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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Emperor's Hat

The Austrians invade and conquer three Swiss cantons and begin imposing heavy taxation. Then they demand that every Swiss citizen bow down to a replica of the Austrian emperor's hat which is placed atop a pole. William Tell, a blacksmith, doesn't like this situation and decides to rebel.
Guest Stars: Charles Houston as Villager | Ernest Milton as Furst | Norman Mitchell as Frederick | Derren Nesbitt as Sentry
Director: Ralph Smart
Writer: Rene Wilde

2 :01x02 - The Hostages

Tell seizes a shipment of Austrian arms but later finds himself betrayed to Gessler.
Guest Stars: James Booth as Franz | Peter Hammond as Hofmanstahl | Celia Hewitt as Gretel | Roy Purcell as Fritz

3 :01x03 - The Secret Death

Hedda Tell is arrested. A magician offers to help rescue Hedda by giving her a potion which will simulate death.
Guest Stars: Peter Hammond as Captain Hofmanstahl | Sid James as Schaffer | Jack Lambert (1) as Judge Furst | Howard Lang as Schmidt | Peter Welch as 1st Guard

4 :01x04 - The Gauntlet of St. Gerhardt

Gessler seeks to destroy a gauntlet that the Swiss use for inspiration during wartime.
Guest Stars: Edward Judd as Trooper | Derren Nesbitt as Captain Werner | Howard Pays as Major Augustin | Ian Wallace as Abbot

5 :01x05 - The Prisoner

Tell discovers that a fellow countryman is being held prisoner against the orders of the Austrian emperor.
Guest Stars: Michael Caine as Max | John Howard Davies as Karl | Keith Pyott as Erlanger | Bruce Seton as Bullinger | Richard Shaw as Tasker | Jerry Verno as Petitpierre
Writer: John Kruse

6 :01x06 - Voice in the Night

Tell must rescue his father-in-law who's been arrested and is about to be put on trial in Gessler's kangaroo court.
Guest Stars: Jack Lambert (1) as Judge Furst | Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Gunther | Derren Nesbitt as Frederick | Michael Ripper as Schwarz
Director: Terry Bishop
Writer: Ralph Smart

7 :01x07 - The Assassins

Gessler hires two brigands to pose as Swiss patriots in order to assassinate William Tell
Guest Stars: Alfred Burke as Bolf | Willoughby Gray as Captain | Roy Purcell as Fritz | Edwin Richfield as Maddeaux
Director: Terry Bishop
Writer: Ralph Smart

8 :01x08 - The Baroness

Tell finds himself imprisoned in a the castle of a baroness who's in cahoots with Gessler.
Guest Stars: Delphi Lawrence as Baroness | Olive McFarland (1) as Hilde | Norma Purcell as Maria | Bruce Seton as Bullinger | Arthur Skinner as Johann
Writer: John Kruse

9 :01x09 - The Elixir

Gessler tries to learn the formula of an elixir.
Guest Stars: Hamlyn Benson as Innkeeper | John McCarthy (2) as Jules | Ian Wallace as Father Abbott | Jack Watling as Ferdinand
Director: Terry Bishop

10 :01x10 - The Suspect

Tell gives a young girl suspected of being an informer an important assignment.
Guest Stars: Marianne Benet as Dagma | Peter Bennett (1) as Gruner | Tommy Duggan (1) as Waldmann | Edward Judd as Officer | John McCarthy (2) as Emil | Sheila Raynor as Josephine | Harold Scott as Gaston

11 :01x11 - The Cuckoo

A noisy cuckoo and pressure from back home in Austria are driving Gessler crazy.
Guest Stars: George Benson (1) as Conrad | David Davenport as Sergeant-at-Arms | Peter Hammond as Hofmanstahl | Jack Watling as Ferdinand
Writer: Ralph Smart

12 :01x12 - The Bear

The father of one of Tell's resistance fighters doesn't want his son in the group but agrees to allow sonny to remain provided Tell can defeat him in a bare knuckle brawl.
Guest Stars: John Howard Davies as Bruno | Peter Hammond as Hofmanstahl | Graham Stewart as Hans | Meadows White as Burgomaster

13 :01x13 - The Magic Powder

Tell and Gessler meet unexpectedly at the castle of an alchemist but they are there for different purposes.
Guest Stars: Gerald Cross as Ludwig | Peter Hammond as Hofmanshtahl | Henry Oscar as Dr. Klein | Anthony Parker (1) as Soldier
Writer: Martin Worth

14 :01x14 - The Golden Wheel

A Swiss banker asks for Tell's help in keeping a gold shipment out of Gessler's clutches.
Guest Stars: Derek Godfrey as Wolfgang | Charles Ross as Fritz | Patrick Troughton as Hanzler | Richard Warner as Head Man of Dosten | Willoughby Goddard as Gessler

15 :01x15 - The Bride

An Italian countess is kidnapped on Gessler's orders to be forced into an arranged marriage.
Guest Stars: Richard Bebb as Captain Huber | Lloyd Lamble as Colondel | Derren Nesbitt as Master-at-Arms | Glyn Owen as Anton | Nadja Regin as Maddelenna | Mary Webster as Marthe
Story: John Kruse

16 :01x16 - The Boy Slaves

After a young lad insults Gessler and flees, the rotter has 100 children seized and held hostage until the insultor surrenders.
Guest Stars: Bryan Coleman as Count Heinemann | Frazer Hines as Carl | Derren Nesbitt as Schulenberg | Marjorie Rhodes as Aunt Maria
Director: Terry Bishop
Writer: John Kruse

17 :01x17 - The Young Widow

A countess who's in league with the Swiss Resistance finds herself being blackmailed by a servant.
Guest Stars: Peter Hammond as Hofmanstahl | Charles Houston as Paul | Norma Parnell as Tina | Julian Somers as Kurt | Melissa Stribling as Countess von Markheim

18 :01x18 - Landslide

Someone impersonating William Tell has been robbing Austrian tax collectors thus bring the hammer from Gessler down on the Swiss. Our hero sets out to find the impersonator before things get worse.
Guest Stars: Wilfrid Brambell as Josef | Charles Houston as Weber | Charles Lloyd Pack as Speckler | Marjorie Rhodes as Aunt Maria | Frank Thornton as Tax Collector
Director: Terry Bishop
Writer: John Kruse

19 :01x19 - The Trap

A new recruit urges Tell to hijack a diamond that Gessler is shipping back to Austria.
Guest Stars: Richard Burrell (2) as Max | Walter Gotell as Oddices | Robert Shaw as Peter | Peter Torquill as Rudi | Colette Wilde as Ingrid
Story: Max Savage

20 :01x20 - The Shrew

Gessler wants Tell captured and he starts riding his men hard until the deed is done.
Guest Stars: Joanna Dunham as Gretel | Roy Godfrey as Karl | Harriette Johns as Gertrude | Keith Pyatt as Hans | John Salew as Colonel Wentzel
Writer: Max Savage

21 :01x21 - The Manhunt

A crazed prince stages a hunt using the most dangerous game of all as his quarry.
Guest Stars: Christopher Lee as Prince Erich | Cyril Chamberlain as Vogel | Scott Finch as Peter | Leslie Perrins as Count Hegel | Kevin Stoney as Heinrich

22 :01x22 - The Killer

Allies of Gessler are out to frame Tell for theft and murder.
Guest Stars: Derek Godfrey as Burgomaster | Monica Grey (1) as Anna | Alex Scott (1) as Klaus | Kevin Stoney as Strauss | Sally Travers as Frau Strauss | Richard Vernon as Merchant

23 :01x23 - The Surgeon

After being wounded by Austrian forces, Tell is given shelter by the Swiss but there's no doctor available to attend to his wounds.
Guest Stars: Derek Aylward as Kramer | David Blake Kelly as Von Eckenburg | Frank Thornton as Heinburgher | Stanley Van Beers as Apothecary

24 :01x24 - The Ensign

A young Austrian officer decides to defect after witnessing Gessler's brutality.
Guest Stars: John Carson (1) as Fritz | Edward Evans as Hoffman | John Maxim as Strauss | Julian Somers as Hugo | Andre Van Gyseghem as Grand Duke

25 :01x25 - The Unwelcome Stranger

Tell discovers that the Burgomaster of a village once loyal to him is now selling arms to the Austrians and attempts to prevent the sale.
Guest Stars: David de Keyser as Karl | Norman MacOwan as Andreas | John Maxim as Captain Markheim | John McCarthy (2) as Heinz | Derren Nesbitt as Martin | Peter Swanwick as Hofer | Susan Travers as Dina

26 :01x26 - The Avenger

Tell investigates the disappearance of two peace envoys.
Guest Stars: John Le Mesurier as Duke of Burgundy | Willoughby Gray as Number One | Diana Lambert as Anna | Ralph Michael as Quirini | Peter Reynolds as Hilaire | Derek Waring as Louis | Raymond Young (1) as Alda
Director: Anthony Squire

27 :01x27 - The Bandit

When bandits steal jewels from Gessler, Tell plans to recover them for the Swiss.
Guest Stars: William Abney as Fritz | Kenneth Cope as Marco | Maurice Kaufmann as Carl | Simone Lovell as Eva | Michael Peake as Landlord | Robert Raglan as Hans | Brian Rawlinson (1) as Rinaldo
Director: Anthony Squire

28 :01x28 - Gessler's Daughter

Tell helps his archenemy, Gessler, rescue his kidnapped daughter.
Guest Stars: Catherine Finn as Frau Muller | Michael Golden (1) as Muller | Perlita Neilson as Anna Gessler | Howard Pays as Vogler | Patsy Smart as Nurse

29 :01x29 - The General's Daughter

When the Bear gets captured, Tell's only hope at rescuing his pal lies with a general's daughter.
Guest Stars: Michael Caine as Sgt. Wiener | Scott Finch as Stefan | Ann Hughes as Maria | Bruce Seton as General | Peter Torquill as Corporal Muller

30 :01x30 - The Raid

Tell and a new ally decide to raid an Austrian armory.
Guest Stars: Peter Bennett (1) as Sergeant | Michael Brennan (2) as Hans | Terence Cooper as Guard | Tony Thawnton as Fritz
Director: Leslie Arliss
Story: Rene Wilde

31 :01x31 - Castle of Fear

Tell follows a traitor to the home of a supposed Swiss patriot.
Guest Stars: Ferdy Mayne as Gustav | Keith Rawlings as Hans | Edwin Richfield as Eric | Alan Rowe as Anton

32 :01x32 - The Black Brothers

Tell travels to Italy to purchase arms for the Swiss cause.
Guest Stars: Roger Delgado as Luigi | Warren Mitchell as Carlo | Paul Stassino as Pietro

33 :01x33 - The Lost Letter

Tell must rescue a captured messenger carrying an important letter from Gessler's clutches.
Guest Stars: Max Bacon as Cobbler | John Dearth as Muller | Jack Lambert (1) as Judge Furst | Olive McFarland (1) as Vera | Derren Nesbitt as Frederick | Alex Scott (1) as Franz
Director: Terry Bishop

34 :01x34 - Secret Weapon

Tell infiltrates a slave labor camp in order to free its inmates.
Guest Stars: John Horsley as Jacques | Derrick Sherwin as Hans | Jack Watling as Captain

35 :01x35 - The Master Spy

Tell finds himself matching wits with a beautiful and cunning female spy known as "the Shadow."
Guest Stars: Maureen Beck as Rosa | Adrienne Corri as Mara | Harvey Hall as Heinz | Glyn Owen as Anton | Jack Watling as Ferdinand Hofmanstahl

36 :01x36 - The Traitor

The leader of another Swiss resistance group sends for Tell and Hedda to help him uncover a traitor in his ranks.
Guest Stars: Neil Hallett as Rothman | William Lucas as Kramer | Bruce Seton as Bullinger

37 :01x37 - The Spider

Gessler sends an agent known as the Spider to bring in William Tell.
Guest Stars: Donald Pleasence as The Spider | Robert Cawdron as Captain | John Horsley as Klaus | Howard Pays as Johan | Trevor Reid as Von Brenen | Deborah Watling as Child | Shelagh Wilcocks as Gerda

38 :01x38 - The Mountain People

The boyfriend of a young damsel grows jealous when his beloved develops a crush on Tell.
Guest Stars: James Booth as Josef | Terence Cooper as Capt Kraus | Maureen Davis as Eve | John Dearth as Major Richter | Catherine Finn as Margit | Fred Johnson (2) as Father | Lee Montague as Sgt Johann
Story: John Kruse

39 :01x39 - Undercover

Tell urgently needs to contact a Swiss spy in the Austrian emperor's retinue.
Guest Stars: Derek Bond as Emperor | Jill Browne (1) as Magda | Ian Colin (1) as Michaelis | John Longden as Reinhardt | David Peel (1) as Sebastian | Stanley Van Beers as Chancellor | Peter Welch as Johan
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 15, 1958
Ended: June 15, 1959
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