Chapter 10 - Recap

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Frank demands the lighter and opens fire on the agents, who hide behind the Prius. With time running out, Pete puts on a pair of neutralization gloves, takes the sign, and tells Artie and Claudia to get into the car. Pete then tosses the bagged lighter to Frank, and stuns him with the Tesla while he’s distracted catching it.

Once the man is down, Pete attaches the sign to the spinner rack and gets in the car. As the portal opens, the trio buckles up and the car reappears outside the warehouse. Leena greets them and Pete picks up the comic to find out how it all ended. Claudia takes it from him and tells him that she’s not afraid of monsters because there’s no such thing. Artie interrupts them to tell them to put the comics away. As they others go inside, Artie reads the comic, which ends with him reading the comic.