Wingin' It

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 03/Apr/2011 Basket Case
02 01x02 03/Apr/2010 She Blinded Me With Science
03 01x03 11/Apr/2010 Getting Out Of Dodge
04 01x04 18/Apr/2010 Cheer Me Up
05 01x05 25/Apr/2010 One Flu Over the Talent Show
06 01x06 02/May/2010 Hold the Dressing
07 01x07 09/May/2010 Spinner and the Saint
08 01x08 16/May/2010 Big Hairy Deal
09 01x09 23/May/2010 Porter Jackson Can't Lose
10 01x10 30/May/2010 School Spirit
12 01x12 13/Jun/2010 Almost Too Famous
13 01x13 20/Jun/2010 Dramarama

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
14 02x01 28/Jan/2011 Under Her Spell
15 02x02 05/Feb/2011 Me Carl, You Jane-ish
16 02x03 12/Feb/2011 Bully Elliot
18 02x05 19/Feb/2011 Err a Parent
19 02x06 26/Feb/2011 Taking Care of Quiz-ness
20 02x07 12/Mar/2011 To Serge with Love
21 02x08 14/Mar/2011 All Lizards Go to Heaven, Part 1 of 2
22 02x09 14/Mar/2011 All Lizards Go to Heaven, Part 2 of 2
23 02x10 25/Mar/2011 Best Before Date
24 02x11 22/Apr/2011 Reel Trouble
25 02x12 26/May/2011 Carl+Alt+Delete
26 02x13 29/Jul/2011 Magical Kiss-Tery Tour
27 02x14 01/Oct/2011 Reality Bites
28 02x15 08/Oct/2011 Lucy in the Sky with Carl
30 02x17 15/Oct/2011 Hands Solo
31 02x18 22/Oct/2011 Without A Paddle
32 02x19 29/Oct/2011 Alex in Slumberland
33 02x20 05/Nov/2011 I Carlie
34 02x21 12/Nov/2011 Friday Afternoon Fever
35 02x22 19/Nov/2011 Don't Dimension It
38 02x25 11/Jan/2012 Malone's Your Uncle
39 02x26 18/Jan/2012 We'll Always Have Detention

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
42 03x01 03/Mar/2013 Forget About It
43 03x02 10/Mar/2013 Pimento
45 03x04 24/Mar/2013 Announce of Prevention
46 03x05 31/Mar/2013 What I Re-Like About You
47 03x06 14/Apr/2013 Angel on Hippocampus
51 03x10 25/May/2013 Live and Let Fly

  Season 3 »