Falsehood - Recap

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Early in the morning Watanuki is preparing breakfast for Yuuko. But Mokona bothers Watanuki to tell the pot is boiler over until Yuuko showed up asking for more Sake. As Watanuki complains about her drinking, they got disturbed when a customer walked in my "hitsuzen". She said her pinky won't move. Yuuko asked her if she had any habits. She said she didn't have any. Watanuki was seeing black smoke coming from the woman's finger untli Yuuko advised the woman to wear a ring on her pinky. She said it was important to, cause the pinky is an important finger. Watanuki was confused, while Maru and Moro were using their pinkys for pinky swears.

Walking to Yuuko's, delighted by Himawari at school, Yuuko said his looks today are bad luck. She said Doumeki is better for him that Himawari, which angers him. During the "conversation" the same customer from earlier came back.

She had the ring on this time, and Watanuki doesn't see any smoke. Yuuko saying that her bad habit wasn't changed, she asked for her age. The customer said she was twenty-one and the black smoke came again. Yuuko asked a series of questions, and the smoke got worse. Yuuko pointed to her mouth then chest, which se said was her bad habits. The woman said her arm was becoming stiff too, until Yuuko said if she doesn't realize it, it would be too late. Yuuko invited her for tea, but she said she was going to meet someone. More smoke came out. Watanuki found the woman, but she was doing something else other than going out what that person. Watanuki was listening to the girls who where with the woman, and they were saying things about her that the woman told them that weren't true. They said it was becoming a habit now. The woman was taking a survey and the smoke got worse and covering the whole scene. Stopping in the street to meet someone, lying somemore to her. The other person left when the traffic lights were changing until she noticed the ring was very dirty. She took it off, and her body couldn't move until a big truck was moving closer...

The ring rolled to Watanuki and gave it to Yuuko. They had a conversation about her, and after Yuuko asked for some food.