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Warehouse 13: Of Monsters and Men Webseries

Warehouse 13: Of Monsters and Men Webseries

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Final: 1x10 -- Chapter 10 (Sep/06/2011)

Artie, Pete, and Claudia must get past Frank and return to the real world before it's too late.
Eddie McClintockEddie McClintock
As Pete Lattimer
Saul RubinekSaul Rubinek
As Artie Nielsen
Allison ScagliottiAllison Scagliotti
As Claudia Donovan

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1x10: Chapter 10 recap: Frank demands the lighter and opens fire on the agents, who hide behind the Prius. With time running out, Pete puts on a pair of neutralization gloves, takes the sign, and tells Artie and Claudia to get into the car. Pete then tosses the bagged lighter to Frank, and stuns him with the Tesla while he’s distracted catching it... read more.

1x9: Chapter 9 recap: As the ghouls scream in agony, Pete tries to get through to Frank. Frank insists that they’re vermin and uses the lighter on Pete... read more.

1x8: Chapter 8 recap: As the ghouls search the sanitarium corridors for the two men, Pete tells Frank that he’s going to go find Claudia. His ally objects but Pete insists and Frank gives him a sword in case his Tesla stops working again. As Pete moves off, a ghoul confronts him and tells him to leave why he can. Surprised that it can speak English, Pete attacks it but it easily snaps the blade and knocks the warehouse agent unconscious... read more.

1x7: Chapter 7 recap: At the warehouse, Leena straps herself to the wall and then tries to activate the spinner rack. It fizzles but nothing happens, and Artie is forced to cut off when he hears ghouls outside. He hides in the trunk of the car as one of the ghouls comes in and takes a jar of cookies. As he waits, Artie notices a comic sign in the trunk and realizes what they’re missing... read more.

1x6: Chapter 6 recap: At Gaines Drugstore, Artie works with the Farnesworth and finally manages to contact Leena, who is bagging the comic books. He explains what happened and she looks for the issue of City of Ghouls comic that they’re trapped in. She finds it and he tells her that she needs to use the spinner rack to reopen the portal. Artie warns her that most gateway portals have a time limit so that she doesn’t act quickly then they’ll be trapped forever... read more.

Producer: Gregg Tilson
Associate Producer: Kenny Micka
Editor: Andrew Seklir
Music: Paul Cristo, Edward Rogers
Supervising Sound Editor: Daniel Colman
Re-Recording Mixer: Robert Carr
Post Production Assistant: Samantha Hollon
Sound Designer: Daniel Colman

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