Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
96 04x04 10/Feb/2010 Rally Forth! Team 5D's
97 04x05 17/Feb/2010 After Despair and Conflict...
98 04x06 24/Feb/2010 The WRGP Commences! Team 5D's VS Team Unicorn
99 04x07 03/Mar/2010 Burn! Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis
100 04x08 10/Mar/2010 Dilemma! The Last Turbo Duelist Yusei
101 04x09 17/Mar/2010 For The Team
103 04x11 31/Mar/2010 The Spoils of Battle
104 04x12 07/Apr/2010 Messengers of Destruction, Team Catastrophe
106 04x14 21/Apr/2010 Ghost Flood! The Terrifying Battle Royale Mode
107 04x15 28/Apr/2010 Wake Up!! Unwavering Standpoint - Clear Mind
108 04x16 05/May/2010 The Revived Terror - Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity
109 04x17 12/May/2010 Accel Synchro! Be Born, Shooting Star Dragon!
110 04x18 19/May/2010 The Three Emperors of Yliaster
111 04x19 26/May/2010 The Ancient Land - To Nazca!
112 04x20 02/Jun/2010 The Crimson Devil
113 04x21 09/Jun/2010 Burning Soul! Scar-Red Nova Dragon
114 04x22 16/Jun/2010 Operation Capture Yeagar II
115 04x23 23/Jun/2010 Press Him About The Mystery!! The Endgame Turbo Duel!
116 04x24 30/Jun/2010 The Ener-D Express Development Agency
117 04x25 07/Jul/2010 The Distorted Past
118 04x26 14/Jul/2010 The New Rivals
119 04x27 21/Jul/2010 The Invincible Scrum! Smash The Unbreakable Defense!
120 04x28 28/Jul/2010 Tie those Feelings! The Hand Tied to the Majin!
121 04x29 04/Aug/2010 The Miraculous Trump Card - Zushin the Sleeping Giant!
122 04x30 11/Aug/2010 Believe in the Power! The Strongest Giant Zushin VS Shooting Star Dragon
123 04x31 18/Aug/2010 The Duelists with the Rune Eye
124 04x32 25/Aug/2010 Damaged Pride
125 04x33 01/Sep/2010 Fighting Souls! Thor, Lord of the Aesir VS Scar-Red Nova Dragon
126 04x34 08/Sep/2010 Descend! The Second Aesir - Loki, Lord of the Aesir
127 04x35 15/Sep/2010 Fierce Fight! Destiny Riding on Blackwings
128 04x36 22/Sep/2010 The Three Immortal Aesirs! Cry out, Saviour Star Dragon!
129 04x37 29/Sep/2010 Gjallarhorn! Countdown To the End
130 04x38 06/Oct/2010 Bound To The Future, Bonds To Our Companions
131 04x39 13/Oct/2010 Fight for the Future! Machine Emperor Skiel VS Scar-Red Nova Dragon
132 04x40 20/Oct/2010 An Intense Fight!! Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity
133 04x41 27/Oct/2010 The Looming Threat! Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity
134 04x42 10/Nov/2010 The Road of Ruin! The Future Favored By Synchro Summoning
135 04x43 17/Nov/2010 The Devil Of Despair! Machine Divine Emperor Mechanicle Infinity Cubic
136 04x44 24/Nov/2010 A Do-or-Die Battle! The Machine Divine Emperor VS The Synchro Monsters
137 04x45 01/Dec/2010 An Approaching Terror - The Citadel of God, "The Ark Cradle
138 04x46 08/Dec/2010 The Path to the Ark Cradle - The Rainbow Bridge Bifrost!
139 04x47 15/Dec/2010 The Terrifying Field Spell - École de Zone!
140 04x48 22/Dec/2010 The Soul-Binding Gate! The Forbidden Future!
141 04x49 28/Dec/2010 The Duel of Despair! Fortissimo the Moving Fortress!
142 04x50 05/Dec/2010 A Life-or-Death Battle! Machine Divine Emperor Dragon Asterisk
143 04x51 12/Jan/2011 The Miracle of Life! Life Stream Dragon!!
144 04x52 19/Jan/2011 The Beginning of the End: A Fight for the Future!
145 04x53 26/Jan/2011 Faster Than Light!!
146 04x54 02/Feb/2011 The Last Human - ZONE
147 04x55 09/Feb/2011 A Hope for the Future!
148 04x56 16/Feb/2011 One Chance To Turn It All Around
150 04x58 02/Mar/2011 Feelings Entrusted From My Father
151 04x59 09/Mar/2011 Clustering Wishes
152 04x60 23/Mar/2011 Moving Towards the Future
153 04x61 30/Mar/2011 Clashing Souls!

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