#11784 - Recap

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Ethan isn't happy when Lulu finds out where he is staying. Meanwhile, Nikolas wants to take Rebecca out to celebrate after she tells him that she does not have cancer.

Ric tries to prove to Sonny that he is not lying about Claudia. Spinelli is furious with both Johnny and Maxie. Meanwhile, Lulu tries to find out why Ethan has really come to town.

Rebecca gets a telephone call and is unaware that Nikolas hears part of it. Kelly tries to offer Carly some advice. Meanwhile, Spinelli issues a warning to Johnny on how to treat Maxie.

Rebecca attempts to explain the telephone call to Nikolas. Lulu wants Maxie to move out. In the meantime, Sonny is determined to discover the truth and issues a warning to both Claudia and Ric. Helena shows up at the hospital.