Tangled Web - Recap

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While in a showdown with Jack's Jetbootsu and Kimiko's Fist of Tebigong, Kimiko loses to Jack, after smashing the mountain, but since his shen gong wu is gravitational, Kimiko lost.

Angry about it, the monks lead to another activated shen gong wu called the Tangle Web Comb. WIthout hesitation, Kimiko goes into the water to go get it, but Raimundo makes fun of her saying she should get it after losing one, two shen gong wu.

At the temple, Kimiko is testing out the Tangle Web Comb. When she uses it, instead of the object being wrapped up, she gets wrapped up instead! Since she can't move, Raimundo tells the guys if they wants to check out Kimiko's stuff. Master Fung comes to her rescue, and tells her that she should be relaxed in order to control the Tangle Web Comb.

Kimiko saying she's relaxed, later tries to prove it to Master Fung with a giant teapot. She has to pour in tea elegantly concentrating. Everything is fine until the guys come in and mess everything up. But Kimiko loses her concentration to Omi when he said that for such a girl Kimiko has great upper strength. This pisses her off and she incidently breaks the teapot. Which doesn't leave Kimiko happy when everyone leaves.

The monks are now going to get a new shen gong wu called the Golden Tiger Claws. But the monks can't get into a temple that's being guarded. Kimiko calls her father for some help but is diappointed when she has to eventually wear a kimono which makes Raimundo bother her more..

In the temple, everyone is looking for the shen gong wu, but Kimiko's concentration is tested when she's in a showdown against Jack again. Raimundo however is bettwr Omi and Clay that they have to do four weeks of chores for him if Kimiko is able to control the Tangle Web Comb.

Kimiko is yet again caught in the Tangle Web Comb ability. After soon giving up hope, she later is able to grasp free from the web and has the ability to control it. She takes Jack's Monkey Staff and jumps and does tricks to get to the Tiger Claws. Since Jack was stalling so much for making fun of Kimiko, she won the showdown and is now able to master the Tangle Web.

But can she get the respect she deserves from the guys after Raimundo made fun of the monkey tail she had from the Monkey Staff?