Lie Down with Dogs - Recap

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Knocker arrives at a house where a woman has been murdered. He meets with Sergeant Capella, who is from Witness Security. Sergeant Capella tells him what happened, and Knocker asks him if the woman is one of their witnesses. She was, she was due to give evidence at an upcoming inquiry into police corruption. Billy Pope is the man they think killed the woman, whose name was Liz Rowe. Sergeant Capella asks Knocker if he knows a detective named Frank Holloway, they think Frank told Billy where to find Liz.

They go to the Water Police station, where they want to talk to Frank about Liz. They also want to talk to Rachel as well. Knocker talks to Frank alone, without the tape recorders.

Dave walks into the station where Jeff has a job for him. A body is trapped in a limestone shaft.

Rachel goes to see Clarke, who wants to talk about Frank. He asks her if she's concerned about what is happening, but she says no. Meanwhile, Knocker continues to talk to Frank, saying that they have arrested Billy for murder. He soon turns on the tape, and lets in other officers, to interview him formally.

The divers arrive at the site of the limestone shaft. Over the radio, Jeff tells them about the shaft and the water inside it. He also tells them who the victim is - a woman who was recently married. She and her husband went diving together but she never resurfaced.

Frank arrives at the station, but he's not supposed to be there. Internal Affairs haven't gone through his things yet, so Clarke wants him to stay at home until I.A talk to him.

Terry prepares to dive in the shaft. Dave asks Glenn Forbes, the woman's husband, what it's like down in the shaft. He tells him, and Terry and another diver go down into the shaft.

Frank is at home, smoking and listening to the radio. He looks around him and decides to paint the kitchen walls. At the station, Knocker interviews Billy Pope about the murder of Liz. Billy claims that he was covered in blood because he had a nose bleed. Billy stops talking, he wants a solicitor. After the interview, Knocker and Rachel talk. Rachel tells him that Frank talked to Connie, asking where Liz was. She then asks him if Frank did what Witness Security thinks he did. Knocker asks her if she thinks that Frank would help have a woman killed, and she says no.

Internal Affairs go through Frank's things in the office. Rachel walks in, and sees them going through his desk. Kevin arrives and they go and talk out on the balcony. Kevin is being kept out of it because he is Frank's brother, and Rachel tells him that she's not sure what to do in regards to Frank.

Jeff informs the Nemesis crew that there is a brawl at the fish markets. When they arrive, they see what is happening and try to break it up. Tommy spots his father, who has been injured in the brawl. When they take everyone back to the station, Fiona learns that it was Tommy's father who started the fight - in response to detergent being poured on his fishing catch.

Terry meanwhile is still diving in the shaft. He finds the woman's torch and Dave tells him that they will get the map and try again tomorrow. Terry tells Mr Forbes that he didn't see his wife anywhere.

Tommy tells his father that he has to stop starting fights with the Rispoli's. When Tommy says that the next time he starts something, he won't be able to do anything, Mr Tavita replies "that's because you're a policeman first and a son second."

At Frank's house, he and Kevin sit outside and drink beer. Kevin asks him about Billy Pope. Frank says that Billy didn't kill Liz so it doesn't matter. At the fish markets, Tommy looks for his father, who has been knocked to the ground and is unconscious. Rachel talks to Jeff and Clarke about what Mr Tavita told her. They think it might be more payback.

In the morning, Kevin asks Frank what he is going to do if things don't work out with I.A. Frank says he's done nothing wrong and that he'll be back at work tomorrow. Kevin says that he'd better finish painting the kitchen today.

Knocker talks with Inspector Brady, who is watching a lineup to see if the next door neighbour of Liz Rowe will identify Billy Pope - she does. Despite this, Knocker says that he's not ready to charge Billy with anything. Frank talks to Knocker, saying if he wants to do anything for him, he has to find the person who actually killed Liz.

Back at the shaft site, Dave has a map and is directing Terry where to go. He finds the woman, trapped underneath some rocks. Suddenly though, there is another rock fall and it traps Terry. When Dave doesn't get a response, he sends another diver to go and look for him; she brings Terry to the surface - he is unconscious and has to go into the decompression chamber. Dave tells Mr Forbes that his wife's body has sunk to a level that they can't safely dive and it can't be recovered.

Inspector Brady from Internal Affairs interviews Frank, who says he didn't get Billy to find Liz Rowe and kill her. Kevin in the meantime, finds a man whose car was seen driving up and down the street the same time Liz was killed. Knocker interviews the man, who is quite obviously stoned.

The Nemesis crew receive a distress call, it's from Tommy's fathers' boat. The Rispoli family are there, they heard the emergency call. Tommy's father is unconscious. At night, Tommy goes down to the fish markets with the intent of hurting the Rispoli family. Gavin is there however, and stops him before anything can happen.

Knocker tells Inspector Brady that they have a confession from the drug user - he killed Billy Pope and the motive was robbery. Inspector Brady can't believe it, and tells Frank that it's not over. Knocker and Frank walk down the stairs; Frank wonders how Knocker managed to get a confession. Knocker tells Frank that Rachel told him about Connie, Frank looks a little annoyed.

Fiona goes to the hospital to see Terry, who is asleep. She has some flowers, and as she is about to leave, she goes back and takes the note with her.

Frank arrives back at the station, seeing Rachel in their office. He confronts her about telling Knocker about Connie. Rachel mutters something under her breath, and then says that maybe one of them should transfer out of there. Frank says he has nothing against having her as a partner. Rachel tells him that if she's gonna be his partner, it has to be all the time. Frank says okay, offers to buy her a drink, and they leave.