Little People, Big World

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 04/Mar/2006 Living Little
02 01x02 04/Mar/2006 Twins?
03 01x03 11/Mar/2006 Our Little Anniversary
04 01x04 11/Mar/2006 Fathers and Sons
05 01x05 18/Mar/2006 Birthday Girls
06 01x06 18/Mar/2006 Back to School
07 01x07 25/Mar/2006 Testing Zach
08 01x08 25/Mar/2006 One Farm, Two Dreams
09 01x09 01/Apr/2006 Growing Up
10 01x10 01/Apr/2006 Treb-U-What?
11 01x11 08/Apr/2006 Merry Little Christmas
12 01x12 08/Apr/2006 New Year, New Plan
13 01x13 15/Apr/2006 Zach's Future
14 01x14 15/Apr/2006 Try, Try Again
15 01x15 29/Apr/2006 Running with the Pack
16 01x16 29/Apr/2006 Calm and Chaos
17 01x17 06/May/2006 Zach's Emergency
18 01x18 06/May/2006 Matt's Big Change
19 01x19 13/May/2006 First Date
20 01x20 13/May/2006 Little Kitchen, Big Future

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
21 02x01 07/Oct/2006 Twins at Sixteen
22 02x02 07/Oct/2006 Organizing Amy
23 02x03 14/Oct/2006 The Greenhouse Effect
24 02x04 14/Oct/2006 Get Out of Town
25 02x05 21/Oct/2006 Roloffs in Paradise
26 02x06 21/Oct/2006 Aloha, Roloffs
27 02x07 28/Oct/2006 Road to the DAAA
28 02x08 28/Oct/2006 Game On!
29 02x09 04/Nov/2006 Little Fork; Big Deck
30 02x10 04/Nov/2006 All Decked Out
31 02x11 11/Nov/2006 While Amy's Away
32 02x12 11/Nov/2006 Zip to My Lu
33 02x13 18/Nov/2006 A Little Thanksgiving (Part 1)
34 02x14 18/Nov/2006 A Little Thanksgiving (Part 2)
35 02x15 02/Dec/2006 A Whole Lotta Little
36 02x16 02/Dec/2006 A Big Little Conference
37 02x17 09/Dec/2006 A Twin Experience
38 02x18 09/Dec/2006 Little Farm, Big Apple
39 02x19 16/Dec/2006 Mad About Mules
40 02x20 16/Dec/2006 Twin Trouble
41 02x21 23/Dec/2006 Matt on a Mission
42 02x22 23/Dec/2006 Farm Overload
43 02x23 09/Apr/2007 Trebuchet Trouble
44 02x24 09/Apr/2007 Accident Aftermath
45 02x25 16/Apr/2007 Safety First
46 02x26 16/Apr/2007 While Matt's Away
47 02x27 23/Apr/2007 Big Matt on Campus
48 02x28 23/Apr/2007 Drive Me Crazy
49 02x29 30/Apr/2007 The Twins' Big Play
50 02x30 30/Apr/2007 Lost Episode: Of Moles and Men
51 02x31 07/May/2007 Men's Crisis Center
52 02x32 14/May/2007 Jacob's Got Game
53 02x33 07/May/2007 Lost Episode: That's Agri-tainment!
54 02x34 21/May/2007 Zach's New Ride
55 02x35 28/May/2007 The Storm Before the Storm
56 02x36 14/May/2007 Lost Episode: Amy's Work Is Never Done
57 02x37 28/May/2007 Final Prep
58 02x38 04/Jun/2007 A Little Surgery
59 02x39 21/May/2007 Lost Episode: Halloween Harvest Hustle
60 02x40 04/Jun/2007 Marty Comes to Town
61 02x41 11/Jun/2007 Room for Improvement
62 02x42 11/Jun/2007 Jake Turns Ten
63 02x43 18/Jun/2007 Roloffs in the Snow
64 02x44 18/Jun/2007 A Tale of Two Trips
65 02x45 25/Jun/2007 Too Fast, Too Soon
66 02x46 25/Jun/2007 Road Scholar
67 02x47 02/Jul/2007 Matt's Project-Palooza
68 02x48 02/Jul/2007 Big Deal, Big Deadline
69 02x49 09/Jul/2007 Viva Little Vegas
70 02x50 09/Jul/2007 Amy's College Homecoming
71 02x51 16/Jul/2007 Roloffs & Rollercoasters
72 02x52 16/Jul/2007 Zach Doesn't Dance

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
73 03x01 15/Oct/2007 Twins at Seventeen
74 03x02 15/Oct/2007 Roloff Road Trip: Yosemite
75 03x03 22/Oct/2007 Roloff Road Trip: Grand Canyon
76 03x04 22/Oct/2007 Roloffs & Red Rocks
77 03x05 29/Oct/2007 Homemade Bound
78 03x06 29/Oct/2007 Garden Up, Barn Down
79 03x07 05/Nov/2007 DAAA Games: Amy vs. Zach
80 03x08 05/Nov/2007 The Rematch: Marty vs. Zach
81 03x09 12/Nov/2007 Kicking Into Gear
82 03x10 12/Nov/2007 Jeremy Gets Swamped
83 03x11 19/Nov/2007 Little People Weekend
84 03x12 19/Nov/2007 A Little Competition
85 03x13 26/Nov/2007 Paducah
86 03x14 26/Nov/2007 Passport to the Bahamas
87 03x15 03/Dec/2007 Roloffs on the Water
88 03x16 03/Dec/2007 Roloffs on the Beach
89 03x17 10/Dec/2007 A Matter of Matt's Health
90 03x18 10/Dec/2007 In Too Deep
91 03x19 17/Dec/2007 In the Swim
92 03x20 17/Dec/2007 License to Drive
93 03x21 03/Mar/2008 Before the Trial
94 03x22 03/Mar/2008 Matt on Trial
95 03x23 10/Mar/2008 The Verdict
96 03x24 10/Mar/2008 Three Dates
97 03x25 17/Mar/2008 Sawmill Someday
98 03x26 17/Mar/2008 Tribal Gathering
99 03x27 24/Mar/2008 Pumpkin Season Shove-Off
100 03x28 24/Mar/2008 Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
101 03x29 31/Mar/2008 Managing Molly
102 03x30 31/Mar/2008 Trick or Trebuchet?
103 03x31 07/Apr/2008 Girls and Boys
104 03x32 07/Apr/2008 Mid-Term Madness
105 03x33 14/Apr/2008 Bright Ideas
106 03x34 14/Apr/2008 Rob's Surgery
107 03x35 21/Apr/2008 Roloffs Reach Out
108 03x36 21/Apr/2008 New Addition
109 03x37 28/Apr/2008 Point of No Return
110 03x38 28/Apr/2008 A Formal First
111 03x39 05/May/2008 Amy's Outreach
112 03x40 05/May/2008 Addition Impossible
113 03x41 12/May/2008 Lost Episodes: Risky Business
114 03x42 12/May/2008 Lost Episodes: Girls, Girls, Girls
115 03x43 19/May/2008 Lost Episodes: Summer of 06'
116 03x44 19/May/2008 Lost Episodes: Growing up Molly
117 03x45 02/Jun/2008 Lost Episodes: The Boys of Summer
118 03x46 02/Jun/2008 Lost Episodes: My Life as a Dog

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
119 04x01 13/Oct/2008 Operation Iraq (1)
120 04x02 13/Oct/2008 Operation Iraq (2)
121 04x03 20/Oct/2008 The Heat Is On
122 04x04 20/Oct/2008 Happy Campers
123 04x05 27/Oct/2008 Nashville Blues
124 04x06 27/Oct/2008 Zach's Charge
125 04x07 03/Nov/2008 Matt's Big Gamble
126 04x08 03/Nov/2008 What Happens on the Farm...
127 04x09 10/Nov/2008 What the Deck?
128 04x10 10/Nov/2008 License Revoked
129 04x11 17/Nov/2008 Can't Win 'em All
130 04x12 17/Nov/2008 Keep It Together
131 04x13 24/Nov/2008 Addition Accomplished
132 04x14 24/Nov/2008 Escape to Orlando
133 04x15 01/Dec/2008 The Bug Is Back
134 04x16 01/Dec/2008 Surprising Amy
135 04x17 08/Dec/2008 Twins at Eighteen
136 04x18 08/Dec/2008 Big Sister, Little Brother
137 04x19 15/Dec/2008 A Roloff Winterland (1)
138 04x20 15/Dec/2008 A Roloff Winterland (2)
139 04x20 22/Dec/2008 Friend of the Family
140 04x21 22/Dec/2008 Death in the Family
141 04x22 16/Feb/2009 Back to Iraq (1)
142 04x23 16/Feb/2009 Back to Iraq (2)
143 04x24 23/Feb/2009 The Graduate
144 04x25 23/Feb/2009 Michigan Knights
145 04x26 02/Mar/2009 Somewhere in Time
146 04x27 02/Mar/2009 Where It All Began
147 04x28 09/Mar/2009 Here Come the Hogkillers
148 04x29 09/Mar/2009 Roloffs on the River
149 04x30 16/Mar/2009 Troubled Waters
150 04x31 16/Mar/2009 Southern Comfort
151 04x32 23/Mar/2009 Roloffs in Relief
152 04x33 23/Mar/2009 A Bridge Too Near
153 04x34 30/Mar/2009 Who's In Charge
154 04x35 30/Mar/2009 Big Twins on Campus
155 04x36 06/Apr/2009 Driving Miss Molly
156 04x37 06/Apr/2009 Lost Episodes: On the Road Again
157 04x38 13/Apr/2009 Space Jake
158 04x39 13/Apr/2009 Lost Episodes: Of Mud and Management
159 04x40 20/Apr/2009 Try, Try Trebuchet
160 04x41 20/Apr/2009 Lost Episodes: Reaching Jacob
161 04x42 27/Apr/2009 Biggest Season Ever?
162 04x43 27/Apr/2009 Lost Episodes: The Secret Lives of Teenage Twins
163 04x44 04/May/2009 The Tractor and the Tortoise
164 04x45 04/May/2009 Lost Episodes: Memories of Iraq
165 04x46 11/May/2009 Matt Maxed Out
166 04x47 11/May/2009 Lost Episodes: Roughing It

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
167 05x01 12/Oct/2009 King of His Castle?
168 05x02 12/Oct/2009 Last Dance
169 05x03 19/Oct/2009 Downhill Dwarf
170 05x04 19/Oct/2009 Game Over
171 05x05 26/Oct/2009 School of Hard Knocks
172 05x06 26/Oct/2009 A House Divided
173 05x07 02/Nov/2009 Zach's First Stand
174 05x08 02/Nov/2009 No Matt Is an Island
175 05x09 09/Nov/2009 Texting 1, 2, 3
176 05x10 09/Nov/2009 Coach Zach
177 05x11 16/Nov/2009 Mother's Day?
178 05x12 16/Nov/2009 Making the Grade
179 05x13 30/Nov/2009 Little Slickers
180 05x14 30/Nov/2009 Unhappy Trails
181 05x15 07/Dec/2009 Amy on Her Own
182 05x16 14/Dec/2009 Little Americans
183 05x17 21/Dec/2009 Married at Mid-Life
184 05x18 04/Jan/2010 Zach's Ear
185 05x19 11/Jan/2010 Diploma Drama
186 05x20 18/Jan/2010 Pomp and Circumstance
187 05x21 05/Apr/2010 Twins Go Commando
188 05x22 05/Apr/2010 Amsterdammed
189 05x23 12/Apr/2010 Roman Roloffs
190 05x24 12/Apr/2010 Brothers in Bavaria
191 05x25 19/Apr/2010 The Burgermeister's Daughter
192 05x26 19/Apr/2010 Vive La Roloff
193 05x27 26/Apr/2010 Field of Schemes
194 05x28 26/Apr/2010 War of the World Games
195 05x29 03/May/2010 The Statesmen
196 05x30 03/May/2010 Belfast and Furious
197 05x31 10/May/2010 Full Court Stress
198 05x32 10/May/2010 Going for Gold
199 05x33 17/May/2010 Par for the Course
200 05x34 17/May/2010 Going, Going, Gone
201 05x35 24/May/2010 In the Hole
202 05x36 24/May/2010 Fort-A-Thon
203 05x37 07/Jun/2010 Dwarfs in Space
204 05x38 07/Jun/2010 Molly's Sweet Sixteen
205 05x39 14/Jun/2010 Clash with the County
206 05x40 14/Jun/2010 Twin Takeover

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
207 06x01 06/Sep/2010 Little Pain, Little Gain
208 06x02 06/Sep/2010 Everything Must Go!
209 06x03 13/Sep/2010 All Talked Out
210 06x04 13/Sep/2010 On the Road with Matt and Zach
211 06x05 20/Sep/2010 Camp Roloff
212 06x06 20/Sep/2010 Zach Rides On
213 06x07 27/Sep/2010 Matt's Massacre
214 06x08 04/Oct/2010 Micromanager Matt
215 06x09 18/Oct/2010 Rocky's Last Stand
216 06x10 25/Oct/2010 Little Noah
217 06x11 01/Nov/2010 Get Off My Turf
218 06x12 08/Nov/2010 Dating Daze
219 06x13 15/Nov/2010 Take a Hike
220 06x14 15/Nov/2010 Amy in Command
221 06x15 22/Nov/2010 Little Brother, Big Sister
222 06x16 22/Nov/2010 Giving Back
223 06x17 29/Nov/2010 Ask the Roloffs: Farm Life
224 06x18 29/Nov/2010 Ask the Roloffs: One By One
225 06x19 06/Dec/2010 Twins at Twenty
226 06x20 06/Dec/2010 Moving Out

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
227 07x01 02/Oct/2011 Big Changes
228 07x02 11/Dec/2011 Holiday Surprise
229 07x03 20/Jan/2012 Zach's First Love
230 07x04 19/Feb/2012 Battle for the Farm
231 07x05 10/Jun/2012 Amy's 50th Birthday
232 07x06 03/Sep/2012 Down Under

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
233 08x01 29/Oct/2013 Playing With Fire
234 08x02 05/Nov/2013 Till Death Do Us Part
235 08x03 12/Nov/2013 Game On!
236 08x04 19/Nov/2013 Forever Young
237 08x05 26/Nov/2013 A Bride and a Bulldozer
238 08x06 03/Dec/2013 All Tangled Up
239 08x07 10/Dec/2013 Come Rain or Come Shine
240 08x08 17/Dec/2013 Crossroads for the Roloffs
242 08x09 02/Sep/2014 The Proposal
243 08x10 09/Sep/2014 The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together
244 08x11 16/Sep/2014 Don't Rain on Our Parade
245 08x12 23/Sep/2014 Another Roloff Pops the Question
246 08x13 30/Sep/2014 A Roloff Gets Married!

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
247 09x01 07/Jul/2015 Jeremy & Audrey's Journey to I Do
248 09x02 14/Jul/2015 Wedding Prep and a Reality Check
249 09x03 21/Jul/2015 Making Marital Moves
250 09x04 28/Jul/2015 It's Not Easy Letting Go
251 09x05 04/Aug/2015 Finding Our Way Back Home
252 09x06 11/Aug/2015 Ready, Set, Mud Run!
253 09x07 18/Aug/2015 Gone with the Windmill
254 09x08 25/Aug/2015 Zach and Tori Tie the Knot
255 09x09 01/Sep/2015 A Bigger Conversation
256 09x10 08/Sep/2015 The Hamills Head to The Roloff Farm

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
257 10x01 10/May/2016 When Matt's Away, Amy Will Play
258 10x02 17/May/2016 Seeds of Change
259 10x03 24/May/2016 A New Kind of Thanksgiving
260 10x04 31/May/2016 A Roloff Winter Wonderland
261 10x05 07/Jun/2016 Campfire Confessions and Salsa Lessons
262 10x06 14/Jun/2016 Marriage Do's & Don'ts
263 10x07 21/Jun/2016 Little People, Big Goals
264 10x08 28/Jun/2016 Big Island or Bust!
265 10x09 05/Jul/2016 Changes Upon Us and On Us

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S01 - #1 24/Mar/2005 Little People, Big Dreams
S02 - #2 07/Oct/2006 The Roloffs Remember
S02 - #3 07/Oct/2006 Roloffs On Rewind
S07 - #4 23/Jul/2012 Breaking Down The Walls
S07 - #5 19/Mar/2013 Conquering Mount St. Helens
S07 - #6 03/Jun/2013 Separation Anxiety
S08 - #7 25/Mar/2014 New Year, Big Changes
S09 - #8 08/Jul/2015 First Look
S09 - #9 13/Jul/2015 The Twins Grow Up
S09 - #10 18/Aug/2015 Back to the Farm: Ready, Set, Mud Run!
S10 - #11 26/Apr/2016 The Wedding Story of Zach and Tori
S10 - #12 03/May/2016 Big Fans, Big Questions
S10 - #13 09/May/2016 Jeremy & Audrey- Our Story
S10 - #14 10/May/2016 Countdown to the Season Premiere
S10 - #15 17/May/2016 Q&A; with the Roloffs

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