Series 2

8 :02x01 - Shanks and Yips and Other Problems

Alice considers giving up writing. Tom adds a few strokes to his golf game.
Director: Richard Boden

9 :02x02 - In Sickness and in Wealth

Alice gets sick just before a movie producer visits. Tom is a last minute replacement on the pub darts team.
Guest Stars: Debbi Blythe as doctor | Lou Hirsch (1) as Hal
Director: Richard Boden

10 :02x03 - Alice and Her Yorkshire Pudding

Alice flirts with her publisher. Gerald suspects his wife is having an affair.
Director: Richard Boden

11 :02x04 - The Glittering Pressies

Tom and Alice fight, but Tom doesn't know why.
Guest Stars: Frankie Cosgrave as chairwoman | Rosemary Williams as the other woman
Director: Richard Boden

12 :02x05 - A Bit Prickly in the Morning

Tom gets suspicious when Alice hires a solicitor.
Guest Stars: Kevin Whately as Hugo Mansell
Director: Richard Boden

13 :02x06 - Big Boys Don't Cry

Alice moves out until Tom and Miranda call a truce.
Guest Stars: Ranjit Nakara as waiter
Director: Richard Boden