Season 2

26 :02x01 - Grindbox 1080: Start/Grindbox 1080: Game Over

Lil Rob zaps himself into Goggles' video game to help save Stubford; Lil Rob and Stubford must power through levels of villains to escape the digital world.

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27 :02x02 - The Secret Life of Spitball / Backside Grinders: The Reunion Tour

The gang decides to follow Spitball to find out about his life outside of the Grinders.

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28 :02x03 - Survivored / Fast Times at Sprawl City Middle School

Lil Rob gets the Backside Grinders back together to defend their teen idol popularity.

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29 :02x04 - The League of Xtraordinary Sk8ers / Wild Grinders, Assemble!

The Grinders are stranded on a desert island; Lil Rob hops on Goggles' new hyper turbo board.

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30 :02x05 - Pen Pal From Another Planet / Roman Grinders

Lil Rob is suspicious of Jack Knife's new pen pal; Goggles' invention accidentally sends the Grinders back in time to ancient Rome.

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31 :02x06 - The Luck of the Grindish / Bend it Like a Grinder

Meaty wins a hat from a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day and turns into a leprechaun.

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32 :02x07 - Treasure of the Sierra Sprawl / Special Delivery

Facing a recall of the great gas-giving snack, Stinkies, the Grinders embark on a treasure hunt to find the very last one. The Wild Grinders compete with the Fixees to see which group will become Papa Calzoni's newest pizza delivery crew.

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33 :02x08 - The Tell Tale Board / It's Not My Asphalt

Meaty accidentally destroys Lil Rob's new board and then lies about it; Goggles creates 'Smart Asphalt' for smooth skating.

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34 :02x09 - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Grinder / Skate or Sick

The Grinders try to figure out what is going on with two children who never seem to be in the same place at the same time.

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35 :02x10 - The Big Sleep... Over / Lil Rob'n Hood

Lil Rob agrees to a play date with Stubford in order to find out if she is a monster.

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36 :02x11 - School Daze / Grindergeddon

Lil Rob is able to get Gene and Patty to agree that he should be home schooled. The Grinders travel in a space shuttle so that they can skate in a low gravity environment on an astriod.

37 :02x12 - Wild Grinder with Two Heads / The Legend of Jilly

Jay Jay and Emo Crys are hit by Goggles' ray gun which sees them becoming one Wild Grinder with two heads. Lil Rob and his friends go into the city's sewer system with Denise.

38 :02x13 - Midas Touch / Pre-Teen Mutated Karate Warrior

When Lil Rob and the Grinders take a "coolness" Goggles' coolness quotient ranks so low, it's off the scale. Lil Rob reminds Goggles of a kid who used to skate at the Lot named Shecky. Seems Shecky used to be the ultimate nerd, but now he's an ultra-cool skater who's got a bit of the "Midas touch" as everything he does now is awesome. Shecky agrees to give Goggles a Scheck-over and does a total makeover of Goggles' image. Lil Rob is responsible for babysitting the new classroom pet, a turtle named. Gary has a secret: He's an elite, skilled hero - or at least he used to be.

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39 :02x14 - Fists of Justice: The Beginning / Lil Rob & the Beanstalk

The Wild Grinders form a superhero team with Captain Grindstar to battle an alien invasion that threatens to destroy the planet Jack Knife trades his only skateboard to Preston for some magic jelly beans. He plants them in Lil Rob's garden and Lil Rob wakes the next morning to find a giant beanstalk growing into the sky. Lil Rob and the Grinders are thrilled to find an awesome - and oddly oversized - skate park in the clouds and immediately start riding. But the castle and the skate park belong a mean giant who just happens to look exactly like Stubford.

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40 :02x15 - The Amaazing Racers / Wild Wild Mess

Rob and Stubford take part in a globe-trotting race to try and win bacon-wrapped tacos.

41 :02x16 - Grindinator / Grinder of Another Dimension

Lil Rob's future grandson visits the Grinders and helps them defeat a dangerous robot skateboard. Jack Knife mimics Stubford, so the Grinders intervene and break up the guys' close bond.

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43 :02x18 - Cat Scratch Meaty / Wild BFF's

Meaty becomes an internet sensation by disguising himself as a skateboarding cat. Will he be able to keep the ruse up or will he lose his newfound fame? Preston vanishes Jay Jay to the 4th Dimension where the Grinders must go to save him from a germ-cleaning vacuum!

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45 :02x20 - Mr. Dogfyre / Blast from the Past

There's a new dog at the Lot named Travis, who's a huge fan of the Backside Grinders and it's his dream to play drums with the band. Lil Rob gets the band together to play with Travis, Meaty gets jealous, disguises himself and creates a persona he calls Dogfyre - an over-the-top rock-and-roll drummer - with the intention of getting Travis kicked out of the band. Lil Rob finds an old first place trophy for a skating championship in the attic and assumes it's his Dad's trophy. Goggles breaks out the time machine skateboard so Lil Rob can go back in time with Meaty to see Gene win the trophy.

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46 :02x21 - Getting Cheezy / Grindy the Snowman

Lil Rob's cousin Virgil has become the world's biggest rap star: Cheez Puffy. But Cheez misseshaving a "normal" life, and wants one day without paparazzi on his tail. Lil Rob offers to switchplaces with Cheez Puffy for the day. Cheez Puffy's day is a dream come true as he gets to live aday as Lil Rob. Meanwhile, Lil Rob gets more than he bargained for when he tries to keep up withthe whirlwind that is Cheez Puffy's life and accidentally gets into a rap battle with a fellow rapper,DJ Tater-naise. Too much of a good thing? Lil Rob and the Wild Grinders love a snow day, and when theirsnowman Grindy accidentally springs to life, he makes the day better.

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47 :02x22 - Wild Grinder Style / Call of the Wild Grinder

Lil Rob creates a new dance and song called Ticky Tack- Tack style. Goggles films Lil Rob doing the dance and uploads it. The video goes viral and Lil Rob finds himself at the center of a global craze! With the Wild Grinders as his posse, Lil Rob gets swept up in a global tour where he does the Ticky Tack-Tack style song and dance over and over and over and over. It's all anyone wants to see him do or talk about. Lil Rob just wants to be a skater, but how can he shed global fame to do the only thing he really wants to do...skate. Lil Rob wants to skate down a mountain, so he has Goggles whip up some off-road skateboards.

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49 :02x24 - Getting Cheezy

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51 :02x26 - Great Wheels of Fire, Part 1 / Great Wheels of Fire, Part 2

In part 1 of a special 2-part episode, the Grinders are missing! Spitball's mentor Master Sensei fears his nemesis Fong Say Yuck has returned and his evil power is growing thanks to the Sword of Density. Master Sensei chooses Lil Rob to defeat Fong Say Yuck and save the Wild Grinders. Accompanied by an astral projection of Spitball, Lil Rob is helped by the Master of Wolf Style Kung Fu as he searches for the legendary skateboard -- The Wheels of Fire -- whose power can help him defeat Fong Say Yuck. The Grinders are missing! Spitball's mentor Master Sensei fears his nemesis Fong Say Yuck has returned and his evil power is growing. Master Sensei chooses Lil Rob to defeat Fong Say Yuck and save the Wild Grinders. Accompanied by a astral projection of Spitball, Lil Rob is helped by the Wolf Spirit and the Dragon Spirit as he searches for the mythical skateboard -- The Wheels of Fire -- whose power can help him defeat Fong Say Yuck.

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Children | Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: nickToons ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: April 27, 2012
Episode Order: 26
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