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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters: Divide and Conquer

Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: 102
Airdate: Saturday September 16th, 2006

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)

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Episode Info
Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: 102
Airdate: Saturday September 16th, 2006

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)



Yami calls out Téa and Tristan's names and a tree attacks him. Yami's capsule shooter lights up for a second and he figures out that he can summon Celtic Guardian with it.
Meanwhile, a crow-like monster carries Joey with its feet. He demands to be let go, but when they fly over a cliff, Joey changes his mind. It just happens to be at that moment that the monster decides to drop him. He lands in a nest with three hungry chicks. Joey backs up to get away from them and ends up falling out. After trying to stay up by flapping his arms without success, he lands in a second nest, with five chicks. The other three from the nest above jump down to the new level. Joey purposely jumps this time and ends up in a nest of eight. He jumps again and wonders what’s in the next nest, when he looks down to see that there isn’t any more nests below him. He tries to grab a hold of the side of the cliff, but can’t. He eventually runs into a tree growing out of the cliff. As the tree binds from his weight, a capsule begins to roll down the tree trunk. It hits him in the face and pushes him off the tree. He tries to grab hold of something and ends up hugging on the capsule in fear of dieing. It hatches into Baby Dragon.
On the beach, Téa and Tristan are trying to figure out where their two monsters came from. Tristan says they came out of those large rocks. There’s a flashback of Téa stepping on one while running from the bugs that were chasing them and Tristan is shown falling onto one of them. Tristan says he thinks they’re harmless, so they’re safe for now. Téa wonders if Yugi, Joey, and Mr. Muto are safe. The two monsters start making noises and Tristan asks if they’re trying to tell them something. In the ocean, a whirlpool pops out of nowhere and there’s a tidal wave. It turns out that a sea monster is behind it. Their two monsters try to protect them by jumping in front of the two humans. Tristan says that the roaches didn’t follow them to the beach because it’s this new monster’s territory.
Joey’s riding on Baby Dragon’s back and says that the monster saved his life. Then he notices the flock of crow monsters following them. Joey decides to fight them, but isn’t as sure about his decision when seeing how many there are. Joey has Baby Dragon turn around and they make a fly for it.
Below them, the Celtic Guardian is fighting against the tree monster. Celtic Guardian is having a hard time defeating the tree. Yugi appears beside Yami and asks what’s up, that he thought Celtic Guardian had more attack points then that monster in Duel Monsters. Yami realizes that it has a field point advantage because they’re in the woods. Yugi says it’s just like the Capsule Monsters board game and says that this world must be based on the game. Yami says it’s the other way around - that the creator of the game has been to that weird pyramid and entered this place. Celtic Guardian is wounded and Yami cries out in pain, saying that it’s strange, but whenever his monster is attacked, he feels it. He says that it means this is some type of shadow game.
The crow monsters are catching up to Joey and he sees some crevices in the land below them, so he tells Baby Dragon to duck between one of them. He flies through the narrow tunnels and the monsters are knocked off one by one. At the end of the tunnel, the rest of the crow monsters get stuck right before they make it back out into the air.
Yami and Yugi isn’t sure what to do, since Celtic Guardian isn’t strong enough to defeat the tree monster. Then the surrounding trees end up being monsters, too. Yugi says it must be his special ability. The trees reach out and grab Yami and his monster with their branches. Yugi sees a capsule close by and shows Yami, but he can’t reach it because of the trees wrapped around them. Yugi says that he might not be able to cut the trees lose, but Celtic Guardian can. Celtic Guardian throws his sword toward the branch holding Yami down and Yami’s set free. He touches the capsule and a fire type monster comes out and attacks all of the trees, destroying them. Yami says that a fire attribute monster beats a wood attribute monster. Yugi says that he’s sure everyone knows they’re not in India anymore.
Joey’s in a cave behind a waterfall. He can’t find this place on his map and says that this “guide to India” book is useless. Then he notices the treasure chess in the cave. When he opens it, a long roll of tape jumps up and wraps around him. He asks Baby Dragon to help him and the monster takes a deep breath. Joey begs him not to, but the dragon torches the tape off of Joey, anyhow. Joey runs to the waterfall where he can cool off. Then a map comes out of the chest.
Tristan orders his Electric Lizard to attack the sea monster, but its attack doesn’t work and the water monster blasts the lizard. Tristan falls to his knees in pain. Téa asks if he’s alright. He says that either it’s just a coincidence, or when their monsters are attacked, they get hurt, too. The sea monster attacks the lizard again and Tristan yells. Téa thinks that he can’t do this alone and maybe she can help, but then sees that her monster is hiking behind a rock, scared. She thinks that although their monsters aren’t strong enough, there must be a way. Tristan says he should have paid more attention to Yugi so he could have some type of strategy. Téa then remembers something Yugi told her about her Happy Lover monster. He said that its low attack points are made up for by its healing ability. Téa tells Happy Lover to use its special ability on the Electric Lizard and both Tristan and his monster jump up and start dancing. Tristan says he feels like a million bucks. Téa gets upset with him, saying it’s not the best time to show off his dance moves. Tristan says not to worry. He thinks that this time he’ll try a sneak attack, since the monster blocked the attack he tried head on. A blast from the sea monster sends Electric Lizard into the air. Tristan bumps him up higher and the sea monster looks up, only to be blinded by the bright sun. The lizard falls from the sky, at the same time using his attack. Tristan catches the Electric Lizard and they’re happy the sea monster’s been defeated. But just as they begin to celebrate, he comes back, bigger and meaner. Tristan says he can still take him, but both Happy Lover and Electric Lizard are hiding behind the rock, knowing it’s too powerful. The new monster creates a waterspout and Téa and Tristan, along with their monsters, are sucked into it from the strong wind. Then a voice says “Alright, Summoned Skull, lightning strike!” and the monster’s defeated. You can see the silhouette of someone standing on a cliff above as the words “To Be Continued” appear on the screen...

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Episode Notes
The mention of Kaiba in this episode by Joey was edited out of the DVD

Episode Quotes
Joey: (after seeing a treasure chest, he says says this happily) Little buddy, you and I are gonna be richer then Kaiba! I feel good! Somebody stop me! My time has arrived!” (he wipes the drool off his face.) “I get to be a spoiled brat!!” (Baby Dragon gives him a weird look.)

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