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Water Rats: Heads or Tales

A man's severed head is found washed up on a beach in a gym bag. Jack and Rachel investigate, trying to find out who killed him and where the rest of the body is. During a party on Fort Denison, a teenage boy runs from Gavin and Tommy, whose pursuit is scrutinised when the boy goes missing.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x17
Airdate: Tuesday May 26th, 1998

Guest Stars
Allison CratchleyAllison Cratchley
As Emma Woods
Anthony Martin (1)Anthony Martin (1)
As Chopper Lewis
Jen ApostolouJen Apostolou
As Cynthia
John Walton (1)John Walton (1)
As Walton
Steve BisleySteve Bisley
As Jack Christey
Anthony HayesAnthony Hayes
As Jarrad Masters
Lorna LesleyLorna Lesley
As Mrs. Gleeson
Renato BartolomeiRenato Bartolomei
As Jonah Moty
Scott McRaeScott McRae
As Arnie Silverton
Susie PorterSusie Porter
As Julie Drummond
Main Cast
Peter BensleyPeter Bensley
As Jeff Hawker
Toni ScanlanToni Scanlan
As Helen Blakemore
Brett PartridgeBrett Partridge
As Gavin Sykes
Colin FrielsColin Friels
As Frank Holloway
Catherine McClementsCatherine McClements
As Rachel Goldstein
Jay LagaJay Laga'aia
As Tommy Tavita
Scott BurgessScott Burgess
As Dave McCall
Raelee HillRaelee Hill
As Tayler Johnson
Episode Notes
This episode is also known as Handyman.

Episode Quotes
Rachel: Do you always eat like that?
Jack: What are you saying, like a pig?
Rachel: Yeah, like a pig.
Jack: Like we have time to eat any other way.

(Rachel is standing on the roof, when Jack comes up and checks her out before she turns around)
Jack: (pointing at his suit) Do you know that this is an Armani?
Rachel: Well I know your undies are!
Jack: (smiles and shakes his head) Well, I start a three week tour of Fairfield tomorrow.
Rachel: Yeah? Should be fun.
Jack: Yeah, I'm rigid with excitement.
Rachel: (stares at him) Yeah well... I don't reckon we can avoid it any longer you know...
Jack: Last night.
Rachel: Last night, yeah.
Jack: Yeah. It was good.
Rachel: Yeah, it was good...
Jack: You have a good time?
Rachel: Oh yeah. You?
Jack: (nods) Yep.

Jonah: (about Marty) He's dead, isn't he?
Rachel: What? What makes you say that?
Jonah: Because you wouldn't be here otherwise. Not for a dickhead like him.
Jack: That's not necessarily so, bro.

Jack: Makes me feel like a kid.
Rachel: What?
Jack: The lights.
Rachel: Yeah. Yeah, when I was a kid they used to drive me absolutely wild.
Jack: Yeah, I've heard a few girls say that!
Rachel: Oh yeah? Who?
Jack: Oh no, no... mostly on... on late night TV, movies.
Rachel: (stares at him) Yeah, I can see you sitting there, watching the telly late at night.
Jack: Oh no, mostly I only half watch and I half listen. Sort of fills in the space.
Rachel: You're a lonely guy! (laughs)
Jack: (laughs) Ah yeah.

(being lowered into a septic tank)
Emma: Oh, just great!

Jack: How's your arm?
Tayler: I've had to give up weightlifting. (smiles as Jack walks away)

Rachel: What did you have for brekky?
Jack: Cereal. A couple of cold sausages. Egg flip.
Rachel: Right, well I'd be watching that fake Amarni, because you might be looking at it twice!

(about to look at a head in a gym bag)
Jack: Are you okay with this?
Rachel: You're the one who had the egg flip.
(a crime scene officer shows Rachel and Jack the head)
Rachel: Oh! Ergh! (walks away) That's disgusting.
Jack: He's a good lookin' bloke.
Rachel: (walks back to Jack) I like 'em a bit taller.

(Rachel walks into work, looking a little disheveled)
Helen: You're late.
Rachel: Yeah? (looks at her watch)
(Jack walks into work, looking more disheveled)
Jack: Morning.
Rachel: Morning.
Helen: Did you sleep in or something?
Jack: No. Traffic.
Rachel: Traffic.
Helen: Right. (to Jack) And who ironed your clothes?
Jack: I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Helen: Okay. So, what's on for today?
Rachel: Ah, we're off to see Julie Drummond.
Jack: Yeah, see Jules.
(Rachel and Jack leave, and Tayler gives Helen a suggestive look)

Tommy: For the record, the dog's name is Hannibal!
Jack: Yeah!

(Jack has just convinced Jeff that they should get a search warrant)
Rachel: You are so good.
Jack: Pushover!

Emma: (looking into a septic tank) Shit, I thought I won the toss.
Dave: You did!

Arnie Silverton: I took him home with me, where I cut his hands off. Because I thought it would be better if he didn't have any fingerprints.
Rachel: Clever.
Arnie Silverton: Thank you.

(impersonating Mrs Gleeson)
Tommy: (whacks Gavin on the back of his head) Say it!
Gavin: Oh man!

Jack: Okay, no shouting, no fireworks, no nothing. No coffee!
Rachel: It's not a joke. Now, don't let me down on this, okay? (Jack stares at her) Oh geez!

Jack: I had this case once, a 75 year old man killed his neighbour with an ax because he thought he was making goo-goo eyes at his missus. But, he was a perfectly normal bloke. He was a war veteran.
Rachel: He's been in the war, right! That sort of thing effects people. There's always something in there that's not quite normal.
Jack: What? Who's normal? It could've been anyone who cut the guy's head off. It could've been you!
Rachel: (laughs and points to another police officer) Yeah, or her! (pauses) Look, when someone's done something really full on like that, when you talk to them you can always see that there's something... (whistles) going on.
Jack: What, you mean the blood around the mouth, the swastika on their forehead...
Rachel: No, no, really. We can argue about this all night, but I'm right about this!
Jack: Yeah, why don't we?
Rachel: What?
Jack: Have a few drinks, a few laughs... an argument.
Rachel: Oh... no, I gotta go home.
Jack: How about tomorrow?
Rachel: (gets in her car) Seeya.
Jack: I'm thinking Thursday week... (Rachel drives away) Yeah!

Jack: Well, we got what we wanted.
Rachel: That sort of stuff makes me sick.
Jack: Oh come now, I cleaned up the coffee!
Rachel: Oh, you're joking! (walks inside)
Jack: So I'm guessing there's no chance of dinner!? (Rachel walks back outside again) Oh maybe... maybe not!

Jonah: Cops, right?
Rachel: Ah! (clicks her fingers)

Jack and Rachel finally give in to the underlying sexual tension between them, which has been brewing away under the surface ever since the pair first met in an earlier episode of season three, One for the Social Workers.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorTony Morphett  |  John Hugginson
Executive ProducerTed Roberts
Co-Executive ProducerKris Noble  |  Errol Sullivan
CastingFaith Martin
Line ProducerBrett Popplewell
Camera OperatorBruce Young (2)
Stunt CoordinatorJohn Walton (1)
Art DirectorMark Dawson
CinematographerLouis Irving
Series DirectorPeter Andrikidis
Series Original MusicLes Gock
WriterChris McCourt
Script ExecutiveJohn Hugginson  |  Bevan Lee
Production DesignMichael Bridges
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