Willo the Wisp

Willo the Wisp

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Final: S01-Special -- Christmas Box (Dec/24/1981)

All of the creatures of Doyley Woods are enjoying Christmas, but some of the wood folk find it hard to believe that even evil Edna is in a festive mood. When Santa doesn't turn up Mavis and Arthur think that Edna has turned him into a frog.
Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams
voiced Various
Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams
voiced Various


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1x24: The Beauty Contest recap: One day discovers that Mavis is upset. Mavis is upset because Doyley Woods is holding a Beauty contest, and Mavis thinks she is too fat and Ugly to enter.
Arthur tells her she is plump and plain. A beautiful fairy appears with make up to make Mavis beautiful. Two hours later Mavis has applied the make up and now thinks she is now beautiful.
The woods fill up with contestants for the beauty contest from around the universe.
Edna shows up and tells Mavis that she should be the entrant for Doyley Woods, and not Mavis.
Edna then turns Mavis into a frog. Because all of the other entrants are from different planets, and the judges are from Saturn Edna thinks that Miss Saturn will will because they will be bias towards Miss Saturn. She then turns all of the judges from Saturn into frogs.
Because the judges are now frogs they start winking at Mavis (who Edna has also turned into a frog). The frog judges decide that Mavis is the most beautiful frog ever so award her the prize.
Edna storms off and swears she will win next year by turning the judges into evil television sets like her. The end... read more.

1x16: The Gnome recap: Mavis the fairy is walking through Doyley Woods and meets a gnome.
Mavis tells the gnome to be careful of Evil Edna, because she is wicked. The gnome ignores Mavis and carries on walking through the woods.
Mavis finds Arthur and tells him that she has just met a gnome. Arthur doesn't believe her because gnomes are only real in fairytales.
Because Arthur doesn't believe her she says she will introduce him to the gnome, Mavis sets off to find the gnome and Arthur follows her.
Meanwhile the gnome meets into Evil Edna. Edna has disguised herself as a camera and asks the gnome to pose for her, he agrees and she gives him a fishing rod. As he poses with the fishing rod in his hands she casts an evil spell on him turning him into stone.
Edna now plans on selling him as a garden ornament.
Moments later Arthur and Mavis run into the statue of the gnome.
Arthur tells her she was imagining things, and it must have been a statue that she saw earlier, and not an actual gnome.
Edna asks Mavis and Arthur to help her move the gnome statue but it is too heavy.
As they struggle to move it the statue drops on Edna's foot and she screams in pain.
Mavis and Arthur cannot move it off her foot so Mavis tells her to turn the gnome back to life so it will move off her foot.
Evil Edna turns the gnome to life and Arthur whispers to the gnome to run before Edna can do put another spell on him. The gnome listens this time and runs off into the woods. The end... read more.

recap: Arthur is eating a plant that has bells for leaves when Mavis appears and tells Arthur she can hear bells in the distance and that they are playing the wedding song.
Arthur tells Mavis that she is imagining things, and the only way to cure her hearing the wedding theme is for Mavis to get married.
Meanwhile a Prince Humbert 'the handsome' is riding through the woods on his bicycle.
He doesn't look where he is going and rides his bicycle into Evil Edna.
Edna is angry with him, so she casts a spell on him and turns the handsome Prince into the Beast.
Meanwhile Arthur and Mavis are looking for a bridegroom for Mavis so that she can get married.
The Beast arrives in the woods and Mavis puts a spell on him so that he is dressed in a wedding suit.
Arthur tells him he is to be married to Mavis. The Beast speaks and his a lisp is heard by Mavis and Arthur. Mavis says she cannot marry him because he cannot speak properly. The beast is confused and upset. The end... read more.

Creator: Nick Spargo
Editor: Michael Crane (2)
Music: Tony Kinsey
Camera Operator: Chris King (2)
Animator: Ron Murdoch

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Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Type: Animation
Genres: Children Cartoons, Children, Family, Fantasy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 5 Minutes
Premiere: September, 1981
Ended: December, 1981
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