The Shaft - Recap

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The episode opens with an announcer, Steve Murphy, on the radio. Clarke is the special guest with him in the studio. Steve takes Clarke by surprise, telling him that Glenn Forbes is in the studio (Glenn lost his wife in Lie Down with Dogs) and vents about the work of the Water Police divers.

Officers from Internal Affairs, including Inspector Brady, film Frank taking an envelope of money from a warehouse. Frank then goes into work, where he wants to give the envelope to Clarke but he's busy. So Frank ends up giving the envelope to Helen instead.

Clarke talks to Dave and the other divers, who need to go out to the underground shaft location again, as Mr Forbes still wants to retrieve the body of his wife.

A woman talks to Rachel and Frank, she is the wife of Gary, who is in prison due to allegedly stealing firearms from the Navy. She says that he is innocent, and wants them to talk to his old boss, Warrant Officer Craig.

The Nemesis crew talk to a man on a wharf, as they have had reports about some people acting suspiciously around there. The man says his name is Peter Hughes, claims he saw someone leave on a boat, and when Tommy asks him what he is doing there, he says that he is waiting for a friend. Tommy asks to see some I.D, and the man punches him in the face and runs off.

At Long Bay Correctional Centre, Frank and Rachel talk to Gary, the man who thinks he was set up for stealing Navy firearms. Like his wife, Gary tells them to talk to his former boss.

Back at the station, Gavin is giving Tommy some medical attention. Jeff stands to one corner, saying "a blond giant punched you out and ran away?". Tommy looks at him oddly, and Jeff continues by asking them if they read the daily update on COPS database in the morning. The man who punched Tommy is Roland Campbell and he escaped from custody at 6am that morning.

Dave and the other divers arrive at the shaft location.

Rachel and Frank talk to Con Vellis about some possible suspects in the stolen firearms case. Rod comes in and tells Frank that Clarke wants to see him, Internal Affairs are there. Rachel says to Con that she wants to talk to Warrant Officer Craig.

In Clarke's office, they watch the video tape of Frank collecting money from the warehouse at Walsh Bay. Clarke says that he's watched it twice. Frank explains himself, he got a tip off about some money there, and went there to collect it. Frank says that he then handed the money to Helen, as Clarke was busy. Brady looks annoyed; he's wanted to get something on Frank for a while.

Back at the shaft, Mr Forbes is diving for his wife's body and some of his friends are on the surface, saying that they want to go down there with him because he's running out of air. Dave tells them that they're not going down there, and he sends Terry instead.

Frank talks to Kevin outside. He thinks that he was set up by someone to take a bribe, which was the money in the envelope. He wants Kevin to see if he can get the original voice call to 000.

Terry and Annie search the dive shaft.

Rachel and Con talk to Warrant Officer Craig at his house. They talk to him about the stolen guns, as well as Gary, who Craig says he was grooming to be a good officer.

Terry finds Mr Forbes, who has been down under water a little too long and looks 'narked' according to Terry. Dave tells him to bring him to the surface.

At the station, Rachel tells Frank that she thinks the teenagers in the home invasion stole the gun they used from Warrant Officer Craig. She wants to talk to the teenagers at the detention centre. When they get there, they talk to Pete, who tells them that they got the guns from an 'old bloke'. When Rachel shows him some photos, Pete picks out Warrant Officer Craig as the man they stole the guns off of.

As they are driving down the street which officer Craig lives on, Frank tells Pete to point out the house, but Pete can't because they're in the wrong street. When they are in the right street, Pete points out the house. Helen tells Rachel, Frank and Con that Warrant Officer Craig does own a second house and lived there up until six years ago.

At the shaft, the divers are getting more air in their tanks, and Dave tells them they have two more minutes there. However, Forbes swims off when he sees the body of a diver - his wife. Dave tells Terry and Annie not to go after him as he doesn't want them to get an air embolism. When they can finally leave, Terry sees Mr Forbes crying with his wife's body in an air pocket.

Frank, Rachel and Con arrive at Warrant Officer Craig's second house. Inside, it is quiet, until Con enters a room where Roland Campbell is, and is shot a number of times. The detectives rush him outside, and when they get him on the ground, Frank tells Rachel that he's dead.

SPG surrounds the house, along with Inspector Farrell, who talks to officer Craig over the phone. When he is hung up on, Farrell talks over a speaker phone instead. Moments later, there is a gunshot and Craig walks out of the house. Inside, Roland Campbell is dead.

Rachel and Frank talk to Warrant Officer Craig in the interview room.

Dave talks to Terry, telling him that he was pleased that Terry was able to concentrate on his job instead of having his eye on Fiona. Dave then tells Terry to either go for her, or forget about her.

At Frank's house, he and Rachel are drinking beer. Kevin arrives, he has the tape Frank wanted earlier. Frank plays it - it was Kevin who rang 000. Frank is annoyed. He and Kevin go to the wharves where Jimmy is and Frank has a go at him.

Terry arrives at a house, and knocks on the door. Fiona answers, wondering if he's got the right address. Inside they talk briefly before they kiss.