Death in the Family - Recap

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The Water Police raid a cruiser, as they believe there is drugs on board. Inside the cabin they find a number of men and women, scantily clad. Frank and Gavin have a bit of trouble trying to remove a large man from a rather small port hole, and Fiona finds an expensive bracelet.

Back at the Water Police, Rachel informs Clarke that a lot of the people on board were illegal immigrants. She and Frank then come up with excuses as to why they can't investigate the disappearance of Steve Murphy's wife (he was the radio announcer in The Shaft). Helen then tells the detectives that the bracelet belongs to a missing Turkish school girl - Aisha Dursan.

On board the Nemesis, Gavin asks Fiona what is going on between she and Terry. He thinks they're being very nice to each other. They then talk to Steve Murphy about his missing wife.

Rachel and Frank head to Mr Dursan's boatshed, he is the father of the missing school girl. He tells them that they should talk to Rick Spencer, he was Aisha's boyfriend. When Rachel and Frank speak to Rick, it is obvious that Rick thinks that Mr Dursan killed his daughter.

Later, they interview the young women who had the bracelet on board the cruiser. She tells them that she got the bracelet from a man, she can only remember his first name, Harold, and he's a pawnbroker. Helen finds two pawnbrokers named Harold, one is in his 70s, so Rachel and Frank think it may be the other Harold.

At the pawnbrokers store, Harold finally tells Rachel and Frank that the bracelet came from a man calling himself 'Boom Boom' and that he was a windsurfer. At the beach, 'Boom Boom' runs when he sees the detectives after him, and he heads into the water. The Nemesis crew eventually catch him when he capsizes.

They talk to 'Boom Boom' in the office. He is adamant that he didn't get the bracelet from a girl. He then shows Rachel and Frank where he got it - from Mr Dursan's boatshed.

At Frank's house, he tells Knocker and Kevin about the stolen bracelet and Mr Dursan while they watch the rugby on TV.

The next day, Frank and Rachel want to talk to Mr Dursan at the station. They tell him that they found the man who broke into his house a couple of months earlier. They also want to know why he reported some money and other items missing but not the bracelet. Mr Dursan gives Rachel and Frank his alibi from the day Aisha went missing.

Frank tells Dave, Clarke Jeff that they think Mr Dursan killed his daughter, and dumped her body in the water somewhere in between his boatshed and where he says he was the day of Aisha's disappearance. While the divers get ready, Rachel goes and sees Mrs Dursan, who says she doesn't want to go back to Turkey. She wants to stay there in case Aisha contacts her.

The divers enter the water in search for Aisha's body.

Frank talks to Mr Dursan about discipline. He asks him if he ever hurt Aisha, and he responds "I would never touch my child". Rachel and Mrs Dursan arrive at the station; Mrs Dursan says that Aisha would've had the bracelet on the day she went missing.

Fiona gets a phone call at the station, it is from a woman who has some information on the disappearance of Steve Murphy's wife, Laura. It turned out to be Laura on the phone, she wanted to leave her husband and thought that he would just assume that she'd gone. Gavin tells her that they've had divers out looking for her body.

Frank and Rachel continue to interview Mr and Mrs Dursan separately. Rachel tells Mrs Dursan that she thinks her husband isn't telling them everything about Aisha's disappearance.

In the meal room, Clarke commends Fiona on finding Aisha's bracelet. Jeff tells Rachel and Frank that homicide is on the phone, so Frank takes the call. They arrive at Mr Dursan's boatshed - he is dead. Knocker tells Rachel and Frank that they are the only ones that Mrs Dursan wants to talk to. She tells them that her husband admitted to killing their daughter but would not tell her where he dumped the body.