Weird or What?

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
28 04x01 30/Apr/2013 Alien Encounters
29 04x02 30/Apr/2013 Life After Death
31 04x04 07/May/2013 Parallel Worlds
33 04x06 14/May/2013 Paranormal Mysteries
34 04x07 21/May/2013 Medical Mysteries
35 04x08 21/May/2013 Power Of The Mind
37 04x10 28/May/2013 End Of The World
38 04x11 16/Jul/2013 Amazing Survival
39 04x12 16/Jul/2013 Man Beasts
40 04x13 16/Jul/2013 Aliens Walk Among Us
41 04x14 23/Jul/2013 Curses
42 04x15 23/Jul/2013 Weird Animal Behavior
43 04x16 23/Jul/2013 Ghosts In The Machine
45 04x18 05/Mar/2014 Mysterious Vanishings
46 04x19 05/Mar/2014 Medical Mysteries
47 04x20 05/Mar/2014 Mind Control

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