Yin Yang Yo!

Yin Yang Yo!

After saving the world many times through his long and illustrious career as a woo foo knight, Master Yo was looking forward to a peaceful and relaxing retirement. Unfortunately for him, just as he was about to hang up his belt, a group of bhosts contact him and demand that he take on two more apprentices, as they sense an era of danger in the coming years. Meanwhile, Yin and Yang, two rabbit siblings who are practically the exact opposites of one another, notice a flier for Master Yo’s dojo and decide to seek him out and accept the positions. Yin wishes to help make the world a better place, as there have been many problems as of late, though Yang merely wishes to use his training as an opportunity to hit stuff.

However, tensions are always running high in the dojo. Yin and Yang, despite truly loving one another, are always at odds and tend to fight and argue on a regular basis. To make matters worse, they refuse to listen to Master Yo’s teachings as they should. Yin refuses to learn the martial arts, as she believes it’s only something for brainless boys, while Yang refuses to learn the mystical arts, as he believes it’s something for girly sissies. Despite their differeces, they realize that they’ll have to work together in order to defeat the forces of evil. As the ancient sayings of woo foo claim, “when might and magic work as one, a villain’s plan can be undone”.

Episode Info

Final: 2x09 -- Deja Foo (Mar/10/2008)

Scott McCordScott McCord
voiced Yang
Martin RoachMartin Roach
voiced Yo
Jamie WatsonJamie Watson
voiced Carl, The Evil Cockroach Wizard
Dwayne HillDwayne Hill
voiced Coop
Tony Daniels (1)Tony Daniels (1)
voiced Kraggler, Ultimoose
Linda BallantyneLinda Ballantyne
voiced Saranoia
Damon PapadopoulosDamon Papadopoulos
voiced Kerlian
Kathleen LaskeyKathleen Laskey
voiced The Lie Fairy
Megan FahlenbockMegan Fahlenbock
voiced Multiple

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Creator: Bob Boyle
Co-Executive Producer: Steve Marmel
Staff Writer: Aydrea Walden
Music: Michael Tavera

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