Welcome Back, Kotter

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
73 04x01 11/Sep/1978 The Drop-Ins (1)
79 04x07 21/Oct/1978 Barbarino's Boo-Boo
80 04x08 28/Oct/1978 X-Rated Education
82 04x10 11/Nov/1978 Washington's Clone
83 04x11 25/Nov/1978 Frog Day Afternoon
86 04x14 13/Jan/1979 Bride and Gloom
87 04x15 03/Feb/1979 Barbarino's Baby
88 04x16 10/Feb/1979 The Goodbye Guy
89 04x17 24/Feb/1979 Come Back, Little Arnold
90 04x18 03/Mar/1979 The Sweat Smell of Success
92 04x20 25/May/1979 Oo, Oo, I Do (1)
93 04x21 25/May/1979 Oo, Oo, I Do (2)
94 04x22 01/Jun/1979 I'm Okay, But You're Not
95 04x23 08/Jun/1979 The Breadwinners

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