The Bride-Groom - Recap

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Arthur is eating a plant that has bells for leaves when Mavis appears and tells Arthur she can hear bells in the distance and that they are playing the wedding song.
Arthur tells Mavis that she is imagining things, and the only way to cure her hearing the wedding theme is for Mavis to get married.
Meanwhile a Prince Humbert 'the handsome' is riding through the woods on his bicycle.
He doesn't look where he is going and rides his bicycle into Evil Edna.
Edna is angry with him, so she casts a spell on him and turns the handsome Prince into the Beast.
Meanwhile Arthur and Mavis are looking for a bridegroom for Mavis so that she can get married.
The Beast arrives in the woods and Mavis puts a spell on him so that he is dressed in a wedding suit.
Arthur tells him he is to be married to Mavis. The Beast speaks and his a lisp is heard by Mavis and Arthur. Mavis says she cannot marry him because he cannot speak properly. The beast is confused and upset. The end.