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A new Weapon X has been created using his genetic code. Her name is X23, and she arrives at the Institute in search for a fight against Wolverine.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x10
Production Number: 41
Airdate: Saturday August 02nd, 2003

Guest Stars
Jim ByrnesJim Byrnes
voiced Nick Fury
Tony SampsonTony Sampson
voiced Berzerker
Andrea LibmanAndrea Libman
voiced X23
Lisa Ann BeleyLisa Ann Beley
voiced Doctor Deborah Risman
Episode Notes
The X23 character was created for this series alone, however, like the character Harley Quinn, who was created for Batman the Animated Series, X23 will become a comic book character.

Craig Kyle was the staff member that created X23.

Episode Quotes
Berzerker: Man! I hate these training sessions!

Berzerker: This is so lame! I don't get why Wolverine can't just do this in the danger room!
Iceman: (doing an impression of Wolverine) "There's no off switch in the real world, bub!"

Cannonball: Hey! Hey! Give me a hand here, would you?
Iceman: Sam! You’re never going to learn anything if I have to keep rescuing you guys!

Iceman: Uh... Did I win?
Wolverine: You can yourself that as your going through the coarse again... all of you!

Wolverine: Take over for me, would 'ya Hank? (they begin to cheer) But I'LL be WATCHING.

Professor X: Rouge, Rouge, take as much time as you need!
Rouge: I just think that I'm not ready to be around allot of people just yet.
Professor X: I understand. And I hope that this doesn't have anything to do with Logan's training session today...
Rouge: What? No... Was that today?

Professor X: Why does Furry think you have anything to do with the S. H. I. E. L. D break in?
Logan: I don't know. But if he thinks I really did anything, this sure ain't the way he'd be picking me up.

Nick Furry: The intruder had metal claws, and had YOUR DNA.
Logan: What?

Wolverine: Someone's playing games with you Furry.
Nick Furry: That's why your here. To help me find out what going on.
Wolverine: How do you have a sample of my DNA anyway?

Doctor Deborah Risman: Weapon X.
Logan: What did you just call me?

Doctor Deborah Risman: I was a scientist for Hydra, an organization that deals with information...
Nick Furry: Don't sugar coat it! They're spies. And dropping operatives in S. H. I. E. L. D walls is they're favorite pastime.

Doctor Deborah Risman: An operarative, X23, was sent to infiltrate this facility, then went rouge on us.
Logan: So?
Doctor Deborah Risman: Trust me, this is cause for concern.

Logan: Why work for the bad guys?
Doctor Deborah Risman: No boundaries. They gave me the chance to push genetics beyond and conventional science had ever seen.

Doctor Deborah Roman: My job was to create a weapon. The perfect weapon, using information from the project called Weapon X. But I failed, time and time again. 22 times to be precise.

Doctor Deborah Risman: It was you Weapon--- Wolverine. Your healing factor was the key, so we... Acquired your DNA.
Logan: You... Cloned me?
Doctor Deborah Risman: Not entirely... I had to make a few genetic variations.

Beast: Aha! Can't out swing the Beast my friend, I am all over this.

Iceman: Oh yeah! Does Beast know how to spice up a training session or what?

Logan: She's a child! Not a weapon! How do you sleep at night?
Doctor Deborah Risman: I don't.

Berzerker: (to Logan) This is impossible. The Professor, Storm, Bobby, not even you could take us ALL out.

Scott: You have to tell us what's going on!
Logan: It's... complicated!

Logan: Extra credit for anyone who takes out the ice cube.

Professor X: Why the change in tactics Logan?
Logan: Sometimes you just gotta let kids just be kids.

Episode References
The opening teaser includes clips from "Operation: Rebirth," "Self Possessed," and "Grim Reminder."

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