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X-Men: Evolution: Mainstream

The X-men teenagers are granted the opportunity to go back to high-school, and prove themselves. However, they must do that without using any of their super-powers. However, this may not be as easy as it sounds, as Principle Kelly has enrolled the Brotherhood, hoping to cause the X-men to use their powers, so that they'll get kicked out of school...

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x3
Production Number: 33
Airdate: Saturday September 28th, 2002

Director: Frank Paur
Teleplay: Michael Merton

Guest Stars
Moneca StoriMoneca Stori
voiced Amanda
Moneca StoriMoneca Stori
voiced Amanda
Vincent GaleVincent Gale
voiced Duncan
Vincent GaleVincent Gale
voiced Duncan
Michael AdamthwaiteMichael Adamthwaite
voiced Colossus
Michael AdamthwaiteMichael Adamthwaite
voiced Colossus
Episode Notes
Wolverine's outfit change is based off of his outfit in the Ultimate X-men comic.

The X-mansion hasn't been fully repaired yet, and the X-men are staying in a bunker below the house.

Magneto trys to recruit Wolverine in this episode.

Episode Quotes
(Kitty grabs the milk carton from the refrigerator, and begins to drink it)
Nightcrawler: I knew it! You drink right from the carton!
Kitty: Kurt! I di--- I was going to finish the whole thing.
Nightcrawler: Okay... Just about a half-a-gallon left.

Toad: She won't even talk to him anymore.
Blob: She won't even come near him!
Toad: Maybe she'll come to me, Here Kitty! Kitty, kitty, kitty.

(Professor X displays a news paper with the title of "Monsters" amoung us?)
Spyke: Awe man, so where still monsters? What's with that?

Nightcrawler: (grabs the newspaper) Hey, they made me "identity unknown."
Shadowcat: Yeah, look the only pictures they have of you are blue and fury.

Wolverine: I can't believe parents are pulling their kids out of here. They really think it'll be any better at home?
Professor X: I hate to admit it, but I would probably do the same thing.

Wolverine: This is my fault. I should've picked up Mystique's scent when she was posing as you.
Professor X: And I should have sensed her in Wanda's hospital room when she abducted me.

Professor X: Good news. The school board has agreed to let you all attended classes today - provided that nobody uses their powers.

Kitty: Professor... I'm afraid to go back there. We don't fit in anymore.
Professor X: It won't be easy at first, but eventually you will be accepted, and this time for all that you are.

Lance: Principle Kelly, what are you doing here?
Principle Kelly: I just wanted to personally invite you all back to school.
Blob: School!? No way! We don't go anywhere we ain't wanted.
Toad: Since when!?

Toad: If you can't be wanted, be feared.

Kurt: They still don't realize that I'm the fuzzy one!
Amanda: Kurt, that means your still hiding.

Amanda: (to Kurt) What about standing with your friends?
Kurt: Um... yeah... I'm sure that they'll be alright.

Duncan: I'm going to make sure you use your powers, Summers, because then it's bye-bye Bayville High for you!

Duncan: Come on Mutie, throw something at me.
Scott: Oh, as much as I'd love to... You’re not worth it.

Scott: (to Duncan) Bring it on! I don't need any powers to deal with punks like you!

Student: (to Rouge) Hey! What's your special power, can you read my mind?
Rouge: Yeah, like I could find it!

Wolverine: (to Colossus) You got my attention, now let's talk!

Wolverine: Alright, bub, what's this all about?
Colossus: I am to deliver a message.
Wolverine: From who?
Colossus: From Magneto!

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