse team enters the Fornax chamber and Artie informs them they have to stabilize the temperature. Myka suggests that they hook the Fornax back up so that they can control the thermostat. Artie agrees and Leena and Trailer go to contain the flames while Artie and Claudia prep the coolant system. Pete and Myka need to cross a catwalk over the blazing lava to reestablish the connection.

The agents cautiously make their way across and spot the gap in the connecting pipes... which are over the center of the lava pit. The room shakes and Artie admits that he’s not sure what caused it. Meanwhile, Pete crosses the catwalk and the agents crank the connecting wheels from either side. The connecting pipes meet and Artie and Claudia activate the coolant system. The system puts out the fires and cools the lava, and the team heads out to neutralize the diorama artifact. However, before they can move, a section of the floor folds up and toward them.