Chapter 9 - Recap

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As the ghouls scream in agony, Pete tries to get through to Frank. Frank insists that they’re vermin and uses the lighter on Pete.

In the real world, Leena places a collection of artifact mirrors around the spinner rack. She then calls Artie on the Farnesworth and jump-starts it using the comic that the agents are trapped in. However, Artie says she has to wait until Pete and Claudia return.

Claudia kicks the lighter out of Frank’s hand, breaking the fire spell. A ghoul grabs it and prepares to use it on Frank. Claudia points out that it can do to Frank what he has done to them, but the ghoul insists that they have suffered. She offers to bag it and make it harmless, and the ghoul finally turns it over. It then tells Frank to run and never come back. As Frank leaves, Pete wonders how they can let him escape and the ghoul says that Claudia was right. They hold hands briefly and then Pete and Claudia quickly leave.

When Pete and Claudia return to the drugstore, Artie gives Leena the go-ahead. She activates the perpetual motion machine and the energy flows into the spinning rack, opening the portal. The spinner rack appears and Artie attaches the sign to it. However, Frank comes in with a shotgun and tells them that no one is going anywhere until they return the lighter.