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Season 5

71 :05x01 - I Dream of Gene

Lisa wants someone to talk to so she searches the world for genies and meets Gene, a genie from Texas. Chett gets jealous and sneaks a camera in Gene's teapot. Gene's owner returns to claim Gene and Lisa is upset by this.
Special Guest Stars: Bruce Campbell as Gene |
Guest Stars: Leslie Jordan as Boyd Butayne |
Co-Guest Stars: Rainer Grant as Clarisse | David Heisey as Drunk Guy | Sonya Morales Stephens as Lupe
Director: Sandy Smolan
Writer: Jeff Vlaming

72 :05x02 - Girl Talk

Lisa wants to have a girlfriend she can talk to and Gary and Wyatt try to but it's just not good enough. Lisa becomes friends with one of the waitresses at Java Man but she feels bad lying to her about the fact that she's a magical genie. So she decides to tell her that she's a genie but she didn't keep the secret and blabs it to everyone she knows. Now Lisa has to zap everybody's memory and has to zap her former friend's memory too.
Guest Stars: Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi | Kimberly Bailey as Tisch |
Co-Guest Stars: Sonia Hensley as Carmen | Suzanne Turner as Australian Mom | Cathy Susan Pyles as Mom #2 | J.F. Pryor as Conspiracy Nut | Joseph Conti (1) as Alien

73 :05x03 - Boys on the Hide

Scampi is honored at school, but when his portrait is defamed he feels humiliated. Lisa feels bad for him and lets him have a wish for more power. His office turns into his headquarters as he searches for the culprits.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Mr. Block | Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi | Larry Hankin as Mr. Renfro | Lorna Scott as Mrs. Newman
Director: David Grossman

74 :05x04 - Gary Had a Little Cram

Gary sees his fellow seniors applying for colleges and isn't sure about his application. He asks Lisa for a boost and becomes a track star using a magical helmet that makes him break records and make several colleges find interest in him.
Guest Stars: Persia White as Kim | Sebastian Tillinger as Dick | Denvn Pysz as Ty | Michael Dempsey as Harold | Rahim Muhammad as Bubba | Tarra Greenhut as Katie
Director: David Grossman

75 :05x05 - Forbidden Janet

Wyatt finally meets his perfect girl for him in a virtual reality game. When Chett and Gary get a hold of the helmet they create their own dream girls, but it's just the same girl reformed.
Guest Stars: Deborah Kellner as Janet/Jade/Jena | Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi

76 :05x06 - Man's Best Friend

Chett begins to bond with dog when stuck in a mountain. Lisa sees how nice Chett and the dog get along, so she turns the dog into a man.
Guest Stars: Patrick Richwood as Buddy | Cynthia Madvig as Shelly | Ingo Neuhaus as Rick | Bruce Fine as Rocco | Harmony Smith as Amanda
Director: Alan Cross

77 :05x07 - Show Chett

Lisa makes Chett dance at a local strip club and soon becomes an instant star. He heads to Las Vegas and is hired by a female owner to strip at a club. Chett gets tired of stripping and wants to dance for a show, but the owner reminds him that he signed a contract so now she gives him crappy jobs. Chett dances at a private home and it turns out its Lisa. Soon Lisa helps out Chett get out of his contract by faking his death.
Guest Stars: John Carlos Frey as Ramses | Adrienne Barbeau as Lily | Rainer Grant as Driver | Michael Caldwell as Flex | Randl Ask as Xybo
Director: Tom Spezialy
Writer: Chris Black
Songs: White Zombie -- More Human than Human

78 :05x08 - Bee In There

Lisa hears this and zaps the boys back in time to spend time with them. To teach them how to play ball. However, Gary ends up in his mom's body while Wyatt ends up in his dad's body. Gary's dad thinks something is going on between Wyatt's dad and his wife when they see them both coming out of port-o-potty with his wife's bra in hand. They try convincing Al that it's true by smearing honey over Gary's chest to attract bees, but Mrs. Donnelly sees this and is horrified. So now Wyatt and Gary must show both of them the bee sting on Gary's mom's chest.
Guest Stars: Melanie Chartoff as Marcia Donnelly | Joyce Bulifant as Emily Wallace | Jeff Doucette as Al Wallace | Andrew Prine as Wayne Donnelly
Director: David Grossman

79 :05x09 - Future Bride

Wyatt has a series of really bad dates so Lisa zaps up a Bride Detector to find his future wife. Wyatt's future wife is in Java Man and tries flirting with her. Chett tries fixing the Bride Detector to make Lisa think she is his future wife, but Lisa is aware of this the whole time. Wyatt loses his future wife when he becomes too serious about marriage. After all that, the detector didn't even work.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Lawrence as Dasha | Marisa Coughlan as Barbara | Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi | Cory Oliver as Cynthia

80 :05x10 - Stalag 16

Chett poses a reporter to embarrass Principal Scampi. When Chett's disguise starts slipping, Scampi chases Chett all the way home and into a holodeck that Lisa set up for the boys. The two of them are thrust into the Stalag 16 simulation, where they are U.S. soldiers in a German POW camp, like Hogan’s Heroes.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Mars as Kommandant | Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi | Doc Duhame as Guard #2 | Larry Poindexter as Pommafritte | Larry Hankin as Manfieldy | Rick Zieff as Mr. Frehley | John Ganun as Guard #1 | Robert Shook as Guard #3

81 :05x11 - I, Chettus

The guys come to school and find everyone in togas. Lisa tells them she sent Chett back to ancient Rome. He’s altered history so the boys have to go back and fix what he had done. He’s completely contaminated the time period with lots of modern things, including his jeep, a beer hat and many other things.
Guest Stars: Randl Ask as Rebel #1 | Joe Hart (1) as Roman #1 | John Michael Higgins as Timidius | Paul Parducci as Centurion | Felicity Waterman as Bodacious | Daniel Zelman as Soldier
Director: Tom Spezialy
Writer: Chris Black

82 :05x12 - The Genie Detective

Lisa plays a virtual reality game called Genie Detective in the 1930's. Chett comes to her office telling her he's dying from a poison and needs her help to find out who gave it to him. They track down clues leading to Wyatt as a crocked bookie, Gary a jockey and Scampi as a horse vet.
Guest Stars: Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi | Bobby Porter as Jockey | D. Edwig Woodruff as Janitor
Director: David Grossman

83 :05x13 - Magic Comet Ride

Lisa goes on a Star Wars journey to learn more about being a good genie. Meanwhile, the boys try to figure out what's in a black box Lisa left for them.
Guest Stars: Ed Gale as Genie Master | Cynthia Madvig as Rachael | Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi | Harmony Smith as Kelly | Vanessa Lee Asher as Java Man Girl #2 | Jode Leigh Edwards as Java Man Girl #1
Director: David Grossman

84 :05x14 - School Spirits

When ghost faculty members haunt Farber High, the boys try convincing Scampi not to build the new library over the teacher's lounge by using some old Jack Nicholson.
Guest Stars: Ritch Brinkley as Mr. Cabeza | Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi | Morwenna Banks as Petula | Brent Hinkley as Ectoscist
Director: Tom Spezialy
Writer: Jimmy Aleck

85 :05x15 - Wicked Wish

Wyatt's mom tries to be the fairest of them all by using a magic mirror to get rid of all of the pretty girls in town including Lisa.
Guest Stars: Keith Amos as Mirror
Writer: Chris Black

86 :05x16 - Night of the Swingin' Steves

The Steve aliens from Chett-a-nator try and convince Lisa to be their Queen again. So Lisa files a complaint against them calling upon Agents Scolder and Molly to return.
Guest Stars: Jamie Rose as Agent Molly | Larry Poindexter as Agent Scolder | Ian Patrick Williams as Alien Steve | Bob Zachar as Todd | Bill Bolender as The Smoker | Steve Fitchpatrick as Steve
Writer: Chris Black

87 :05x17 - Genie Junior

After exchanging a kiss in a Japanese movie, Lisa tricks Chett into thinking that she's pregnant. Chett soon starts taking care of Lisa buying her gifts and stuff. Chett wishes that he was having the baby when Lisa is in labor and comes out as pure energy floating up to the universe.
Guest Stars: Bruce Fine as Rocco | James Lew as Bossman | Larry Poindexter as Doctor | Lauren Law (1) as Little Patten | Raymond Guth as Irritated Patient

88 :05x18 - WS4

When trying to solve a problem with everybody at school, Lisa zaps up some aliens to help out. But the aliens soon plan on takeover the school.
Guest Stars: Mike Damus as Doomsday Member | Johnny Dark as Janitor Bob | Chad Cox as Home Economic Student | Sebastian Tillinger as Trek Clubber #1 | J.F. Pryor as Drama Student-Phil | Bruce Jarchow as Principal Scampi
Director: David Grossman
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Teens
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 05, 1994
Ended: July 25, 1998
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