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The Beauty Contest - Recap

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One day discovers that Mavis is upset. Mavis is upset because Doyley Woods is holding a Beauty contest, and Mavis thinks she is too fat and Ugly to enter.
Arthur tells her she is plump and plain. A beautiful fairy appears with make up to make Mavis beautiful. Two hours later Mavis has applied the make up and now thinks she is now beautiful.
The woods fill up with contestants for the beauty contest from around the universe.
Edna shows up and tells Mavis that she should be the entrant for Doyley Woods, and not Mavis.
Edna then turns Mavis into a frog. Because all of the other entrants are from different planets, and the judges are from Saturn Edna thinks that Miss Saturn will will because they will be bias towards Miss Saturn. She then turns all of the judges from Saturn into frogs.
Because the judges are now frogs they start winking at Mavis (who Edna has also turned into a frog). The frog judges decide that Mavis is the most beautiful frog ever so award her the prize.
Edna storms off and swears she will win next year by turning the judges into evil television sets like her. The end.