Season 1

1 :01x01 - Rodeo Blues

When the Whistle Blows is a new ABC comedy-adventure series about construction workers and their after-hours activities. Dolph Sweet and Sue Anne Langdon head the large cast in the new show, which opens with the construction crew in competition with a group of rodeo champions. The gang attend this rodeo with various outcomes. Buzz, Hank, Randy and Lucy have organized the rodeo to collect funds and help a priest who is building a home for needy children.
Guest Stars: K Callan as Buldog's wife | Nick Dimitri as Bulldog | Dennis Rucker as Dallas McMahon | Walter Scott as Meryl Jones

2 :01x02 - Macho Man

Buzz (Doug Barr) is discovered by an ad man who plans to make him a star promoting "Macho Man" clothes. Buzz has the chance of a lifetime to become a television commercial star but can't decide if he wants to give up his job and friends.
Guest Stars: Joanna Barnes as Mrs. Hamilton | Simone Griffeth as Claudette | Devon Ericson as Jenny | Joel Brooks as Max | Gary Allen as Hanrahan
Director: Allen Baron

3 :01x03 - Love in the Fast Lane

Lucy (Susan Buckner) falls for a race car driver; Hunk (Tim Rossovich) tries to impress an old flame who's now a successful model.

Lucy falls in love with a champion racing driver and tries to keep him from killing himself.
Guest Stars: Sam Groom as Jim Webster | Mary Louise Weller as Beth Hollister | Richard Venture as Dr. Wellman
Director: Reza Badiyi

4 :01x04 - The Wildcatters

Hunk (Tim Rossovich) hears he has inherited an oil company. Hunk has a get-rich scheme to pump oil on a piece of land he inherits. A hard hatter spending spree begins when Hunk learns he's inherited an oil field.
Guest Stars: Graham Jarvis as Manfred | Fran Ryan as May | Lee Wilkof as Nolan Gilmore | Gary Allen as Hanrahan | Alice Hirson as Dottie | Eric Mason (2) as Justin Palmer | Ann Wedgeworth as femme fatale

5 :01x05 - God's Country

On a weekend in Reno, the guys try to help a young woman being shadowed by thugs. When the guys' camping trip to LakeTahoe turns into a comedy of errors they take over a luxury suite in a fancy hotel and turn the the place upside down.
Guest Stars: Morgan Brittany as Helen | John Calvin as Blake | William Watson (2) as Gorham | Steve Chambers (1) as Stack | Alice Hirson as Dottie

6 :01x06 - Love is a Four-Letter Word (1)

Hunk falls for a lovely nightclub singer who is being harassed a gang of streets toughs. Hunk dates the singer at Darlene's, but Buzz (Doug Barr) reminds him that she was "a lady of easy virtue" in Reno. Hunk falls in love with a beautiful girl who is not the country and western singer she pretends to be.
Guest Stars: Gail Edwards as Jolene Jennings | Charles Martin Smith as Jimmy | Missy Francis as Deenie
Director: Tony Lo Bianco
Writer: Rick Husky

7 :01x07 - Love is a Four-Letter Word (2)

Hunk disregards the risks of his new romance and finds that someone is interested in his new lady love too.
Guest Stars: Gail Edwards as Jolene Jennings | Charles Martin Smith as Jimmy | Missy Francis as Deenie | Gary Allen as Hanrahan | Marsha Smith as Kelly
Director: Tony Lo Bianco
Writer: Rick Husky

8 :01x08 - Miss Hard Hat USA

A young woman longs to win the Miss Hard Hat beauty contest. Hunk takes a liking to that beauty contestant who is immediately kidnapped by her jealous boyfriend.
Guest Stars: Barbi Benton as Dixie Miss Ironworker | Richard Lineback as Bo | Dave Madden as Roscoe Baker | Nicolas Coster as Rogers | John Quade as Cooley Johnson | Gary Allen as Hanrahan

9 :01x09 - Somebody's Daughter

Norm (Dolph Sweet) asks Randy (Philip Brown) to escort his daughter to a roller-disco contest. Norm's 17-year-old daughter shows up on Randy's doorstep asking to move in with him.
Guest Stars: Alice Hirson as Dottie | Talia Balsam as Sharon Jenkins | Steve Beauchamp as Jed | Curtis Credel as Brenner
Director: Edward Parone

10 :01x10 - Run for the Roses

Hunk (Tim Rossovich) wins a broken-down Thoroughbred in a raffle.
Guest Stars: Sam Melville as Charlie Sullivan | Gwen Humble as Gwen | Ronnie Scribner as Scott | Brion James as Al Davis | Michael Bond (1) as Carl Roper | Hap Lawrence as Delivery Man

11 :01x11 - The House That Roared

The gang aids an elderly woman who is being victimized by greedy developers trying to level her house.

Hunk befriends an elderly woman who refuses to sell her property to a high-rise developer.
Guest Stars: Mary Jackson as Mrs. Twining | Denny Miller as Langhorn | Scott Hylands as Sutter | Red West as Milt Dolan | Raymond Serra as Markowitz
Writer: Dick Nelson