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Season 5

118 :05x01 - A Gun for Willie

A simple oaf becomes a big man in town when he kills an outlaw. Then it's discovered that he killed the wrong man.
Guest Stars: Ernest Borgnine as Willie | Paul Birch as Sheriff | Nancy Valentine as Lily | Dub Taylor as Yancey | Paul Sorenson as Mike | Ralph Moody as George | Kenneth Patterson as Tim | George Robotham as Navajo Jack | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Clayton

119 :05x02 - Desert Flight

Three bank robbers come up with a slick plan but an the itchy trigger finger of one dooms it to failure.
Guest Stars: Rand Brooks as Wilson | Dick Powell as Brenner | John Pickard (2) as Sheriff | James Coburn as Doyle | Ben Cooper as Sandy | Robert F. Hoy as Deptuy #1 | Robert "Buzz" Henry as Deputy #2 | Fred Krone as Clerk | Fred Sherman as Stick Tender
Director: Budd Boetticher

120 :05x03 - Cry Hope! Cry Hate!

A search party goes looking for a woman's missing son.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Stella | Paul Fix as Burkett | Brett King (2) as Luke French | Robert Crawford, Jr. as Boy | Richard Garland as Will | Don Gazzaniga as Angler
Director: Abner Biberman

121 :05x04 - The Ox

A former Confederate soldier seeks revenge against his old commanding officer who put him behind bars.
Guest Stars: Bill Erwin as Minister | Burl Ives as Ox | Whit Bissell as Major McConnell | Edward Platt as Marshal Mays | Jacklyn O'Donnell as Nancy McConnell | Kay Stewart as Hannah | Andy Albin as Smitty | Karen Norris as Mrs. McIntire | Patrick Hector as Boy #1 | Gregory Irvin as Boy #2 | Fred Kroner as Drover #1 | Rudy Dolan as Drover #2 | Stuffy Singer as Young Man

122 :05x05 - So Young the Savage Land

A couple struggle to keep their ranch from falling into the hands of a greedy neighbor.
Guest Stars: Chris Robinson (1) as Paul Martin | John Dehner as Jim Brayden | Claudette Colbert as Beth Brayden | Harry Dean Stanton as Toby | Roy Barcroft as Mike | Lee Kross as Roy | Perry Cook as Henry Sloan
Director: Richard Donner
Writer: Stephen Lord

123 :05x06 - Ransom

Commanche raiders capture a cowboy and plan to trade him for horses and guns.
Guest Stars: Aneta Corsaut as Amy | Claude Akins as Comanchero | Ed Nelson as Tantasi | Michael Hinn as Scotsman | Michael Parks as Juanito | Lloyd Bridges as Dundee | Frank Griffin as Stantub
Director: Budd Boetticher

124 :05x07 - The Last Bugle

An Army officer heads off in pursuit of Geronimo to try and persuade the Apache leader to surrender.
Guest Stars: Michael Hinn as Tom Horn | Bob Cummings as Lt. Gatewood | Michael Pate as Geronimo | Jerry Oddo as Martine | Michael Keep as Natchez | Robert Carricart as Patino | Rodd Redwing as Kaeta | Robert Warwick as General Miles | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Commandante

125 :05x08 - The Black Wagon

Sarah Harmon risks her life to aid a group of cholera victims.
Guest Stars: Esther Williams as Sarah Harmon | Karen Norris as Mrs. Quint | Ryan Hayes as Mead | Kenneth Patterson as Quint (as Ken Patterson) | Joseph Sargent as Sergeant | Larry Pennell as Tully | Keenan Wynn as Host

126 :05x09 - Knife of Hate

Outlaws hold a doctor's daughter hostage so that he will perform surgery on one of their group.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Nolan as Dr. Elisha Pittman | Susan Oliver (1) as Susan Pittman | Robert Harland as Jack Hoyt | Vladimir Sokoloff as Alf | Michael T. Mikler as Lacey | Marjorie Bennett as Sophie | Tyler McVey as Forrest
Director: Otto Lang
Writer: John Marsh

127 :05x10 - The Mormons

A group of Mormon settlers is suspected of being carriers of cholera.
Guest Stars: Bing Russell as Cole | Michael Hinn as Adam Lawson | Joseph V. Perry as Frank | Stephen McNally as Matt Rowland | Tuesday Weld as Beth Lawson | Mark Goddard (1) as Adam Lawson Jr. | Robert Griffin as Doc Kimball | Carl Dickinson as Mormon
Director: Dick Moder
Writer: Lou Morheim

128 :05x11 - The Man From Yesterday

Paroled after a long stretch in prison, a man named Mapes vows to track down the man who framed him many years before.
Guest Stars: Wendell Corey as Mapes | Marsha Hunt as Catha Duncan | Cubby O'Brien as Ted Duncan | John Anderson as John Duncan | Duke Norton as Sheriff Conklin | Bill Idelson as Gunsmith | Paul Stader as Farmer #1 | Chuck Hayward as Farmer #2 | Kenneth Patterson as Bartender
Director: Otto Lang
Writer: Don Ingalls

129 :05x12 - Morning Incident

A girl finds a handsome stranger lying wounded in her barn.
Guest Stars: Martha Hyer as Laurie Pritchard | Robert Culp as Shad Hudson | Bob Garland as Lucas | Kevin Jones (1) as Jason | Fiona Hale as Mrs. Pritchard
Director: Tom Gries
Writer: Mort Thaw

130 :05x13 - Ambush

During the Civil War, a Union Army colonel leads a band of mercenaries on a dangerous mission.
Guest Stars: Don Dubbins as Lt. Homeyer | Jack Elam as Dirk Ryan | Arch Johnson as Dutch | Harry Dean Stanton as Private Brock | Conlan Carter as McKenzie | Charles Fredericks as Confederate Captain | Dick Powell as Colonel Blackburn
Director: Budd Boetticher

131 :05x14 - One Must Die

Joan Crawford, in a dual role, plays two sisters who are fighting over their father's estate.
Guest Stars: Joan Crawford as Sarah/Melanie Hobbes | Philip Carey as John Baylor | Carl Benton Reid as Than Hobbes | Ben Wright as Paul Overland | Ted Stanhope as Minister
Director: Lewis Allen

132 :05x15 - The Long Shadow

When a woman's cavalry officer son is killed in action, a woman blames her fiancee, the son's commanding officer, for his death.
Guest Stars: Scott Marlowe as Jimmy Budd | Walter Sande as Sgt. Muldoy | John Pickard (2) as Sheriff | Ronald Reagan as Major Will Sinclair | Nancy Reagan as Amy Lawson | Roberta Shore as Laurie | Bill Brauer as Old John
Director: Budd Boetticher

133 :05x16 - Blood Red

A man fears that a Native American uprising is because of his Native American wife and that she will be taken from him.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones (1) as Julie Whiting | Paul Richards as Jess Whiting | Sam Edwards as Cass | Iron Eyes Cody as Nemana | Sterling Holloway as Luther | Charlie Briggs as Roustabout | Rhoda Williams as Woman #1 | Mary Patton as Woman #2 | Hal Torey as Sheriff | Eddie Little Sky as Cherokee | Charlotte Knight as Mrs. Scully
Writer: Stephen Lord

134 :05x17 - Honor Bright

On her wedding day a bride learns that her fiancee is already married. This doesn't sit well with her ex-convict father.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Vince Harwell | Joseph V. Perry as Sheriff | Danny Thomas as Ed Dubro | Marlo Thomas as Laurie Dubro | Grace Lee Whitney as Ellen | Marian Collier as Susan | David Bond (1) as Minister | Natalie Norwick as Marie | Robert Warwick as Warden | Rex Hill as Boy
Writer: John Furia

135 :05x18 - The Broken Wing

Years ago, an inventor tried to conquer flight and ended up a cripple. Now his nephew is determined to succeed where his uncle faile.
Guest Stars: Arthur O'Connell as Lyman | David Ladd as Thalian Kihlgren | John Larch as Magnus Kihlgren | K.T. Stevens as Ada Kihlgren
Director: Don Taylor (1)

136 :05x19 - The Silent Sentry

At a wintery outpost, a Confederate and a Unionist must survive the elements and their own hatred for each other.
Guest Stars: Dick Powell as Rebel | James Whitmore as Narrator | Don Taylor (1) as Yankee

137 :05x20 - The Bible Man

A youth holds his preacher father responsible for the death of his mother.
Guest Stars: Art Linkletter as Albert Pierce | Jack Linkletter as Jimmy Pierce | Peter Whitney as Matt | Alvy Moore as Cox | Lee Kross as Sheriff
Director: Don Taylor (1)

138 :05x21 - The Scar

Jesse Martin is haunted by his memories in a POW camp during the Civil War.
Guest Stars: Patricia Barry as Beth Martin | Lew Ayres as Jesse Martin | Mort Mills as Foreman | Alan Hale, Jr. as Cal | Patrick Martin (2) as Workman

139 :05x22 - Knight of the Sun

Drunken Henry Jacob Hanley stumbles into a deserted fort only to be joined by a woman delivering Gatling guns to the Army.
Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Henry Jacob Hanley | Constance Towers as Beth Woodfield

140 :05x23 - A Warm Day in Heaven

The devil, in the form of a man named Nick Finn, arrives at a sleepy town named Heaven.
Guest Stars: Bill Erwin as Clay Davis | Lon Chaney, Jr. as Michael Peters | Hank Patterson as Jonas Mulvey | Thomas Mitchell (1) as Nick Finn | Malcolm Atterbury as Ben | William Schallert as Tom | Ken Mayer as Cowhand | Ricky Allen (1) as Billy | Diane Strom as Lucy | Fred Graham as Drover
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Story: Aaron Spelling | Teleplay: Howard Dimsdale

141 :05x24 - The Empty Shell

A man, goaded by his nagging wife into bidding for a ranch, decides to use her engagement ring as collateral.
Guest Stars: Denver Pyle as Nat Sledge | Jan Murray as Cletis Madden | Jean Hagen as Annie Madden | Dub Taylor as Harper | John Newton as Will Bain | Marjorie Bennett as Mary | Carl Dickinson as Tim

142 :05x25 - The Atoner

A religious sect attempts to keep saloons and gambling halls out of an Arizona town.
Guest Stars: Herbert Marshall as Simon Baker | Edward Binns as Sam Tompkins | Britt Lomond as Logan Drew | Virginia Gregg as Sarah Tompkins | Alan Reed, Jr. as Matt Tompkins | John Milford as Cowboy

143 :05x26 - Man from Everywhere

Once again, the populace of a Western town gets lynch fever against a prisoner being held in the local hoosegow.
Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Moore | Cesar Romero as Tom Bowdry | Burt Reynolds as Branch Taylor | King Calder as Sheriff Morgan | Ruta Lee as Jenny Aldrich

144 :05x27 - The Release

The governor of Texas offers Lee DuVal his freedom if he'll help the state rid itself of bandits operating near the Louisiana border.
Guest Stars: Bill Quinn (1) as Hibbens | Gary Merrill as Ken Kenyon | Cesare Danova as Lee Duval | Lee Kinsolving as Dee Pricher | Howard St. John as Governor

145 :05x28 - Storm Over Eden

A couple's marriage plans receive a major setback when the groom-to-be is forced to kill his fiancee's brother in self-defense.
Guest Stars: John Derek as Chet Loring | Nancy Gates as Ellen Gaynor | Robert Middleton as Whitney Gaynor | Harry Dean Stanton as Fletcher | Roberto Contreras as Estrada

146 :05x29 - Image of a Drawn Sword

A Union lieutenant tries to keep the peace between the citizens of a Southern town and his soldiers.
Guest Stars: Beau Bridges as Moss | Nesdon Booth as Eli | Richard Evans as Eph | Lloyd Bridges as Lt. Sam Kenyon | Susan Oliver (1) as Hannah | Royal Dano as Will

147 :05x30 - Jericho

A government agent gives a reprieve to a woman sentenced to hang for the murder of her husband.
Guest Stars: Les Tremayne as Attorney General | Claude Akins as Chuck Wagner | John Hoyt as Unknown | George D. Wallace as Unknown | Guy Madison as Jericho | Beverly Garland as Amy Shcroeder | Allison Hayes as Millie | Robert Foulk as Unknown | Roy Glenn as Unknown | Fred Kruger as Unknown
Director: Harry Keller
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1956
Ended: May 18, 1961
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