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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Mystery of Cadet Layton

A cadet decides to resign from the Academy for no apparent reason.
Guest Stars: Martin Milner as Cadet Layton | Don Eitner as Townsend | Carolyn Craig (1) as Judy

2 :01x02 - The Operator and the Martinet

Two cadets from vastly different backgrounds develop a rivalry that threatens the careers of both.
Guest Stars: Robert Vaughn as Cadet Homoroff | Chuck Connors as Major Neilson | Chet Marshall as Cadet Towne | Del Erickson as Cadet Harrison | Leonard Shoemaker as Cadet Furnas | Robert Carle as Cadet de Witt

3 :01x03 - Officer's Wife

A cadet finds himself dumped by his fiancee who has decided that she does not want to be the wife of an Army officer.
Guest Stars: Diana Douglas as Janet | Olive Sturgess as Connie | Burt Masters as Willis | Dallas Midgette as M. P. | John Wilder as Cadet Jacoby
Writer: Don Brinkley

4 :01x04 - The Honor Code

A cadet is torn between friendship and the rules of the honor code when he sees his roommate cheating on an exam.
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as Cadet Tanner | Terence Kilburn as Cadet Garley | Steven Terrell as Cadet Hollis | Jane Mcarthur as guest star | Tom Middleton as guest star | Ted Perritt as guest star | Ernest Parmentier as guest star
Director: Leon Benson
Writer: Don Brinkley

5 :01x05 - Thicker Than Water

A spoiled young man enters West Point to please his father and is assigned to a cadet corps commanded by his older brother.
Guest Stars: William Campbell as Joel | Corey Allen as guest star

6 :01x06 - The Right to Choose

The mother of a society girl is bitterly opposed to her daughter's romance with a West Point cadet.
Guest Stars: Robert Gothie as Jim Stratton | Hillary Brooke (1) as Mrs. Gridgeman | Gloria Talbott as Carol Gridgeman

7 :01x07 - His Brother's Fist

A boxer tries to get his younger brother expelled from West Point in order to get the sibling to follow in his footsteps.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Tom Kennedy | John Beradino as Rick Kennedy | Jeff Harris (2) as Lon Milliken | Rodney Bell as Bud York | Michael Garth as Captain Rogers

8 :01x08 - Decision

A cadet who's also a talented artist finds himself having to choose between an artistic career and the military.
Guest Stars: Don Oreck as Lou Sylvan | Barbara Eden as Toni de Witt

9 :01x09 - His Highness and the Halfback

Right before the annual Army-Navy game, Army's star running back finds himself having to serve a heavy punishment tour. Will he be able to play in the game?
Guest Stars: Felix "doc" Blanchard as Himself

10 :01x10 - Man of Action

A cadet wastes his time playing practical jokes and his academic work suffers as a result. A faculty member then tries to use psychology to set the prankster straight.
Guest Stars: Larry Pennell as Bob Matson | Laurence Hugo as Major King | Don Gardner as Larry Jones | John Aberle as Pete Burke | Peter Hansen (1) as Captain O'Hara

11 :01x11 - Heat of Anger

Major complications ensue when a cadet falls for the galpal of his roommate.
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley as Meg | Henry Silva as Joe Simpson | Brian G. Hutton as Will Adler | Larry Thor as Captain Holmes | James Hickman as Cadet Carter

12 :01x12 - Christmas Present

An upperclassman ruins the Christmas plans of a plebe.
Guest Stars: Don Eitner as Don Townsend | Race Gentry as Pete | Jackie Loughery as Clare Logan | Tyler MacDuff as Stacey | David Rollins as Clark | Larry Thor as Captain Holmes

13 :01x13 - Double Reverse

Several cadets vie for the attentions of a smokin' hot damsel who is unimpressed with West Point men.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Baxter as Doreen | Don Durant as Colton | Mike Mason as Thompson | Eve Brent as guest star | Kaye Elhardt as guest star

14 :01x14 - The Hard Task

A new cadet appears to be a bit on the wimpy side so his roommate decides to protect him from the ribbing of underclassmen.
Guest Stars: Jack Grinnage as Zigler | Chet Marshall as Riley | Del Erickson as guest star | Paul Grant as guest star | Peter Miller (1) as guest star

15 :01x15 - The Army-Navy Game

The Army-Navy game is upon West Point once again and once again Army's star football player is on restriction. Can he find a way to play in the game and lead the Cadets to victory against the Middies?
Guest Stars: Chuck Connors as Major Neilson | Steve Warren as Hubbell | Glen Kramer as Bennett | Dan White (1) as Bracken

16 :01x16 - Start Running

The sister of a snooty cadet falls for the country bumpkin roommate of her brother.
Guest Stars: Larry Hagman as Bailey | Pat Conway as Joshua McCabe | Michael Garth as Major Dark | Brett Halsey as Stephen Pauley | Mike Mason as Carl Dodge | Betsy Meade as Betty Dodge

17 :01x17 - Wrong Fight

The star basketball player's ball hogging, me first attitude on the court doesn't sit well with his teammates and begins to threaten his academics.
Guest Stars: Patrick Waltz as Mickey Weems | William Traylor as John Bellson | Patricia Hardy as Lisa Wallace | Dick Sargent as Cadet Daniels | Ray Weaver as Dave Standish

18 :01x18 - Operation Survival

Cadets from West Point aid in the rescue and evacuation of an area threatened by a flood.
Guest Stars: Rod McKuen as guest star | Jan Merlin as Farrell | Clark Howat as Dudley

19 :01x19 - Jet Flight

A group of cadets gets sent to an Air Force base for jet training but one of them doesn't react well to the instruction.
Guest Stars: Bill Lundmark as Chuck Cawistat | Richard Erdman as Captain Don Prickette | Melville Cooper as guest star | Ron Foster as guest star | Morgan Jones (1) as guest star

20 :01x20 - Combat Proof

Because of family tradition a cadet attends West Point but he feels that armies are obsolete in the modern day and age.
Guest Stars: Jan Merlin as Grey | Race Gentry as Stapleton | Peter Hayman as Mal

21 :01x21 - The Command

The son of a West Point faculty member is determined to best his father's athletic and scholastic records at the school.
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as Leo | Edward Platt as Colonel Bellman | Dick Davalos as Jim Bellman

22 :01x22 - White Fury

Two cadets on a skiiing vacation attempt to rescue victims of a helicopter crash.
Guest Stars: Clint Eastwood as Cadet Bob Salter | Jerome Courtland as Cadet Chris Wooderson | Bruce Bennett as Wooderson

23 :01x23 - Ambush

A West Point cadet tries to provide guidance to a young lad in order to prevent him from becoming a juvenile delinquent.
Guest Stars: Steve McQueen as guest star | Jimmy Ogg as Frank | Jim Macbridges as George

24 :01x24 - The Only Witness

A cadet finds himself having to testify against the brother of a classmate who was at fault in an automobile accident he witnessed.
Guest Stars: Eddie Foy III as Steve Atlas | Peter Baldwin (1) as Paul Victor | Ron Hagerthy as Daniel Atlas | William Doty as Marty | Tom Brown (1) as Coach

25 :01x25 - Dangerous Area

Two cadets decide to try and install some confidence in a classmate who seems incapable of making decisions on his own.
Guest Stars: Clark Howat as Andrews | Robert Benevides as Dan | Joby Baker as Monty | Joey Forman as Alan

26 :01x26 - Title Unknown

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27 :01x27 - McKinley's Challenge

A cadet bets his fellows that he can win a date with the smokin' hot daughter of a visiting South American dignitary.
Guest Stars: Chris Warfield as Dick McKinley | Donna Martell as Maria Alicia Garcia | Joaquin Martinez as Rodriguez | Don Eitner as guest star | Russell Hicks as guest star

28 :01x28 - Cold Peril

A cadet, desperate to see his girl, goes AWOL and then takes a dangrous walk across a frozen river.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Tom Kennedy | Larry Pennell as Bob Matson
Writer: Don Brinkley

29 :01x29 - The Contact

A cadet is faced with a decision after being injured while attempting to navigate an outdoor obstacle course.
Guest Stars: Steven Terrell as George Nelson | Del Erickson as Tobin | Larry Thor as guest star | Jack Mather (1) as guest star | Richard Emory as guest star | Mitchell Lear as guest star | Richard McGrath as guest star | Eddie Bryan as guest star | Alan Austin as guest star | Leonard Shoemaker as guest star
Director: Ted Post
Writer: Don Brinkley

30 :01x30 - Backfire

A cadet whom many consider a milksop is faced with having to take charge during a forest fire.
Guest Stars: Jack Grinnage as Dodd | Charles Maxwell as Howard

31 :01x31 - Flareup

A cadet's hot temper could threaten his career at West Point.
Guest Stars: Peter Baldwin (1) as Cadet Saunders | James Westmoreland as Talbert | Michael Forest as Jerry | Harry Vinson as Clay
Writer: Tom Warlock

32 :01x32 - M-24

A rebellious cadet ends up flunking out of West Point but ends up joining the regular Army and serving in the Korean War.
Guest Stars: Roger Smith as Cadet Matt Tracy | John Erman as Prentice

33 :01x33 - The Harder Right

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Clu Gulager as Prous | Richard Jaeckel as guest star | Arthur Storch as Saunders | William Traylor as guest star

34 :01x34 - The Drowning of the Gun

A cadet is determined to continue the class tradition of tossing the reveille gun into the lake.
Guest Stars: Jack Haley Jr. as Cadet Charles Davis | Don Eitner as Townsend | Russell Hicks as guest star
Director: Henry Kesler

35 :01x35 - Courageous Decision

An arrogant cadet is crushed when his wealthy father is charged with income tax evasion.
Guest Stars: Chet Marshall as Chet | Karen Sharpe Kramer as Sandra | Walter Kelley as Reb

36 :01x36 - Fight Back

A cadet decides to take the place of the corps boxing champion whose ribs he accidentally broke in a sparring match.
Guest Stars: Patrick Waltz as Ernie Watts | Dick Sargent as Mike Mullen | Don Gardner as Kent Peterson | Brett Halsey as Wally Andrews | Roger Dollarhyde as Cadet Sloane

37 :01x37 - Dragoon Patrol

In this story set in 1871, a cadet and a major have a disagreement about the expendability of individuals in battle.
Guest Stars: James Best as William Purdom | Tristram Coffin as Major Watts | Tom Greenway as Mooney
Writer: Don Brinkley

38 :01x38 - The Deep End

A cadet is read the riot act when his grades start slipping but then he goes to the other extreme and does nothing but concentrate on academics even to the extent of breaking off his engagement.
Guest Stars: Robert Benevides as Cadet Tom Garber | Christine White as Louise | Pat Colby as Couzens

39 :01x39 - Pressure

When his father becomes seriously ill, a West Point cadet is faced with the possibility of having to give up his military career in order to take care of his family.
Guest Stars: James Dobson as Porter | Dale Hutchinson as Driggs | Jo Ann Liliquist as Polly | Gloria Talbott as Marie | Helen Brown as guest star | Maureen Cassidy as guest star | Frank Fenton as guest star
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1956
Ended: September 27, 1957
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