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Jeff Hawker [1996-2001], played by Peter Bensley

Jeff Hawker was a Senior Sergeant at the Water Police, before he won an appeal and became Chief Inspector. He was married to Gail, though they were divorced in season four. Out of that marriage, they had two children - Rick and Erin.

Jeff generally got along well with most of his colleagues, though like all working relationships, there were ups and downs. He was always a by the book kind of police officer, even choosing to charge his son over stolen fireworks in season two.

He took a break from policing in season six, and also wrote a book - 'The History of the Water Police'.
Helen Blakemore [1996-2001], played by Toni Scanlan

Helen Blakemore was a Sergeant with the Sydney Water Police, and became a Senior Sergeant in season three. She was openly gay, something which all of her colleagues knew about - or eventually knew. Her relationships however, never lasted for one reason or the other, though she did have a small desire to have a child one day.

Helen was close friends to Frank, who she had known for over ten years, and Rachel. She also had a bit of a friendly rivalry with Jeff - particularly in season one, when they were both of similar rank.

She had a good, if at times dry, sense of humour, an important aspect of being a police officer.
Gavin Sykes [1996-2001], played by Brett Partridge

Gavin Sykes was a Senior Constable with the Sydney Water Police, generally in charge of driving (or patrolling) the Nemesis. He was close friends with Tommy, who got along like brothers. It is known that he grew up in country New South Wales, something which he is teased about a couple of times in season one.

Gavin could be a little immature at times, often making crude remarks but generally these types of remarks were all in good nature.

He was never shown in many relationships, however, in season five he met Eva, with whom he had an instant connection. They got married and had a baby in season six.
Frank Holloway [1996-1999], played by Colin Friels

Frank Holloway was a Detective Senior Constable with the Sydney Water Police. It is known that he was once a Sergeant, but was demoted for reasons unknown. The oldest of three boys, he grew up on the wharves of Sydney, where his father (and brother Jimmy) worked. When Frank became a police officer however, he became an outsider to both his father and Jimmy. His other brother Kevin, followed in his footsteps.

Frank was a police officer who didn't always do things by the book, which tended to get him into trouble with Internal Affairs. He was investigated three times for corruption - the last of which was the most serious.

He got along well with his partner Rachel, and though it was never said, it was obvious that he had feelings for her.
Rachel Goldstein [1996-1999], played by Catherine McClements

Rachel Goldstein was a Detective Senior Constable with the Sydney Water Police. An only child, she was once married to a lawyer, Jonathon, and out of that marriage they had a son named David. Like a lot of police officers however, she was married to the job and didn't have much of a private life.

Out of the few relationships Rachel did have, the most significant of which was with fellow detective Jack Christey in season three (and four). She didn't like him much at first, but it eventually developed into love.

She was good friends with both Helen and Frank, the latter whom she possibly had feelings for, but nothing ever happened between them.
Tommy Tavita [1996-2000], played by Jay Laga'aia

Tommy Tavita was a Senior Constable with the Sydney Water Police, who was usually on board the Nemesis with Gavin. His background was Samoan, and his father was a fisherman.

Tommy came close to marrying in season three, when he proposed to Rhonda, however, on her hens night she accidentally hit her head and died. He was devastated by this, but continued to work.

He was good friends with Gavin and generally got along with everyone he worked with. Tommy also tried his hand at detective work a number of times, on those occasions he worked alongside Rachel.
Dave McCall [1996-1999], played by Scott Burgess

Dave McCall was a Sergeant/Senior Sergeant with the Sydney Water Police. He was a diver, and was mostly seen about the police launch Harpy, though he was never at the wheel. Dave was married to Julie and had a teenage son named Sam, who got into trouble on a couple of occasions.

Dave was probably best known for his dry sense of humour, and witty one line remarks. He was a compassionate police officer, but at the same time, was not afraid to tell it like it is.
Jack Christey [1999-2001], played by Steve Bisley

Jack Christey was a Senior Constable (later promoted to Sergeant) with the Balmain patrol, who first appeared as a temporary replacement for Frank, who was on holiday.

He had an instant liking for Rachel, though she did not feel the same way about him. Jack asked her out a number of times, and they later slept together. Despite the way Rachel often treated Jack, he still showed interest in her, and they fell in love in season four.

Jack was surprised to find out that he had an adult daughter, Sophie, from a previous relationship.
Network: Nine Network ( Australia)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 12, 1996
Ended: August 07, 2001
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