V.I.P. - Recap

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Rachel is waiting outside a house overlooking the water. The Nemesis crew arrives, along with Frank. Rachel tells them what happened - a home invasion, in which a young Asian man was shot by the owner of the house. Inside the house, Frank and Rachel talk to the owners, Mr and Mrs Diem. Mr Diem tells Frank what happened while Rachel looks at some photos and notices a young boy in them. She asks them where their son, Francis, is. Mr Diem is adamant that he is staying with friends, but Mrs Diem eventually tells them that the robbers wanted money and he's been kidnapped.

At the station, everyone is waiting in the Muster Room when Tommy, Gavin and Fiona arrive, late. Helen tells them about Operation Terrier, which has come about because outboard motors are being sold by kids living in warehouses in Walsh Bay. Jeff tells them to raid, search and arrest. He then says that two US Secret Service personnel will be arriving ahead of the US President's visit.

Rachel tells Clarke that the kidnappers want $100,000 at the end of the Diem's pier or else the boy dies at 5pm the next day. She and Frank then conduct separate interviews of Mr and Mrs Diem as they think Mr Diem wants to do things his own way. Mr and Mrs Diem eventually agree to do what the police say, organising the ransom money. Meanwhile, the US Secret Service personnel arrive.

At the warehouses in Walsh Bay, the Nemesis crew find a number of teenagers, who run upon seeing Gavin. One of them jumps in the water and Tommy steers the Nemesis towards him, Fiona tells the boy to get in the boat.

Frank tells Mr and Mrs Diem that he and Rachel will be at their house before dark, to oversee the ransom money so they can arrest whoever picks it up.

Jeff talks to the US Secret Service personnel, Agents Doherty and Carter, along with Dave, Helen and Clarke. Agent Carter wants to go over everything again, and when asked by Clarke if there is something to be concerned about, she replies "everything is a matter of concern, Chief Inspector".

The Nemesis crew arrives at the Water Police station with the teenagers they arrested earlier. Helen tells Frank that the weapon used by the people in the home invasion was Navy issue and he needs to contact Con Vellis.

While Jeff is out on the Nemesis, with Agents Carter and Doherty, Tommy talks to one of the teenagers from the warehouse. He tells him that he's not the enemy, he's just here to help.

At the hospital, Frank asks Rachel if he could use her mobile. Rachel doesn't understand why he can't get his own mobile to which Frank makes a long explanation. Rachel gives Frank her phone to shut him up, and he talks to Con Vellis, a lieutenant in the Navy. He makes a joke about his new partner being "crazy about Greeks" and when he's off the phone Rachel asks him if he's bored.

On the Nemesis, Terry tells Fiona that someone brought him flowers when he was in hospital. The nurse there told him it was a petite blonde, to which Fiona says "sounds like Tavita to me". Jeff sees them talking and asks Dave if something is going on between them. "Not to my knowledge," replies Dave, and Jeff says that there better not be.

At the hospital Rachel is waiting for Frank. He gets off the elevator with a can of lemonade in his hand. He wants to use it to get fingerprints off the teenager injured in the home invasion. The nurse arrives to show them to the boy's room. While Rachel is asking the nurse if he has any identifying marks on him, Frank presses the boy's fingers against the soft drink can. They then leave.

Terry goes diving underneath some wharves at the Opera House, and Agent Carter tells Jeff that Agent Doherty was a diver in the US Navy. Dave gets himself into an awkward situation with Agent Doherty when he tells him that the water in Sydney Harbour is 'black water'. When Doherty looks at him oddly, Dave says "meaning you can't see much..." Terry meanwhile, finds a body underneath the pylons and re-surfaces.

Con Vellis is waiting for Frank at the front of the station. Gavin interviews Pete, one of the teenagers from the warehouse. Tommy talks to Sally, Pete's girlfriend. Clarke tells her that she should give her parents a second chance, and she starts to cry. When Tommy thanks him, Clarke says, "it's a gift".

Frank and Rachel arrive back at the station with pizza, meeting Con at reception. They talk to him upstairs in their office. Con tells them about the other weapons, which went missing from a Naval depot. He says it was made to look like an inside job, and one of the weapons was found in a Navy seaman's house. The man, Gary, is now in Long Bay. They go and talk to him. Gary thinks he was set up.

At night, Mr Diem puts a bag of money at the end of the wharf. Rachel and Frank are at their house too. Rachel is on the phone to her son David. Mrs Diem brings them tea and coffee.

Fiona goes to get some coffee from mealroom and sees Agent Doherty working on his laptop. She is surprised when she says hello to him and he responds. He tells her that Agent Carter likes to talk, and he likes to listen.

Back at the Diem house, Frank and Rachel talk about what time they think the ransom money will be picked up. Over the radio, a call comes in about a boat near the house, but it goes somewhere else.

Terry is showing Agent Carter around some tunnels underneath the Opera House, before they go and have a drink.

It's 3.05am, and the bag of money is still sitting out on the wharf. By the morning, the bag is still there. At the station, Clarke tells Frank that the boy who was shot during the home invasion has died. Tommy hands Frank a file that contains the dead boy's fingerprints. He also tells Frank that two of the teenagers living at the warehouse escaped from a juvenile detention centre at the same time the home invader did. Frank figures out why no one picked up the ransom money - the police had them in custody.

At the warehouses, the Water Police look for the missing boy, Francis. When Rachel repeats the demand wanted by the kidnappers, Tommy says that there is a king tide at 5pm. "He's in the water" realises Rachel. They find Francis in a tin chest, with the water at his shoulders.

Agent Carter is on the phone. She tells Helen and Jeff that the First Lady has a cold and that she's too sick to travel, so the President is no longer coming to Sydney. When they leave, Terry asks Fiona if she wants to have a drink with him.

In the detective's office, Frank is hugging Francis. Rachel tells him that it's a good look, and that fatherhood suits him. She takes a photo of them, saying that it's for the police journal. Francis' parents arrive and they are very happy to see their son.