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Season 1


Essentially the same as the aired version. In this version some of the scenes are extended and it has some different music on it's soundtrack.

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Van Ray and his partner, Andre Hayes, are on a sting to bring down a group selling stolen high end cars when something goes horribly wrong. Deaqon Hayes, Andre's brother, comes back to his roots in L.A. from New York City to find out what happened and who was responsible. Van and Deaq team up under the supervision of Lt. Wilhemina "Billie" Chambers to attempt to bring down the illegal traffickers and suspected murderers. In the process, Van must gain the trust of the beautiful young woman in the crew and the leader of the crew turns out to be more than what they expected.
Guest Stars: Craig Sheffer as Kane | Vondie Curtis-Hall as Andre Hayes | Jennifer Sky as Cassidy Shaw | Paul Gleason as Detective Lannigan | John Doe as Papa John | Big Boy as Aquarius | Isaac Hayes as Detective Marcus | Khristian Lupo as Thug | Reggie Gaskins as EB Guard | Kevin Grevioux as Detainee | Clay Chappell as Jail Guard | Miguel Colvin as Basketball Player |
Uncredited: Fred Durst as Himself
Director: McG
Story: McG
Songs: Ted Nugent -- Cat Scratch Fever, Depeche Mode -- Dream On, The Vines -- Get Free, Phil Collins -- In the Air Tonight, N.E.R.D -- Lap Dance, 2 Live Crew -- Me So Horny, Folk Implosion -- Natural One, Limp Bizkit -- Rollin', Wu-Tang Clan -- Uzi Pinky Ring

2 :01x02 - Girls Own Juice

While out in a new car that Billie acquired, Van and Deaq come across a group of bikers that knocked up a diamond jeweler. The thieves turn out to be three women. They then pose as high end jewel fences to gain their trust in hopes of bringing them down. When things go bad, Van finds himself in a position to make dangerous decision.
Guest Stars: Abby Brammell as Jade | Tangi Miller as Gina | Tatyana Ali as Shelly | Big Boy as Aquarius | Todd Bosley as Teenager #1 | Stacy Francis as Girl Singer #1 | Almond Summers as Girl Singer #2 | Onika Pointer as Girl Singer #3 | Courtney B. Vance as Det. Guthrie | Michael Cudlitz as Det. Cornwright | Antonio Fargas as Jimmy Lipps
Director: Paris Barclay
Writer: Kim Newton
Songs: Stevie Wonder -- For Once in My Life, Coldplay -- In My Place, Leonard Cohen -- In My Secret Life, Jadakiss -- Knock Yourself Out, J Live -- Satisfied, The Datsuns -- Supergyration, 702 -- Where My Girls At

3 :01x03 - Gone Native

Van and Deaq are sent in to bring down a Russian gun runner and more importantly his overseas contact. While trying to get close to the Russian and his sister, they find out that they are not he only agency targeting him. An ATF agent has also gotten close and now they must find out if he is truly after the gun runners or if he is beginning to have an agenda of his own. Van and Deaq must decide which side of the law he’s on before a big shipment of secret weapons arrives in the U.S.
Guest Stars: Rodney Rowland as DEA Agent Dallas Roberts | Natasha Alam as Katiya Federov | Ilia Volok as Dimitri Federov | Levani Outchaneichvili as Nikolai | Lamont Johnson (1) as Wisdom Bailey | Alonzo Bodden as Guard | Eric Payne as Rent-A-Cop | Igor Yuzov as Red Elvis #1 | Zhenya "Rock" Kolykhanov as Red Elvis #2 | Oleg Bernov as Red Elvis #3
Director: Josh Pate
Songs: Anthrax w/ Public Enemy -- Bring the Noise, Timo Maas -- Caravan, Timo Maas -- Magma, Red Elvises -- Scorchi Chorenie, Redman -- Smash Sumthin, Quarashi -- Stick 'Em Up, Quarashi -- Tarfur, Red Elvises -- Ukranian Dance #13

4 :01x04 - Things Done Changed

Rosaria, a special woman from Deaq’s past, comes to Deaq in hopes of getting his help in trying to leave her gangster husband, Alton, who has threatened to kill her if she leaves him. After Van and Billie agree to help, they decide to try to get onto his crew by posing as Rosaria’s cousin and his friend. They then set up a plan to make a bust of Alton and his crew before the heist of a casino.
Guest Stars: Terrence Howard as Alton White | Tammy Townsend as Rosaria | Robert LaSardo as Owen 'Shadow' Little | Dex Elliot Sanders as Eddie Jefferson | Jeff Phillips as Watkins | Big Boy as Aquarius | Shawn Woods as Two Tears | Brian Catalano as Franchese #1 | Johnny Ferretti as Franchese #2 | Reggie Currelley as Teenager #1 | April O'brien as Stripper | Michael Don Evans as Money Room Guard
Director: Josh Pate
Songs: Nappy Roots -- Aw Naw, Molly Hatchet -- Flirtin with Disaster, Erykah Badu -- In Love with You, Union Turnpike -- Oh!, DJ Quick -- Summer Breeze, Lyric -- Young and Sexy

5 :01x05 - Ryde or Die

Van and Deaq are in the middle of a shoot out in Aquarius's club because Aquarius didn't want to sell Ecstasy out of his club and the dealer shot up the place. They decide to open a hip Hollywood nightclub to trap the dealer in a bust. When the investigation encounters problems, Billie gets involved because she and the dealer share a past together.
Guest Stars: Bill Duke as Capt. Parish | Salvator Xuereb as Gavin West | Big Boy as Aquarius | Tyler Vogt as Prada Boy #1 | Wayne Young as Doorguy | Craig Gellis as Pimpy Doorguy | Lisa Donatz as Jules | Luiggi Debiasse as Cecil | Biz Markie as Himself
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Songs: Mark the 45 King -- 900#, Biz Markie -- Get Down, Velvet Underground -- I'm Waiting for My Man, BT -- Revolution, Blacksheep -- The Choice Is Yours, Clipse -- When the Last Time, Fabolous -- Young'N (Holla Back)

6 :01x06 - Ray Ray

While undercover posing a mob boss’ henchman, a counterfeiting job goes wrong. Van is forced to get his father, Raymond Ray, a renowned counterfeiter himself, out of prison on a furlough to help. The mob boss and Ray Ray have a heated past themselves and Van and Deaq now must protect him and make a difficult deadline in hopes of bringing the boss down.
Guest Stars: Robert Forster as Raymond Ray (Ray Ray) | Iggy Pop as McNair | Brad Hawkins as Mick Salgado | T.J. Thyne as Art | Big Boy as Aquarius | Mark D. Espinoza as Eber Montalvo | Richard Gross as Joey Waggs | Soup as Duane | James Paradise as Owner | Corey Michael Blake as Techie Guy
Director: Marcos Siega
Songs: Scarface -- In Between Us, Weezer -- Island In the Sun, Xzibit -- Multiply, Crystal Method -- Roll It Up, WC -- The Streets

7 :01x07 - Wet

A club owner, who is going to turn states evidence and testify against a rival gang, has had a contract taken out on his life and the hitman, a sexy female assassin, has him targeted and in hiding now refusing to help the police until she is found. Van tries to get close to her while Deaq poses as a dirty cop in hopes of making her make a mistake. She gets wise and now targets Deaq. Van and Billie have to work fast to bring her into custody.
Guest Stars: Jamie Brown (1) as Sophia Jones | Lamont Johnson (1) as Wisdom Bailey
Director: Chris Long
Songs: Plastic Bertrand -- Ca Plane Pour Moi, Maxim -- Carmen Queasy, Dot Ellison -- Colour Me

8 :01x08 - Mighty Blue

Van and Deaq are sent in to penetrate an off-shoot of the Chinese Triad calling themselves Mighty Blue. There is already a mole, Alexa Tan, in the organization. She is an old friend of Billie from here day in the academy. Against Billie’s wishes, Deaq gets romantically involved with her and this relationship causes Alexa to break cover. Now the leader of Mighty Blue wants to settle the score with Alexa.
Guest Stars: Catherine Kwong as Alexa Tan | Ian Anthony Dale as Jackson Yu | David Backus as Stickly | Evan Helmuth as Elvin | Daniel Ichikawa as Doorguy | Julian Barnes as Miles | Dave Francisco as SWAT Guy | Paris Wang as Mighty Blue #1
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Songs: Phantom Planet -- California, Blu Cantrell -- Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops), The Ramones -- I Wanna Be Sedated, Jucifer -- Vulture Story

9 :01x09 - Get Your Mack On

Van and Deaq go undercover to catch a dangerous pimp who is under investigation of murder. Van and Deaq struggle over the fact that they have contradicting styles on how to do their job. The woman they are using to get inside begins to get cold feet and tries to run. They must find a way to get her to help without blowing their cover and getting her killed in the process.
Guest Stars: Pras as Nathan | Bill Duke as Capt. Parish | Bianca Kajlich as Bree | Channon Roe as Tommy K | Todd Eric Andrews as D.A. Mel Giddings | Ralph Meyering, Jr. as Club Manager | Stephen Jared as Club Security Guard | Bryan Friday as White Cop #1 | Michael Owen (2) as White Cop #2 | Michelle Forbes as Lena
Director: Leslie Libman
Songs: Dirty Vegas -- Candles, Tricky -- Excess, Busta Rhymes -- Make It Clap, Dub Pistols -- Official Chemical, Dragpipe -- Quest In Time

10 :01x10 - Dogtown

Shane, a drug runner for local dealer, gets caught and Billie is forces him to help Van and Deaq acquire credibility as marijuana suppliers with is boss, Trey, who is also Shane’s childhood friend. Van and Deaq ask Aquarius for some help with their reputation as well and begin to build some report with Trey. That is until Shane decides he’s tired of being the low man on the totem pole.
Guest Stars: John Mallory Asher as Shane | Eric Mabius as Trey | Nicole Paggi as Zoe | Big Boy as Aquarius | Kinsey Packard as Leticia | Roger Stoneburner as Skinhead | Matt Baker (2) as Annacone
Director: David Barrett
Songs: The Transplants -- Diamonds & Guns, Mighty Mighty Bosstones -- Go Big, Paul Oakenfold -- Ready Steady Go, Mellow Man Ace -- Ten Lo Fe

11 :01x11 - Strap On

Deaq’s house is robbed and in the process his maid is shot during the heist. Van and Deaq find out the perpetrators are female and try to get in close to them. Unfortunately for them, this team of burglars are lesbians and their suave nature will have no affect on them. Billie decides that the only way to get close is for her to go undercover and try to catch them in the act herself.
Guest Stars: Colleen Porch as Jill Kistler | Paul Ben-Victor as Marty | George Hamilton as Himself | Jennifer Ann Massey as Cee Cee | Katrina Phillips as Neve the Butch | Robert Mukes as Bouncer | Julia Vera as Inez | Jaime Pressly as Sara Matthews | Randall Park as Octopus Man | Kelly McNair as Abbey the Waitress | Kathleen McClellan as Bunny | Big Boy as Aquarius | Danny Murphy (1) as Carl Menzies
Director: Greg Yaitanes
Writer: Kim Newton
Songs: Supreme Beings of Leisure -- Give Up, Anastasia -- Not That Kind, The Donnas -- Take It Off

12 :01x12 - 101

A rookie officer, Jarod, comes to Billie with information on a pair of blackmailers that have been targeting cops and getting them to steal items from the evidence room. Billie orders Van and Deaq to have Jarod help them much to their dismay. Jarod is still wet behind the ears and could cost them the case if he makes the tiniest of mistakes. When the bust goes down, Jarod must take what he’s learned from them and save the live of one of the team.
Guest Stars: Bradford Tatum as Rudy | Jake Busey as Johnny O | Hudson Leick as Randi | Roshumba Williams as Door Girl | Mark Famiglietti as Jarod
Songs: A Tribe Called Quest -- Can I Kick It, Peaches -- Hot Rod, Morcheeba -- Slow Down, Jurassic 5 -- Sum Of Us

13 :01x13 - Defense (1)

Van and Deaq go undercover to get inside the organization of one a gang boss, Cyrus One, who has been hiring assassins to gun down LAPD’s finest. They are forced to prove their worthiness by completing a couple of tasks that coincide with their specialties. Also, Internal Affairs has now assigned a new agent to oversee the workings of The Candy Store and he’s not thrilled with the cavalier attitude that the three of them have shown in the past.
Guest Stars: Krista Allen as Skyler Chase | Ricky Harris (1) as K- 9 | Anthony Criss as Cyrus | Jay Mohr as Roland Hill | Jimmy Jean-Louis as Haitian #1 | Stephen Keys (1) as Oversized Guard
Director: Marcos Siega
Songs: The Nextmen -- Amongst The Madness, Swizz Beats featuring Bounty Killer -- Guilty, Nore -- Nothin', Saliva -- Raise Up, Papa Roach -- Time And Time Again

14 :01x14 - Offense (2)

Billie has been implicated in the death of Cyrus One and been taken into custody after a SWAT team, under Roland Hill’s orders, busts into The Candy Store. Van and Deaq have been suspended and now must find the real killer and take down the new leader of the organization with no help from LAPD. Meanwhile, Billie must try to stay alive in prison with the same people she helped put away.
Guest Stars: Krista Allen as Skyler Chase | Ricky Harris (1) as K- 9 | Anthony Criss as Cyrus | Mark Famiglietti as Jarod | Jay Mohr as Rolland Hill | Ron McCord as Big Burke | Faruq Tauheed as Thug One
Songs: The Coup -- 5 Million Way To Kill A C.E.O, Dr. Period -- Dr.'s In Here, Nas -- Made You Look, The Exiles -- My Goddess, Gang Starr -- Skillz

15 :01x15 - Popdukes

Van’s father, Ray Ray, has been paroled from prison and Van has made it his job to make sure that he doesn’t fall back on the things that put him behind bars. However, a Nigerian crime lord, Etobi, wants to settle and old score and has his men hunt Ray Ray down in hopes of ending his life. The team devises a plan with one of Ray’s old partners, Gretchen, which will save Ray Ray and bring down Etobi for good.
Guest Stars: Robert Forster as Ray Ray | Evan Parke as Etobi | Bobby Nish as Dr. Wharram | Jenny McCarthy as Gretchen Bix | Nynno Ahli as Diamond | Asia De Marcos as Woman in Club | Jamie McShane as Officer Burton | Kevin Indio Copeland as Prison Guard
Director: Josh Pate
Writer: Leonard Dick
Songs: Fatai Rolling Dollar -- Beleke, Apollo Four Forty -- Cold Rock The Mic, Sevendust -- Praise, Shaggy -- Shake Shake Shake, Chevelle -- Wonder What's Next

16 :01x16 - Slippery Slope

Van’s old friend and flame, Cassidy Shaw, hasn’t started a new law abiding life and has found herself in trouble after taking something from a reputed mob boss. Van and Deaq must take a trip out of town and apprehend her before the person sent to kill her gets to her first. On top of everything else, the assassin sent after Cassidy is none other than Sophia Jones who has history with Van as well.
Guest Stars: Costas Mandylor as Reno Castelli | Ned Schmidtke as Sheriff Groves | Robert Lipton as Harold Aspis | Jamie Brown (1) as Sophia Jones | Jennifer Sky as Cassidy Shaw | David Zaugh as Chad Ramsis
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Songs: The Donnas -- All Messed Up, Sweet -- Ballroom Blitz, TRUSTcompany -- Downfall, Andy Hunter -- Go, The Vines -- Outtathaway

17 :01x17 - Simone Says

An arms dealer, P.J. Collins, has decided to testify against his former colleagues on the condition that his daughter, Simone, is kept safe and cannot know that she is being guarded or what her father is up to. Van and Deaq are assigned to baby sit her from a distance. That is until the men to be charged try to take her life in an attempt to send a message to P.J. to reconsider.
Guest Stars: Mark Sheppard as Ronan Dennehy | Don McManus (1) as P.J. Collins | Clara Bryant as Muffy | Lindsay Parker as Joanna | Bill Duke as Capt. Parish | Jillian Barberie as Herself | Timothy Murphy (1) as Riley Morrison | David S. Lee as Irish Mercenary | Kimble Jemison as Phillips | Mischa Barton as Simone Collins | Jeanine Heller as Becka
Director: Paris Barclay
Songs: Sonic Animation -- E Ville, Groove Armada -- Final Shakedown, Moloko -- Forever More, Rilo Kiley -- Pictures Of Success, Boomkat -- The Wreckoning, The Donnas -- Who Invited You

18 :01x18 - Monster

A local teen and sports star is gunned down. His brother, the leader of a local gang, believes it to be a rival gang and wants blood for blood. Van and Deaq think differently and need Aquarius’ help to hold off the vengeance that the brother wants. They start to believe that the killer might be a wealthy magazine owner with psychotic tendencies. Deaq must try to get close to him before the bloodshed begins.
Guest Stars: Micah Henson as Cesar | Sam Ball as Julian Martin | Lobo Sebastian as Garavato | Rebecca Mader as Nicole Martin | Joey D. Vieira as Cosme | Maya Rubin as Libra | Jonathan Hernandez as Alberto | Blayn Barbosa as Miguel | Big Boy as Aquarius
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Sindicato Argento de Hip Hop -- Cuartro Minutos De Funk, Cam'ron -- Hey Ma, Autopilot Off -- Long Way To Fall, Joseph Arthur -- Permission

19 :01x19 - Overkill

Van and Deaq go undercover to try and bring down a powerful drug lord. They get in and act as his security while trying to figure out what all he is really into. Meanwhile, the birthday of Deaq’s brother soon approaches and he is having a hard time coping with it. Plus, he starts to harbor thoughts that his family is more ashamed of him now than before his brother’s murder.
Guest Stars: Vondie Curtis-Hall as Andre | Clarence Williams III as Mr. Hayes | Joan Pringle as Mrs. Hayes | David Chisum as Porter | Dale Earnhardt, Jr. as Himself | Rowena King as Adriana | Kristen Baker as Flight Attendant | Bokeem Woodbine as Super G | Big Boy as Aquarius
Director: Bill Duke
Songs: Morcheeba -- Baby Star, Medaphoar -- Bang Ya Head, Asian Dub Foundation -- La Haine, Benzino -- Rock The Party

20 :01x20 - Asslane

A methamphetamine ring has been going on for some time and Van and Deaq are sent in to try and end its distribution. Billie splits them up. Van tries to get close to the distributor, a porn producer, and Deaq infiltrates the manufacturers, two adrenaline junky brothers. Things start to go bad when they have to bring in someone to mark the meth and she gets caught.
Guest Stars: Scott William Winters as Ghost Goucher | Navi Rawat as Nat | Jay Mohr as Rolland Hill | Naomi Campbell as Lena Savage | Diana Terranova as Undercover Cop | Radha Nilia as Kitty | Tommy Lee as Murdoch Goucher
Director: David Barrett
Songs: Methods of Mayhem -- Crash, Stryper -- Keep The Fire Burning, Lil' Flip -- The Way We Ball

21 :01x21 - Dosed (1)

Van finally get some time for a little R&R, but it’s interrupted when he receives a call telling him he as just been poisoned and has twelve hours to live unless he, Deaq, and Billie complete some tasks for the mysterious caller. The caller seems to know way too much about the three of them and Billie begins to figure out who the caller really is and realizes that the worse is probably yet to come.
Guest Stars: Graham Shiels as Uniformed Officer | Clarence Williams III as Mr. Hayes | Hal Ozsan as Oliver Jax | Big Boy as Aquarius | Kurupt as Fallon | Darren Richardson as Terry | John Colella as Dr. Timothy Grant | Bruno Gunn as Renovation Area Guard | Ali Landry as Hillary | Luke Massey as Cali | Stacy Adair as Hostage | Emmy Collins as Prisoner
Songs: Sean Paul -- Get Busy, FC Kahuna -- Hayling, The Streets -- Let's Push Things Forward, South -- Motiveless Crime

22 :01x22 - Iced (2)

Now that Van has gotten the antidote, the caller, Nick McKussick – a former criminal and the first person that Billie trained for The Candy Store before he turned on her, has informed the group that other families have been poisoned and that their participation in his plan is not yet over. Nick orders them to help him steal an incredible amount of precious valuables or the families he poisoned will die.
Guest Stars: Graham Shiels as Uniformed Officer | Kirk Acevedo as Nick McKussick | Bill Duke as Capt. Parish | Ali Landry as Hillary | Gina Tognoni as Gabrielle | John Colella as Dr. Timothy Grant | Monika Jolly as Rookie Cop | Luke Massey as Cali | Michael Patrick McGill as Diner Manager | Jay Mohr as Roland Hill | Collin Stark as Bellman | James Logan (4) as Anton Grol
Songs: Neil Diamond -- Hello Again, BoySetsFire -- Last Year's Nest, Nokturnl -- Neva Mend
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 2002
Ended: April 25, 2003
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